Led by Gil Dekel (PhD), Reiki Master/Teacher, on Friday 17 Dec 2010, 9.30pm (livestream 12).

Good evening. Above our left shoulder there is a being, a spirit, a guide… Tonight we’re going to see how we can communicate with them better, and what they have to tell us. As you know, the so-called spirit guides, are not here for us to just talk about them, meditate about them or write poetry about them… They come here to help us in our daily life. Our well-being is very important. Our financial being is also important and the guides are here to help us achieve our goals.

Just get ready to this meditation, and relax. Feel how your eyelids are closing, down slowly, just like little ripples on the ocean. As you sit comfortably, closing your eyes, you can start to relax. Try to feel ripples of energy at the top of your shoulder and your back – energy that feels like a gentle massage.

Take a deep breath just let the light seep through you. When you are ready, feel yourself stretching your auric field. This halo, the energy around you is called ‘the auric field’, and it is expanding. It is stretching to all directions as if you are a rubber man or woman being stretched.

As this happens, notice how suffocation and pain is dissolving off you, just like autumn leaves dropping off a tree. All your worries are dropping away. All your memories of who you are… are dropping. All the issues that troubled you at work today and this week are falling off you as your body stretches and expands.

Notice that something magical happens as you are stretching: you are not just pulled outward but also inwards. Your auric field expands, stretches inside you, into your core, into your inner self. And as you follow this process, you are becoming that which is beyond yourself, which reaches the sky. At the same time you become that which reaches far within oneself; reaching the inner moon of your heart. This inner moon is now connected with the sky that are outside you, and with that beautiful moon that we see in the night sky.

This is who you are; you are the space between the moon above you which your eyes can see when you look up at night, and the inner moon within your heart that you can see with your eyes shut as you follow this meditation.

And as above, so is below… as the moon above in the sky reflects the light that it receives from the sun, so does the moon of your heart reflect the light that it receives from the sun of God, from the sun of life inside. The sun of the source of which there are no names. For thousands of years we have been trying to give it names calling it God, Life, Energy, Source, Aura, Reiki, That Which Is, Here, There, In Between, Subconscious… these are all but names; simple verbalizations of that which the mind is incapable to know but the heart is not just capable of knowing but also beating life into. So it is you which is giving light to your inner moon, the moon of your heart.

Feel yourself to be this auric field between that which is above and that which is inside, which we symbolize as the two moons. Know yourself to be that source which connects the atoms of the universe, Know yourself to be the thoughts that make your mind operate, because without thoughts there is no mind. So thoughts make up the mind, and something makes up the thoughts. It is not external reality that makes up thoughts… rather it is the internal validity. This is why we say that you can control your thoughts as long as you know who you are.

As we go on, we are now looking up and at the same time we are looking down and inside, with one hand up to the sky and the second hand going down deep inside, into your heart. I would like you now to reach and touch these two moons of life and try to pull them down or up so as to become beholden in your hands. As you do, just gently blow on them and observe the dust – golden angel dust, if you like; the particles of cosmic life dancing and blowing away. This is spark of your own breath. It is golden particles and it shall become the ink of your pen; the pen which you use to write the story of your life. Just hold this gold energy and put it in your pocket. Your angel, your guide, will make it into a pen and it will be given to you later on today to use.

Now as you are still holding these two moons of joy, take a deeper breath and just notice how these moons which represent the external world and the internal world, how they themselves start to beat. There is a secret heart within each and it is starting to beat stronger and stronger. With every heartbeat it emanates light; that same light that comes from the sun, reflected upon the moon and throbbing back to you.

Just feel yourself in the present moment; the moment which is not the past and is not the future. The moment which is not even now because now consists of your awareness of something that happens or something that is going to be; and in truth, it is only a mere thought. A thought does not reside in the single point of existence. Therefore, we are going to leave our thoughts. For a little moment we are going to put them in a little box; the box of thoughts, like a child’s magic box of toys. We are going to lay our toys of thoughts inside that box and with the mind free, we are going to set free the two hearts of the moon in your hand, and the light emanating with every single beat.

We are going to explore the source of the light of the moons which is of course, the sun. So with no thoughts, you do not have a single perspective, you do not have any one line of vision. Now, if you still see in one direction, take a scissor, take a knife and cut through the middle of the vision that you see, like cutting off a piece of paper and two little flaps are now spreading. These are your two new visions and are now spreading to your sides. You can see to your left and at the same time you can see to your right as well.

As your heart looks to the left and to the right, we are going to follow that which is seen, because even a vision is mere particles of light coupled with the history of your people, as taught in the myth of your society. What formulates your knowledge formulates your vision. As Seth says (Seth and Jane Roberts) sight is learned as speech is learned.

So as we are un-learning the myth of society, we defocus our attention and we follow the vision to the left and to the right. We are spreading our consciousness into these two directions, following the source, following the light that is coming from the two suns. To your left is the sun of the inner being, the sun that shines on the moon of your heart. To your right is the sun of the external world, the sun of illusion which we call our life; that which reflect light on the moon in the sky.

Now with your vision we are following this path, getting nearer and closer to these suns of consciousness. One is yellow, the other is orange. One is hot, the other is cold.

Just relax, and take a deep breath. As we approach these two suns, there is a little door in the middle of each. Just go closer and closer. Open the doors and go into the middle, the core of the two suns. And as you do, there is going to be a note there, a little message just for you. This is a message from your spirit guide, your angel.

This message is going to tell you how to communicate better with your guides. Put that note in your left pocket because tonight when you are going to sleep, you are going to take out from your right pocket the little pen with the golden ink, and you are going to take out from your left pocket the little note, the message; and you are going to rewrite that message. You are going to carve the message into that paper and as you carve it, the message will be revealed to you. The purpose of this exercise is not for you eyes to see words, it is for your hands to carve and feel the words absorbing, because it is with the hands that actions can take place in life.

So tonight when you go to sleep, you will be writing the message which will be embedded within your hands. But for now, we keep our pen in the pocket. We keep our message in our pockets, for we are still in the middle of the suns.

And so, just imagine that you are relaxing. You start to hover and float in that middle suns. You start to bathe in the glorious purpose and reason of which you came to this planet and this life. You start to absorb the heat and the coolness; absorbing the left and the right. Knowing that without ‘This’ there is no ‘That’. Without Up there is no Down.

Slowly, just take deep breaths and with those breaths you are starting gradually to breathe in the two suns because they are a source of oxygen, a source of strength, the source of light that reflects on the moons, and this source you are now breathing into yourself.

Gradually, the suns dissipate, evaporates into your being – breathed into your being. And as they do, they reflect light within you, it shines on your inner organs so much so that you can see every single atom, every single organ, every single tissue in your body and they are all reflecting back like mirrors so you can scan your own inner self. Perhaps there are some places which do not reflect back. If they don’t reflect back the light, there is some disturbance there, some memory or thought; we can walk on to those places in future meditations/visualizations.

For now, let the light shine inside your body and just notice that now there are no more sounds outside you; there is only the light within you and you are still in the left and in the right. Gradually, slowly, just raise your head; look up, up… you can see instead of the suns there is a rainbow. There is an arch. This rainbow connects the sun on the left with the sun on the right. It connects both these parts which are you. It connects it through the use of colours and shades.

You are now going to raise your two hands. You are going to sip your hands into this colour, touch them and absorb the colours of the rainbow into your hands. You are wiping the colours off the rainbow and on your hands. The colours are absorbed into your hands because it is through the hands that actions can take place.

Today’s meditation is not about talking. It is about learning how to better communicate messages and go about actions in your life; how to better do things that will help you in your well-being and in your financial growth. Not just during those meditations we are doing on Friday nights, but also on the Monday mornings when you have to go about your life. Please remember that the rainbow is now embedded in your hand. The whole universe is in your hand – your life is in your hand.

The suns that reflect the light, these two suns are in your body shining from within. They give light to the two moons that connect the inside reality with the external so-called reality, the external exposition which is so physical and sensed in our bodies that we believe it is the only existing sphere of thought –  but it is not, it is one of them. External reality is very important to us because we live in that physical thought, that physical reality. But, your guide is always waiting for you, to help you connect the inner reality, the inner light with the external because in truth, the inner light is already perfect and the external light is like a dying shadow of an old civilization. You are here to help it, to elevate it and to make it better. We are not here to escape from the physical but rather to bring the light, the spiritual, down to the physical. So as were getting closer to the festivities, the holidays, just remember the light in your heart, the colours in your hands.

Now you can take a deep breath. As we take another deep breath, we are filling our self with the physical sensation of the physical body. We are recreating our body with our breathing; filling this frame of sensation, this body back with the vitality of the physical world which is where we are.

Take another deep breath and as you are ready, just stretch up a bit. Just get back into the sensation of your hands, your body. When you are ready you can open your eyes. Remember you have two eyes. Remember the two visions; remember the message in your pocket. Remember the pen with the golden ink in the other pocket. Remember that tonight you are going to write; you are going to carve the message using the pen and the note. This message is from your guide. It will tell you how to better communicate with them and also how to better operate; how to better go about doing things in the physical reality, for your own growth.

Thank you very much for joining us. We shall see you in our next guided meditation on Friday.

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