Dear God,
I wrote this letter because I want you to know that I already got answers on my questions about life. Questions that have been bugging my mind since I was a kid, making me troubled and restless. Questions on the mystery of life and the complication of my existence. I’ve searched for answers on these questions all my life only to find out I can answer it myself. Now that I’ve spent more than thirty years of my existence, I have slowly understood and came to fathom the answers I’ve got.

Why is life unfair? You see, I came from a simple family. My father sometimes find it hard to make both ends meet. Although, he tried his best to provide us, it is just not enough. He is the only one working for the family, so growing up in a brood of nine is extremely difficult and financially challenging. At an early age, I have to work and toil hard to finish school. It wasn’t easy. There are times that I had to cry because of disappointment and failed expectations.

During those difficult times, I sometimes questioned Your existence. Is there really God who blesses His people? If there is, then why did He allow me and my family to suffer this much? The answer came years after. I’ve learned that blessing and suffering are the two sides of a coin. Now I have slowly understood that You allowed all those difficulties and sufferings to mold us to become the person that you want us to be. The hardships growing up from a poor family made me determined to finish my strials are inevitable part of life. Life wouldn’t be beautiful and colorful without its trying moments. What matters is our perspective on life, how we deal with some issues and how we view difficulties on a positive light.
I am certain now that I am loved and cared by a loving God. Difficulties will come and go but your constant love will remain forever.

Thank tudies against all odds and earn my college diploma no matter what the cost maybe. That compelling drive to succeed was my motivation to conquer life’s difficulties. And I know that I was not alone in my journey to achieve my dreams. Surely, You helped and blessed me reached my goals.
I’ve realized that whatever your position in life, whether you’re rich or poor, you for loving me inspite and despite of my weaknesses.
From Your Beloved Son.