Led by Natalie Dekel (MPhil), Reiki Master/Teacher, on Friday 28 Jan 2011, 9.30pm GMT (livestream 16).

Hello, welcome to the meditation today. To start the mediation, please sit comfortably. Find a comfortable position where you can maintain for a little while. And when you’re ready, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

As you start breathing deeply, with each breath you take feel your body ridding of anxieties, knots of tension, worries and even just thoughts. With each breath you take, allow the energy to swirl from the crown chakra to the bottom of your belly like in a cup of wine and then your back into the universe, washing your body through and through. Allow the energy to spread into your arms, shoulders, down into the chest, down into the bottom of your tummy and into the hips, and even lower into the legs down to your toes.

Feel with each breath you take the rib cage expanding, filling up with air so that the shoulders release and go down while your head goes up; feeling as if it reaches through the clouds to the sky above. Feel your body relaxing, becoming heavy and open. And as you relax, you feel your out breath becomes longer than the in breath. And as that happens, we slowly see a path opening in front of us. This path is of pink stones, paved all the way in front of us and beyond the horizon.

As your body becomes heavier and heavier, feel that you leave the body to rest; and you are walking out, stepping onto these beautiful pink pavement stones. You feel lighter than you have in years. All your worries, thoughts and experiences are left behind.

We are now walking on that path northward, going up and following the gently swivelling path right up. We pass a gate and it takes us into a special world where the spirits welcome us to a place where there is no time; where future-selves, present and past-selves all are united in this experience of being. And as we walk through the garden, notice how the garden feels like. Is it full with flowers and grass or is it gravelly? Is it open or cluttered up with plants? How does it feel to you?

And as we walk in that garden, now we see a beautiful river. This time and this journey today, the spirits want to help us to learn about tools of protection. We step into that beautiful river that’s flowing pass the garden and across it. It is such a warm and lovely day that it feels lovely to bathe in it, to immerse yourself in the water. We can dive deep in the water… a special river; a river of power and self-confidence, a river of overcoming your own limits, and establishing assurance; a river that reminds you who you are at all times.

And as you swim in it, trying to reach the bottom, swimming and playfully enjoying yourself, your body remembers its own strengths, skills and abilities and you feel stronger and confident in yourself. It feels as if that inner body with which we came to the garden is now glowing and surrounded by a translucent slightly silver colour to it, like a shield that goes all around our body from head to toe. It’s transparent but it’s got beautiful colours to it, glittering in the sunshine, a bit like fish scales. We feel protected but also confident in ourselves.

We are now in the depth of who we are and we’re comfortable in our own body. And as we now feel refreshed and protected on the basic level, we are shifting under the tree that stands next to the river – a big oak tree. And as we sit down at the bottom of the tree trunk to rest, feel the strength of that tree supporting your back and lifting your spine upwards towards the sky, stretching your vertebrae and filling you with energy of strength and determination. The wind passes and swipes away the energy of the tree, brushing that energy across our auric field, around your body like a cloak.

From head to toe we are now covered with a slightly gentle pale-like powder of strength. This powder reminds our own selves as well as others’, and helps us that we can respond only to positive suggestions in our lives. We do not listen to or accept any non-beneficial thoughts and energies and we do not respond to limiting thoughts or self-depreciating ideas. We respond only to positive suggestions within ourselves and from others.

Feel the body glowing and enjoying the sunshine and the gentle breeze. With each layer that your body receives, it grows stronger, healthier. We are now going towards the flowers in the fields around the tree. We are kneeling to smell the flowers and as we smell the essence, we inhale the energy from the fifth dimension of assistance, down into our level to bring full health and perfection, swirling and swimming from our head to our toes, circulating with our blood stream; bringing our health and perfect awareness of our body skills and abilities. We are in perfect health.

You feel so light that you may want to dance, skip along or even just lie down and enjoy the sunshine in the field while you can smell the flowers, hear the birds and enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face. After your rest, we’ll get up and walk a little bit further. We notice another little place and in that place, it’s a little bit like a tent. And as you walk in, spirit guide appears. It may be someone you know, heard of or even someone familiar from stories or just someone you feel is good for you.

And as they wave their hands to welcome you, feel that they teach you how to open the star just above your head to which you are linked through your soul. And as that star opens up, it opens a beautiful crystal dome of protection. Slowly it unfolds around you like the petals of a flower, covering everywhere around you within a metre or two in a crystal dome of a special, light translucent colour that only you know. This crystal dome is special because only love can come through. Anything that is unlike love would be reflected back from the mirror-like walls of the crystal.

You continue to enjoy the sunshine but you also love that feeling of safety. And wherever you go, that crystal dome follows you, filling you with safety, making you feel as if you’re grounded and nothing can harm you in any way; no one and nothing. It repels noxious energies from without and within you, cleansing your body from anything that accumulates to an unhealthy level, releasing it outwards into the universe; sparks of thought for those who require it. It is a self-cleansing crystal dome.

Feel the energy swirling gently within. Enjoy the sunshine that comes through and the beautiful view of the world through the lenses of love, through the crystal dome. You are safe; you are guided and protected at all times.

Now an animal appears in front of you calling you back to the garden. Notice what kind of animal you have seen. Each animal that you see has a symbolic meaning and brings with it the medicine that you need at this moment in time whether it is wisdom, special skill or something else you need to release.

Feel yourself balanced and filled with love, wanting to enjoy life in every form but not needing anything at all, gliding through the gardens back on the pink path to the gates. Slowly we’re going through the river; this time we hover above it with our crystal dome, reflecting love in that river of being, the river of life.

This crystal dome will stay for you and with you for as long as you need it. Know that it’s there, replenishing your energy and balancing you at all times. You are loved, guided and protected at all times.

And as we slowly go back, you gently entering your body again. Take your time to adjust your crystal dome and the sense of elation and lightness to the heavy body and its shape. Feel the resistance melting and the balance and contentment spreading through the body, embodying and accepting the love, the joy and the protection from within and without you.

Slowly we draw the depth of the breath, so the in-breath equals the out-breath. Gently increase the in-breath so that you you’re filling your body with love and energy. Gently become aware of your body limbs, your hands and your legs. Feel your back and your position stretching across the chair. Sense the energy flowing through your body and become aware of where you are. In your own time open your eyes; welcome back to the everyday life – but this time remember you are guided and protected at all times.

Have a lovely week.

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8 Aug 2011. © Natalie Dekel.