God (nah! too direct)
Mr God (sounds so formal)
Dear God(yup, this sounds just perfect)
Ok so let me start it

Dear God,

It was high time I sent you a letter. Though I always do my prayers on time and often thank you in my heart but this letter was imperative. Some may find it to be a mere formality but a little sprinkle of formality is always needed to express one’s love, gratitude and appreciation.

A written word is sacrosanct and I want my feelings for You (as on this evening) to be immortalized so that when I look at this, years later I know exactly how I felt.

You have been my savior, well You must be hearing that all the time, but then do You remember those tough times when I was rudderless…. You actually helped me out without even my asking. I remember the time I was going through a rough personal patch and had almost decided to give up on You and had even stopped saying my daily prayers.

Then like a gust of fresh air you opened that much needed window for me. Don’t tell me that You don’t remember the time when I was actually finding it hard to pay my house rent. I was unsure about what to do next, two boys, mounting rent, nowhere to go. What could I do, where would I take my children? It was you my Lord who sent that mysterious acknowledgement of teacher application in my inbox (for I never applied in that school). It was surely You who got me that residential school job in a single phone call. If that is not a miracle what else is?

Not only was the rent taken care of, even the meals and children’s education was complimentary.
I just wish that I continue to thank you by forming a trust to help the needy soon.

Last but not the least I wish to thank you for making me realize that all one needs is faith and patience to sail through difficult times. For even the difficult times are sent by you to test our faith in You.

Keep on remembering and loving me,
Yours daughter.