Led by Natalie Dekel (MPhil), Reiki Master/Teacher, on Friday 26 Nov 2010, 9.30pm GMT (livestream 9).

Good evening. Welcome to our meditation today. To start the meditation, please find a comfortable position. Sit somewhere you can enjoy the meditation for a while so you don’t have to readjust yourself. Take a deep breath, close your eyes…

Start by becoming aware to the breath you take in. Notice, with each breath you take, the tensions in your body. Focus on your breathing and the awareness of the body alone. If any thoughts come, just let them pass. Don’t stop to chat with them. Allow yourself to relax. Feel the breathing coming in and out.

Notice which areas in your body are more tense than the others; perhaps areas where the breath seems to have difficulty to come. Feel how with each breath you become aware of the energy flowing from the crown chakra in the head, down through your body and out from the feet into the ground, going deep into the earth. With each breath you become part of the universal rhythm, part of that which is ‘All That Is’.

Feel your body becoming lighter and lighter. Notice that your in-breath becomes slower and shorter than the out-breath. And as the breathing becomes deeper, it takes away with it the tension, the anxiety and any discomfort and dis-ease in the body.

Notice that your shoulders relax and come down. The muscles in your throat relax, the tongue doesn’t touch the roof of the mouth and the eyes look deep i the body; relaxed in their sockets. The jaw is relaxed. Feel the skin on the scalp relaxing and the hands relaxing, the energy cascading down towards your feet…

And as you relax more and more, visualize a snake in front of you, a snake of light that zigzags down, appearing out of the blue in front of you. It’s got a very unusual energy. It twirls and zigzags down in a strange, beautiful colour quite unlike anything you’ve seen until now… shimmering with all the colours of the rainbow at once. This energy-snake is suspended in front of you, with energy that shimmers through it, outwards towards you.

And as you continue to breathe deeply, visualize that the light from that energy in the shape of the snake draws outwards towards you, enveloping you in this beautiful, light, sparkly energy. It ripples across your body illuminating you with strange vibrating colours, all different shades at once. Become aware of how it feels in your body. Bask in this energy. Enjoy that light. Feel how it energizes and stimulates all your chakras in one go.

The energy flows down from the crown to your feet. As you breathe deeper and deeper, you merge with that strange shape of the energy, with that snake until it becomes one with you. That zigzag shape is now flowing through you, circling around your spine, your skeleton. Feel that rainbow energy enveloping your skeleton, your bones, soaking into them, enriching them with this sparkly beautiful light; invigorating them, mending anything that needs mending, illuminating dark areas… filling your bones with light and living energy full of enthusiasm and ideas; confident in your own abilities.

Now the energy spreads, covering your muscles, flowing through your body, enveloping and shining through with this rainbow colour energy. If there are any areas that seem to be darker than others, continue to shine that energy through until it becomes the same colour as the others. Feel how your muscles become light; freshly-feeling like a newborn, a new body. Feel the energy cascading down, running around your arms, your shoulders, down your spine, down to your legs, your calves and out from the feet.

With the next deep breath it goes into the organs, flowing through your organs; the brain, the lungs, the heart, filling every single one with light, iridescent energy, shimmering and making you feel light and alive; removing any heavy feeling you might have in your chest area or in the heart physically or emotionally.

The energy now goes down to the bowels, the liver and the kidneys. As it goes through all the organs it flows outward from your feet into the earth. Now it goes to the level of the skin, filling you up, like a human puppet, with light until all your body shimmers as a lantern of a beautiful rainbow-coloured energy.

As you continue to breathe deeply, feel the energy going beyond the limits of your body, beyond the boundaries into the space around you, touching and turning everything into light, love and joy in its way. We’re now filling the space in which you are now, with that energy. With the next breath you feel the space of the whole building and the whole of the street. And with the next breath it spreads to the whole town or city filling everything and everyone with that rainbow energy, making them feel light, alert, joyous, full of health and vitality.

Now past the city into the county, spreading to the whole country… If you’ve still got the energy and the depth of the breathing, you can carry on until the whole of the earth is covered with this beautiful energy.

As we go away from the earth to observe how this energy works, notice that the whole of the earth shimmers as if it’s a lantern illuminated with a candle of all colours from within. As we distance ourselves even more away from earth, notice to your left there’s a small planet – small because it’s so far away from us. I want you to go through space towards that planet. As you reach the planet, take a deep breath that reverberates through your whole being and protects you from entering a new space that you’re not familiar with. We are now going to enjoy a journey, a Lemurian healing process.

As we land on that planet, we start to walk across its unusual landscape. It is wide and the big sky is shining with different colours than we know on earth. We now see a tall being that looks somewhat human, in a long white robe. The being invites us to follow it to a great big building or perhaps it’s like a cave – some kind of architectural structure.

As we walk in, it’s amazing to perceive. Inside that cave is a huge hall, almost like a cathedral in its space and the energy. The ceiling goes high up above your head so you need to reach up with your eyes to try and see where the ceiling ends. Even though we cannot see the windows, they are illuminated with a strange, beautiful purplish colour; purplish mauve or perhaps even lilac. Inside the hall, in the middle of the hall, there’s a structure made of amazing beams of crystal. They are clear-cut, high, almost reaching 6 foot, big crystals. Their energy is so powerful that you feel it everywhere, almost solidified around you.

Around the hall there are beds, cushions, chairs and benches. All those who want to experience the healing are welcome to either lie down on the treatment beds that are situated in a circle around that hall, in the middle of which stand these amazing huge crystals. If you’re not comfortable with that you can just sit on the cushions or on a chair or just observe the cave and its beautiful interior.

The light in the cave seems to pour from within the crystals. It feels airy, light, and slightly tingly, almost as if we’re in a magical place, a magical atmosphere. The being stands close to the crystal and as it connects with the crystals, we feel a huge beam of light; such powerful light in its proportions and intensity that it’s almost like perceiving a miracle of nature. Almost like lightning going from the middle of the ceiling down into the being and out from the crystals into all the people who wish to receive the healing. Remember that free will is working here as well. There is nothing that can happen to you until you agree and choose to experience it.

I choose to lie down on one of the treatment beds. My body relaxes and I feel the energy strengthened by the crystals pouring down on me, almost like being illuminated by a huge lamp. I’m basking and enveloped in that mauve colour. It leaves me feeling levitated. I am aware of joy and a pleasant sensation of being calm, peaceful and just enjoying my quiet moment of receiving this amazing energy. It is so powerful that I can feel it in every pore of my being.

Each one of you will experience the exact place where the healing is needed. It might be physical or emotional or perhaps both. The being continues to channel that energy and as there are so many people inside that hall, the crystal multiplies the energy and projects it everywhere in that cave. I can also hear some music in the air. It’s very gentle and it is difficult to know where it comes from but it’s soothing and it’s very gentle. It goes right in harmony with the beautiful energy we receive in healing.

Behind the being in the white robe comes another group of his assistants, all wearing white robes. As they pass near people in that hall, they don’t need to ask or talk. They can see what needs to be done. They link to their leader and the crystals and send additional energy to those of us who need it. You may feel some heat sensation; warmth, tingling or even cold. Allow yourself to relax even more so your body will not resist receiving the healing it needs for its highest good and will.

The energy is very gentle and is not intrusive at all. We all feel supported and loved unconditionally. With the music and beautiful light, it feels as if the body is no more troubling us; as if we’re levitating in that state of dream where nothing can ever harm us; where we are everything we can possibly be and more. We are remembering our pure potential; our talents, abilities and all those aspects of self that we forgot to manifest. In your mind’s eye you will now think or see that which you perhaps need to do, and which you are really good at. You’ve been forgetting about it or perhaps not been sure about it. You needed a confidence boost.

The healing occurs on several levels. And as our body heals and our emotions heal and mend, they vibrate in harmony with the crystals, the beings and the universe. They tune in to our sole purpose for coming to earth and being who we are. The chief being, the priest in the white robe that met us at first, produces a big golden key from the core of the crystal. As he continues to channel the energy that cascades down like lightening into the crystals and outwards into every single person in that hall and animals too, he is now going to pass one by one and attune or tune-in those who need small adjustments to be in harmony with the natural being.

It is almost that the music is also a part of the healing and we are all like musical instruments slightly tuned in and adjusted to follow the harmonic music, the melody. The whole room, the whole hall reverberates with the intensity and power of that beautiful energy. It seems that this healing is not just healing but it also produces some form of power like electricity that spreads across that planet to those who need it and beyond it down to earth, to those who need it there.

Notice which areas the master healer attunes you to; which areas release more energy than others. Enjoy your feeling of relaxation and peacefulness while you’re bathing in this beautiful energy, unconditional love pouring around you and into you. There is nothing that passes through your head; just feel the calmness, the health and vitality and that mauve purple colour going through your body; filling every single pore and cell with love, light health and harmony so that no matter what other around you do or think or say, you always remain who you are and what you want to do.

Slowly, the light from the crystals dims down. The connection is stopping between the crystal and the being, the master healer. The music gradually subsides and we are slowly now back in the cave, the hall. It’s still illuminated but the healing session has now finished. We all go up and we feel lighter with a spring in our walk.

All of us feel ageless, almost as if just our souls are walking back out from the cave into the unusual landscape of that planet. Each one of us is given a cup with water and although it looks just as transparent as normal earthly water, it is the water of life. As each one of us is drinking it, we feel as if we have been given a fresh view of life; a fresh opportunity to see things differently, to choose to respond to things differently than perhaps we would before. It’s an invitation to live a new life, a new energy in your timeless being.

Each one of us is shining with joy; the auric fields around every single one shines like a new coin. We walk out and walk down past the fields back to that place where we can take a deep breath, as if we are sucked into the tunnel that will take us back to the area around the earth.

As we’re now suspended in space, in that place where we can observe, the in-between place, feel yourself as a new being that goes back perhaps to a new earth or a new view on earth; perhaps a new view on what bothered you before and might not bother you anymore.

As we go closer to Earth, we slowly integrate into the auric field of the earth, going down, down towards that place from which we came. We’re going back to that space which we filled with that amazing energy, the rainbow energy. Each one of us has received a little symbol, perhaps a picture or object that can remind you of this journey and the amazing healing process we have undergone.

As you feel this energy coming back to you, this time it’s the energy that makes you become more and more aware of your body, distancing you from that connection to the Lemurian planet.  And now focus on your eyes and your head, feeling the muscles relax, feeling the tension dissolving in your shoulders; gradually becoming more and more aware of your body.

We are now going to cut the out-breath in half. Slowly shorten your out-breath; become aware of the heaviness of the body and your position as you sit in that space where you’ve chosen to be. Your eyes now open, slowly, in your own time. Slowly adjust yourself and ground yourself in that place where you chose to be.

Thank you for going through this amazing journey with me. I’m glad you decided to join us today and share your energy with us. Thank you and we’ll see you next week again.

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