Led by Natalie Dekel (MPhil), Reiki Master and Visionary artist, on Friday, 15th Oct, 9.30pm GMT. (#2)

Good evening. We are going to do another meditation today. I want you all to sit comfortably and try to relax. To do the meditation, I would like to ask you to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and start feeling your body… relaxing…

It is very important that you become aware of your breathing; how the breath comes in and out of your body. Notice the tension in your body; where is it locked in your body, and how the breath releases it.

Visualize a beautiful white light cascading right above you, down like a shower of light, cascading down on your head, the crown chakra, flowing through your body, washing you in the beautiful, cleansing white light.

With every breath you take, more and more light is flooding your body. Try to increase the depth of each breath you take. Feel your lungs expanding, the collar bones spreading. The air comes down to fill the entire trunk of the rib cage.

As you take each breath, deeper and deeper, notice that the light that’s cascading down through your crown chakra, down to your body, to your toes and out, is actually making you feel lighter, almost tingling with energy. Let all the worries, tiredness, and anxieties flood out with this beautiful, beautiful, brilliant white light. Let them wash away – all concerns or tension flow out, so all you become aware of is your existence in that beautiful light. Feel how the breath is bringing the light more and more deep into your body.

Visualize now a beautiful passage in front of you with a door waiting to be opened by you. It is a special door. It will allow us to step into that beautiful world that is so powerful and embraces All That Is; and yet we often forget about it, too busy doing our own things.

At the entrance near this door imagine, think, or sense someone, something that you trust and that can come along with you on the journey today and help you feel stronger and safer as we go along on the path of self-discovery. If you can’t visualize, just know there’s someone there; an angel, a saint, a relative, or even a friend that will help you feel safe and comfortable.

Now, as we step in, and trough that door, we come at a beautiful green pasture. In front of you, there’s a beautiful field with a path going through it. I want you to start following that path while you think about the texture under your feet. Is it smooth, soft, rough, spiky, pebbly? How does it feel walking on that path? As we walk, we enjoy a beautiful sunshine, mountains far away in front of us; birds in the sky. You feel so calm and peaceful as you walk through that beautiful place.

Don’t forget to keep the deep breathing to allow your body to absorb the beautiful light that’s still cascading down on us, following us, going with us, and looking after us.

As we go down that path, notice if it’s a straightforward path or twirly, curly. Is it a path that goes up or down? Do you feel calm? Or perhaps you experience some memories or emotions. Notice these as we go along.

The path comes towards mountains; and though they look very big and forbidding, I would like us to go up to the top of a mountain to see what we can discover. Notice again, what kind of journey it takes to go up. Do you get help? Is it difficult or is it easy? Remember to take deep breaths as you go along the path. As memories come up, or emotions, leave them by and continue walking until we reach the top of the mountain.

Now look around you. Take a deep breath that fills up your whole body with light. Look around and see the beautiful world at your feet. Notice if some areas of this world are darker than others, and put it aside for later to remember; to put more light in it. See how the light and the sunshine show you how beautiful that life is; the freedom that you’ve got in making your choices for that life.

As you stand there on the top of this mountain, on the top of the whole world, with every breath you take, notice that your physical body is no longer needed. It feels as if it’s grown old and you want to change it. The outer layer of the first body represents now the old ideas, the suffering, the pain, and past emotions that might cloud your judgement – those times in your life that bring darkness, and you keep them in your body still; whether as memory, thought or emotions.

Now imagine that your body is like a cloth, like an overall suit. Unbutton it and let it fall off to the ground. Let it dissolve into the void under the mountains, the void that’s around that mountain. Feel how light you have become without it. If it’s difficult to let go, you can visualize anything that can help, maybe scissors cutting off the first layer. Feel yourself younger, more flexible, full of vitality and life, full of promise and hope.

But still, there are some things that were instilled in you by family, culture and society. Things that are still quite dark. As we take a deep breath, we get rid of that layer, too, throwing it away; leaving yourself with even less of the physical layers but with more spirit. Feel your consciousness expanding. Feel yourself becoming stronger and brighter, almost like a body of light, where thoughts no longer matter and your existence in itself is brighter than the sun, showering light and love for miles and miles around you.

If there’s still anything that clings to you which is dark, cut it off or visualize throwing it away so that all is left is that beautiful body of light. You’re aware of this body of light being you; being an individual, unique person. There’s not one like you in the whole world.

Remember to breathe deeply, allowing the light that cascades down to connect with that body of light and fill it up with love; allowing the light to pour out through it, cascading down; feeling it overflowing so much that we’re not letting go of the shape of that body. Visualize it as a new birth of a star; like an explosion that brings out the core of your being; your soul… like a diamond of light spreading even faster and stronger to the universe. There are no shapes left; there is nothing you can claim to be yourself – you are the universe. You are all that is. Only love and light permeates everything and everywhere.

There are no longer mountains around you, no fields; no body, no ego… pure light that spreads across the universe with an amazing, powerful power, permeating every single object or space.

Bask in this bliss. Enjoy this power of being the universe. Feel that unconditional love everywhere around you. Enjoy this beautiful light that is you and is spreading from you.

Now, visualize far away below that light, a planet Earth exists. We’re now going to visualize ourselves as light in space, where we are this star, this diamond of love and light. As we look down into the universe, we see the earth, at the core of which there’s a red star – the star of physical existence. All starts are connected; that of the universe, of love, light – of the spirit; and that of the earth – of the physical existence.

As you breathe, you feel the energy flowing back and forth like a cord between the stars. A cosmic orbit is created. As the energy circulates between the two stars, a new star is forming in the middle. The new star is born around your Dantien point (or Hara, as they say in Yoga’s teaching), a place about 2 inches under your belly button.

Feel that new star that’s being created; the recreated body of you. Now, as the energy continues to circulate between the two stars, and with every breath you take, you see that you’re weaving a new layer of your body. First, around that beautiful core of the new star which is pure love. There’s the auric field, the auric body, and the pure energy, which is slightly denser than the core.

The next level is now created, and that is the body of light. Notice how it takes the shape of a human being, very slowly. With every breath you take, it fills up with light and different vibration. Notice if there are any special colours for that body, which is you.

As this body of light is created, it is getting covered now with skeleton, muscles, and tissues. Slowly it grows into a human being. And in the silence of the universe, you can hear your own heart beating… reminding you of the connection of the rhythm of the universe; of how the energy flows.

Notice this new, beautiful, shiny body that now has got skin. It is light and powerful, and full of energy. The body steps down onto the mountain again but it feels very light. It can barely walk; it’s more like floating down from the mountain, your feets almost not touching the ground.

You are aware of this and your new existence helps you see around you everything as a shimmering energy. Notice how the mountains breathe in energy. How the leaves and the fields are all in different gradations of energy. It is all like a shimmering rainbow of love. This is how Life truly is. The beautiful bright colours unearth their intensity, touching your senses; allowing you to know much more than your mind can comprehend and conceive.

As we walk down from the mountain, notice that with every step we take, your body becomes slightly heavier, more dense. You become more and more physical, not only in body but in your awareness. But remember this beautiful light and energy, and that cosmic connection that’s still pumping and beating through your body, with your heartbeat, and with the blood running through your veins.

As we come down, we find that there’s a little river going round the mountains. If you wish, those of you who have been unwell health-wise or emotionally, you’re welcome to try to take a little bit of water from the stream and drink it. This is the water of life giving you energy and healing. You remember that you’re a body of light, and you know that you are no longer suffering. It’s only in the mind that creates the thoughts again.

Now, remember being the diamond of love and that you can create the reality of your being just as you created the body a few minutes ago. So we drink the water, those of us who need to and feel how it blesses and washes away all that needs to be let go of. The past, the hurts, anything that you might have carried or held as a way to help someone else, sharing their troubles; taking somebody else’s burdens. Now it’s all gone.

You feel lighter and full of energy. We’re crossing the bridge and there, as we walk towards the field, on the side of the road I want you to notice there is something there for you. A little present from someone you love; a spirit, a friend or an angel, to remind you and give you a message. You will understand what it is for, if you let it settle and bring it to your heart.

As we appreciate and love the present we received, we are going on… down to the fields, back to the door that will lead us back to the reality from which we came.

Thank the angels, the spirits, and anyone who came with you on this journey. We appreciate that we’re always guided and protected at all times whether we’re aware of it or not.

Open the door… and as we exit through the door, we are now back at that passage which is seems lightly dark now, after that beautiful light, sunshine and this amazing world we’ve just been in. Take your time to adjust. Slowly find your way. As you’re going out through the passage, become aware of your senses; of how your hands feel on your lap; how your feet feel on the ground; the weight and tension in your body; your posture. Slowly become aware of the room where you sit. And in your own time, you can open your eyes and come back to reality of the everyday life, remembering the source of light which is you.

Thank you very much for going on this journey with us. We really appreciate you coming and sharing it with us. If you have any questions, whether about the journey, the process, or the presents you may have received, you’re welcome to leave us a comment. We shall see you soon in our next meditation [click here].

30 Oct 2010.
© Natalie and Gil Dekel.