Led by Natalie Dekel (MPhil), Reiki Master/Teacher, Friday 10 Dec 2010, 9.30pm GMT (livestream 11).

Good evening. Today we will do a meditation where we can learn to speak to our body and trigger mindful conscious-healing. Our body knows to speak to us if only we learn to listen to it and understand its language.

To start the mediation, please sit comfortably wherever you are and find a comfortable position. Take a deep breath; close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Become aware of the breath as it comes in and out of your body. Feel, with each breath, how you are relaxing more and more, becoming aware of the weight, the tensions in your body. As you breathe in deeper and deeper feel the tension leaving your shoulders and neck. Feel it dropping off your eyelids. Your jaw relaxes. The skin on your forehead relaxes. Your hands relax and your back releases any tension you have accumulated in the last days or even weeks.

Feel the breath going through your crown chakra. Try to align the energy so that it flows into your body down into your feet, washing and soothing everything on its way. Visualize your chakras as little balls of energy in front of you. And as you feel the energy, the breath, the Prana, or whatever you want to call it, flowing from the universe down through your head, through your crown chakra and into the body. Feel how the energy goes through every chakra, balancing it, leaving it nice and shiny like a freshly-cleaned flower opening its petals to the sunshine.

Allow that energy to cascade down until all the energy balls balance to the same size; all of them in the same line, vibrating gently in front of you. Now, feel them merging into one energy ball in front of you. This ball goes into your heart, making it grow larger, stronger. Focus your attention on your heart. Take a deep breath and feel the energy expanding in your heart even more. Breathe through your heart for a while, allowing the universe to flow in and out, as the centre of the universe is your heart.

Now, inside the heart there is a crystal; a beautiful quartz crystal inside. As you look at it you see a beautiful structure. Each element is like a little mirror reflecting back thousands of pieces of reflections of the parts of who you are as a whole, as a being.

As you continue to breathe deeply, the energy flows around the heart and out again. You make the image of the crystal come closer and closer to you until you see that crystal fully, in front of you. Now notice which area in that crystal draws you in, attracts you. Perhaps some areas are darker than others or brighter than the others. Perhaps there’s something there that focuses your attention. Look in closely, allow yourself to draw in to that aspect of that crystal that’s reflecting all of your being.

And as we go inside the crystal, we draw into that area that you are drawn to. We find ourselves in a beautiful garden. It’s a secluded garden where nobody can see you. It is just you and your being. This garden is the core of your being. It blossoms with your being; it is enriched with the life and energy of who you are.

Notice what plants are around you. Does the place feel happy or sad? Is it overgrown or neatly trimmed? Notice how you look after your own garden of being. In this area of the garden, have a good look around and notice again any area that you’re attracted to. There would be an area that calls you to it. Maybe it’s a little hill or a little patch, or perhaps even a shrub or a plant.

As we come close, notice how does the area feel like? What emotions or senses can you feel from it? It might be fear; it might be something else. Learn and listen to what this area tells you. It might be an image that flutters to your mind’s eye or a memory or just a notion flitting into your mind. Now this is the area that causes the discomfort or dis-ease in your body. Ask it to come forward to you as a being. It might be an object, a symbol, a being or even a person; coming forward to talk to you.

Ask them what do you need to learn from that? What is it that you need to know? What is the gift that this discomfort or dis-ease is trying to give you? What’s the message they are trying to bring?

Allow this being, person or thing speak to you. Even pain and illness carry a message that your body is trying to bring across. They’re all conscious; they’re all part of that which you are; part of the energy patterns that are mind and emotions created on a daily, even minute basis.

Once the message is given to you, or perhaps it’s something you just feel or understand and just know what it is, thank that being and ask them if now that you realize what the message is, it’s okay to let them go. See them disintegrating in a strong light, becoming shadows behind a sunshine and disappearing into another existence. If for any reason this being or person does not want to leave, ask them what else is needed to be learned? What is the lesson that you still need to address for your future self?

Remember that you are surrounded with love, in this garden of your being. Nothing and no one can harm you. And everything is done with utmost love to you and your being.

Promise that being to look after your body, mind and spirit. Visualize yourself becoming stronger, more powerful and using all your talents to the best of your potential, to the best of your knowledge.

Appreciate and thank the being for coming to deliver that message. And as they dissolve, we turn away, still in the garden, and we see a little bench. And as we walk across in the sunshine, perhaps next to a tree in a nice secluded spot in that garden, a healer appears. This inner healer is coming from your higher self or perhaps your guide or messenger. They come to heal and release that which needs to be released from your body.

And as you relax, feel the healing energy starting with your aura, balancing the energy that flows throughout you, filling it with lovely green light; the light of healing. The healing goes deeper and deeper into your being so that you become drenched with that lovely healing energy that’s shifting colours like the ocean from green to turquoise to blue, or even yellow. It shifts across, slowly soaking into your body, going to those areas that need your attention, need that healing.

Feel the energy circulating around your body, as you become free. Feel yourself as if your boundaries are dissolving in the light of this healing. Feel the warmth on your body; the energy that gently enveloping you. Take deep breaths, allowing the healing to take a deeper root in your body, reminding your body’s consciousness to trigger healing, to start the pattern of changing. These places in your body are releasing that which is no longer needed.

Announce to your body and your consciousness that you are ready to learn the message from your body’s discomfort, and you are now ready to release that discomfort and dis-ease because you no longer need it. You are open and willing to embrace the lessons and to release old patterns. Feel the blackness and darkness of negativity and pain, all the disturbing qualities in your body falling down to your feet like old robe. Put them in a sack and visualize them all in that big black sack behind your left shoulder.

Your healer now cuts off the connection between you and the sack, and a purple light dissolves it behind you so that nothing remains hanging behind you or underneath you, your body is shimmering with light, health and vitality.

Your soul is so powerful, full of talent and abilities that it hovers above the ground without limitations of the body.

And as the healer concludes his healing, know that the healing will continue to occur in your body naturally, of its own accord because the force that knows to make your eyes shine, your hair grow and your heart beat knows to develop and heal itself to its best potential.

Thank your healer for the process of energy-giving. It came specially to share with you. And as we go out of the garden a beautiful waterfall of energy, of white light is just near the entrance of the garden. We can see that waterfall and as we go closer and closer, allow it to flush over you, wash away any remains of that which is no longer needed. Enjoy the power of the energy cascading down, washing every part of your being with light. Feel yourself soaking in that amazing powerful energy.

Feel your body reminding itself of its amazing, strong power of being healthy, joyous and energy-full… as it was meant to be.

And as we step out feel yourself continue in the presence of the healing energy and the awareness of your body. Listen to it as it communicates to you. Allow it to speak whenever it wants; be open to listen to it.

And now we’re looking back at that crystal in the heart of our being; and the crystal grows stronger and brighter, illuminating the heart from within with bright, purple energy. The crystal glows in amethyst energy, illuminated from inside, allowing that energy to help you be stronger and more focused, knowing what you want to achieve, knowing how to go for it.

Slowly we separate from the crystal, and walk away out from the heart, back into the ball of light in front of the body. See it dissolving back into all 7 chakras – all balanced and shiny, in equal sizes and harmony, and in tune with each other. Feel the energy flooding inside of you.

Slowly normalise your breathing. Cut the out breath down by half. Become aware of the breathing in your body. In your own time become aware of the position of how you sit, of the weight of your back on the chair or cushions or sofa behind you. In your own time open your eyes.

Welcome back from the meditation. I hope it was an exciting journey and that you have learned how to start talking to your body. Thank you for joining us today. See you soon next week.

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15 March 2011. © Natalie Dekel.