Dear God,

Help me, because I don’t understand your ways. This past year, God, has been so difficult for me. Yet, continually you have pulled through and provided for me above and beyond what I need. When dad died, I was so mad at you. He was so young and I still needed him. He was there all those difficult moments in raising me, but didn’t get to see his patience pay off. You took him right before I went to prom, my first date, graduation and college. But God, I’m beginning to see your purpose in all of this.

When dad was alive, we were wealthy. I bought designer’s clothes, had a brand new car and never had to work. When you took him, our money also went away. And, although this was difficult, I am now thankful for what I’ve learned.

I had to get a job and learn how to manage money well. I no longer bought expensive things, but used my spare money to help mom pay the bills; dad would have been proud of me. Some of my friends left when we lost our money, and I realized who my real friends are. I was no longer spoiled, and no longer thought I was better than other people because of our money. I learned to depend on you, God, in every aspect of life.

Most importantly, God, I learned that I need to show people how much I love them now. I need to be kind, patient and forgiving because I never know when you might call someone else home.

So, God, please forgive me for being mad at you. Although I still miss dad terribly, I know that you had a purpose. You taught me so much and continued to provide for me.

Thank you for all you do and for forgiving me. And, for giving me the hope that I’ll see dad again, and we will be forever together.

Love always, Krishta.