Dear God,

I was once asked by a friend that if I will be given the heavenly chance to have a personal chat with you Lord, what would be my probable question to you. At that time I answered her that I would probably ask you what is the purpose of my life here on Earth. My friend told me that my question is so serious that you God will probably not answer me. I just smiled at her and told her that you God would not probably answer me directly but would find ways to manifest your answer in my daily life. I just would have to find out what are those clues and manifestations.

For so many years God, I nurture the thought that you are telling me something. Much to my chagrin however, up to this time I still had not figure out my real purpose in life. You see, I grew up feeling that I am useless unless I excel in everything I do. My parents made me feel that way. When I garnered accolades and awards, they shower me with praise and recognitions. However, every time I am near failure, they made me feel I am insignificant unless I strive to do better. However, I find no real exaltation whenever I get awards. I felt empty. Maybe I had missed your clues God or you might have decided to let me discover it on my own. Whatever it is, I hope that through your divine intervention, I would somehow realize the real purpose of my life God.