Led by Gil and Natalie Dekel, Reiki Masters/Teachers, on Friday 5 Dec 2014, 9.00pm GMT ‎‎(livestream ‎‏#‏‎19).‎

‎Answering your questions about:

  • ‎Mathematics.‎
  • How to recognize that you are supported?‎
  • Improving your finances.
  • How to best prepare for, and perform in a job interview?
  • How to heal skin rashes.‎
  • Telepathy between people and animal.‎
  • Ancient Egypt’s pyramids.‎

Gil: Let’s start with a general question: the question is about numbers; mathematics. What’s the ‎meaning of numbers? How people came to develop this mode of thinking with numbers?‎

Natalie: Everything in this universe is based on the same rhythm; the same pulse. Just as you have ‎your heart beating, pumping blood; just as your lungs breathe in and out… the sea goes in and out, the ‎seasons… Do you know about natural formations of shells, for example?‎

The same pattern appears to be in violin, for example. The harmonious structure which naturally ‎occurs in nature is the same structure that allows a violin to create the sound, and it goes from three to ‎four; three quarter to four quarters.‎

This is the logic of numerological division. All these divisions follow the same pattern that comes from ‎nature; the same rhythm that is being picked up, and translated into numbers. Numbers simply reflect ‎the natural fragmentation of reality, as you perceive it with your senses.‎

So, numbers are really just one aspect of divinity, manifested in physical reality. Everything can be ‎translated into numbers or into emotions or colours. It’s simply one way of looking at what is.‎

Gil: but why people choose to observe reality through numbers?‎

Natalie: First, because it is simple. It’s much easier. Numbers are a symbol to what is in a simplistic way. ‎It simplifies reality, and therefore makes it possible to logically analyse reality, using your brain. The ‎brain is the physical capacity of the front of your head, the one that relates to ego, to physical ‎understanding of this reality. Numbers allow the brain to consciously participate in understanding the ‎divine, the reality around it, and even plan out or envisage the immediate future.‎

Gil: Let’s continue to another question. One of the viewer goes through enormous challenges; ‎however she is aware that is supported somehow. Still she asks what should she so to recognize and ‎acknowledge that support?‎

Natalie: It is really good that you’ve noticed that you’re going through difficult processes arising on ‎different levels in your life. The good thing is that your awareness means that you’re releasing ‎consciously, as well as subconsciously, various knots in energy. You are releasing repetitions of the ‎patterns that you developed in this lifetime and previous ones.‎

If you have not dealt with traumatic events in the past (because it was so painful), you then ‎suppressed it in a certain way and in certain area in your body. You crated a knot in the pattern of the ‎energy. Then as time goes on, the energy that you suppressed is trying to come up so you can release ‎it, because it’s not natural to be suppressed. And you then suppress it in again, creating a pattern. ‎

You’ve created a pattern in your life that has been working for some time. This pattern was useful for ‎you as it allowed you to carry on with your life without being traumatized from what was happening. ‎But now you have evolved enough so the energy cannot be suppressed any longer. You need to ‎release it from your body, so situations in your life will heal and various knots of energy will start to ‎unravel.‎

Sometimes it seems like everything in your life falls apart, like a tarot card tower, where you have to ‎completely rebuild your foundations. Sometimes it feels as if you need to start from scratch, whether ‎it’s your health situation, emotional relationships, work; everything that seem to ricochet in there, ‎coming apart because it’s time for you to let it go and welcome the inner light that’s trying to shine ‎through these patterns, through these knots, and bring you peace.‎

Throughout this process of unravelling, you are guided. And the fact that you’re aware of this rather ‎than saying, “All this is happening to me and I don’t know what to do” – the fact that you’re aware of ‎the guidance means that you’ve already paying attention. And by doing it, you’re consciously and ‎unconsciously dealing with this process.‎

The guidance found in many ways, whether it’s numbers as we were talking before; perhaps you ‎notice that each time you wake up at night the clock shows the same time. This is a message for you ‎and you can even look up books to find what these numbers mean to you, whether it’s angelic realms ‎or various numerological beliefs.‎

The other thing you could do is listening to your body. The body is the perfect barometer of your soul. ‎It’s the perfect guidance for all information that you need. If it feels tired, unhappy, then you stop and ‎consider what would make it happy. It might be something that you never tried before. It might be ‎something that you thought is not good for you but might be good to try once, just for that moment.‎

Just listen to your body; become aware of what it is trying to tell you. If it’s an emotion that’s bursting ‎up, then do not get upset. If we are unwell or things are falling apart, we tend to be angry and upset ‎with our body, with ourselves. Why not stop and think, “Right… I’ll send it love. If I feel this emotion, ‎I’ll love this emotion and I’m not going to judge it. I’ll just observe it.”‎

Imagine that you’re standing next to a very busy motorway and you see cars passing and making a lot ‎of noise. It might be scary, it might be disturbing, overwhelming… but what you don’t want to do is ‎jump in the middle shouting: “Stop!” You don’t want that because you’ll be run over. There would be ‎nothing left of you. You’ll be spending a lot of energy because nobody will notice or hear you, by a ‎simple function of how motorways work.‎

But if you stand and observe it, then at some point the traffic will pass and the emotions that ‎overwhelm you right now will pass too. If you do not upset yourself for having that or this emotion, ‎but just observe it, you will contain the inner energy of peace that will come to the surface. It’s already ‎coming in bits, and you probably know occasional glimpses of peacefulness or happiness, but you’re so ‎busy looking at the bad things in life, you’re overlooking these little moments of pure bliss.‎

So it’s okay. You’re in a perfect time, a perfect moment, and doing the perfect thing. Everything is as it ‎was meant to be. It is all preordained for your best development at this moment in time.‎

Focusing on what you already have, observing it and finding messages everywhere around you. Only ‎you can decide what the message is or not. It might be a perfectly written scroll in front of you and you ‎will not notice if you have decided this is not the message you want. So you need to look around and ‎whatever grabs your attention, this is the message for you.‎

It might be a bird sitting on the window or it might be a leaf passing next to you in the wind, a white ‎feather or anything at all; whatever grabs your attention is the message for you from the universe… ‎because it’s completely conscious, completely aware of every single aspect, of every particle of its ‎beings as a whole. It is alive and it communicates with you always.‎

Gil: A second question: the person is asking about a house situation and his finances. Will they be ‎improved in the New Year?‎

Natalie: Okay… carrying on from the previous answer. The universe and you are one being, so to ‎speak, and the universe is completely conscious and aware. The external circumstances of your life, ‎whether it’s your house or finances, reflect your inner state of being. A lot of the time, the financial ‎situation simply responds to how you believe about yourself. What you picked up from your parents ‎or your society.‎

Start observing what you believe about yourself. Do you deserve to have more money? If you had 2 ‎million pounds dropped right now in your lap, what’s the first thing you feel like doing? Is it to push it ‎away? Grab it and hold it? Does it feel like guilt, to have so much money? Do you feel the urge to give ‎it away or pass it on and put it away from your sight?‎

Think about it. Make a list of what is it you believe about money; what is it you believe about your ‎success? Maybe you believe that it’s better to stay in the back rather than be successful because you’ll ‎get your head knocked off if you succeed.‎

Whatever it is that you picked up, whether from your family, circumstances, your inner dynamics and ‎your relationships; there lies the answer to what happens with your finances.‎

To change it, say every day that “All is well in my world. I deserve all the good that universe is giving ‎me. I deserve it and I deserve the best.” And honestly loving yourself and nourishing yourself, you will ‎then start noticing that your money situation will improve. Money is simple reflection on energy. If you ‎don’t love yourself or if you don’t think you deserve it, why do you need to supply yourself with ‎money? If you don’t think that you deserve this then you will prevent or do anything in your power to ‎stop this success coming about.‎

It is a little circle of developing what you believe about yourself. You want to change your financial ‎situation? Start loving yourself. Start treating yourself differently. Become aware of how you treat ‎things in your life; how you respond to things and you will see the difference.‎

If you believe that you can succeed, that you deserve, then you will start noticing opportunities that ‎will bring you more money. Money is just energy. Energy is ricocheting through your life. So observe ‎your relationship with yourself and then you will see the change and the answers coming.‎

The house situation is the same. A house is a reflection of your feeling of safety and groundness in the ‎world. How was your childhood? Were you feeling safe? Protected? Comfortable with your family? Or ‎did you feel like running away, hiding, being in the shadows? ‎

Think about that and then think what are you doing now that’s reflecting it? If you want a better ‎house, say thank you for the one you’ve got right now because you’ve got a roof above your head – ‎whatever that means. And as you express gratitude toward what you have, and change what you ‎believe in yourself and what you deserve, you will change the physical manifestation of that reality ‎and the right house will appear to you that reflects who you are then.‎

Whatever problems you have in your current house whether it’s plumbing or dampness… noisy ‎neighbours, all these reflect your own emotional state and what you believe about yourself, about ‎your body. And often, this is the message that the universe is sending to you; trying to help you reach ‎balance. The balance has to be in all areas of your life. So if you want to change one area you have to ‎change everything by balancing your life in all aspects: food, health, relationships, your body; ‎everything that is in your life. Balance and harmony.‎

Gil: The next question is about a job interview. A person will have an interview this Monday; and is ‎asking for any advice.‎

Natalie: Sometimes when we come for an interview we have conflicting emotions. We have the urge ‎of getting the job so we can get more money or a promotion; we want to push ourselves forward. But ‎with it we also bring the luggage of old fears and old beliefs; the old emotional luggage that we’ve ‎been carrying for some time… perhaps some of it is from childhood, perhaps some of it is anger about ‎our parents, or perhaps your father figure that was telling you that you were not good enough or not ‎worthy.‎

Perhaps this father figure didn’t even speak to us directly but they themselves felt inadequate and ‎unworthy, and as a child you would pick it up and adopt it as your own model.‎

If you want to push yourself forward, you cannot push yourself backward at the same time. To ‎succeed in that interview, I suggest you observe this baggage of emotional patterns of old beliefs. ‎

Before you come to the interview, observe it and say “I allow heavens to take it on, all this burden I’ve ‎been carrying. I no longer need it.” Literally, it’s a decision of one moment; a decision to say that “this ‎is it. I no longer need it. I am a free person. I believe that I deserve the best. I believe in loving myself ‎and honouring who I am,” which means that you need more money so you can do more good for ‎humanity, and help more people who need it. I need more money as an energy so I can give more. ‎Because we can only give what we have.‎

If you change this attitude and release the burden, when you come to the interview you’ll bring that ‎positive energy with you and it will affect the interview panel. They will see the energy you bring into ‎them, rather than your past luggage and anger.‎

You may look fantastic on the outside. You may smile and be very peaceful and gentle, apart from the ‎nerves of the day. The fact is, the underlying tension and emotions will always bubble up and project ‎themselves in small body language symbols or patterns. So if you release that before…‎

And most of all, remember to smile, if not outside then inside. Because the simple movement of the ‎muscles upwards will release chemicals that will bring you peace and project a more positive approach ‎to those who see you and it will change how they see you… at the end of the day, it’s all energy. What ‎you project and what you receive can be affected by one nanosecond of emotion. Make sure it’s ‎positive nanosecond emotion.‎

Release the luggage and be totally free.‎

Gil: The next question is from a mother whose daughter has some skin rashes.‎

Natalie: Children often represent and take on themselves emotions and patterns that the grown-ups ‎are going internally. Children seem to take it on and externalize it through various illnesses, to show it ‎physically as well as internally, and to help release it from the group as a whole.‎

Both parents and children who choose to be incarnated in the same family group come together for ‎the same purpose. Normally, each family has a purpose to achieve.‎

The rash, the skin problems, usually represent issues with self-acceptance, and self-love. Negativity is ‎coming to surface and is ready to be released. Bring peace and love to this situation. Loving the ‎person, loving the situation, even though it may look unpleasant. You do the best you can no matter ‎what.‎

Instead of spending the energy on upsetting yourself and worrying, you say “I do the best I can and I ‎love my child, myself and the situation with all my heart.” So you open the possibility of energy of love ‎to heal it; and it’s much stronger when it’s love energy, and not heavy and brought down with the ‎guilt, regrets, worry and anger, which is inevitably there…‎

The rash will eventually go away as it happens with any viral/bacterial situation. The most important ‎thing is to stay calm and loving; doing what you do and consulting a doctor if you feel the need for that. ‎

Gil: Another question is from a person who seems to have telepathic communication with his dog.‎

Natalie: Animals and people indeed have strong connections. People who are attracted to animals, ‎who have pets, can have what he has called ‘telepathic link’. All people have it but not all people ‎choose to use it. ‎

Animals do communicate strongly with us through psychic connection or telepathy, or whatever you ‎want to call it.‎

Animals heighten our intuition. They bring you a sense of love and peace and they tell you things that ‎you would not necessarily remember or notice. If you become aware through your pet or animal of ‎something that you would not notice otherwise, this is a message from heaven. You can use your ‎guides, your pets as your guides, which is often the case.‎

So just be open and continue understanding and receiving the messages because this is the way you ‎choose to communicate with higher realms. It’s perfectly fine and actually, the more you ‎communicate the more you’ll be able to use it with other beings as well, not necessarily your specific ‎animal at home.‎

Gil: The last question is about ancient Egypt, and the purpose of the pyramids. There’s a theory that ‎the pyramids were used as conductors to produce electricity.‎

Natalie: Actually, there were various types of pyramids across civilizations that lived in the area that ‎you call Egypt. Some of them were indeed used for accumulation of energy. If we go back to ‎numerology and natural fragmentation of physical components to create energy, this is one of the ‎examples.‎

The pyramids in ancient Egypt that accumulated energy were not more advanced than what you’re ‎doing today. The energy that was accumulated is similar to electricity but using a different frequency ‎with less radiation compared with today.‎

The pyramid is the strongest physical form. As you now, diamonds built on a molecular level as ‎pyramids. It’s very difficult to break it and it accumulates energy strongly while projecting it in one ‎laser beam upwards. This was used for accumulation of energy and communication by systems, a bit ‎like a transmission station.‎

However, with later civilizations, the pyramids were used also for control through symbolic and ‎religious symbols. So, various civilizations used it differently. You will also find the same types of ‎pyramids in different other areas in the world; those that are now underwater or abandoned or under ‎the sand. They all belong to some of the same civilizations. There are discoveries of underwater ‎pyramids of civilizations that have been sunk or washed over by seas and they can be traced down to ‎be identical to those in Egypt or Machu Picchu.‎

Gil: That’s all the time we have for today. If you want to follow up with questions, feel free to contact ‎us Poeticmind.co.uk.‎

We shall see you on our next live-stream channeling. Thank you, and good luck. ‎

This is edited version of the 5th December 2014 online live channelling session (number 19), by Natalie ‎and Gil Dekel.‎

10 Dec 2014‎.
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