Dear God
Thank you for all you have given and blessed me with. Thank you for blessing me with two of your precious children, my daughters are the most amazing gift. Thank you for wonderful parents who have made numerous sacrifies in difficult times to assist me. Though many times I may take them for granted which I am ashamed of and it is hard to let them know of my feelings. Thank you for my older brother who has been able to help me also in difficult times. Life is never easy and though hardship and difficult obsticles have occurred, one thing is for sure, I will never lose my faith in you. You are my strength and inspiration in becoming a better person, a person closer to you. I know one day, hardships and economic difficulties won’t be such a struggle. Suffering financially, and overcoming an abusive past relationship has only made me stronger. We may feel why did this happen to us and we don’t deserve this, but you have a plan for each of us and not only have I become a stronger person, I have learned to appreciate what I truly have. I know I hardly take the time to say thank you. But, Thank you God for truly everything. More than anything thank you so very much again for my daughters, my parents, my older brother, our health and being able to wake up every morning. May you continue to protect, bless and guide us.