Dear God,

I would really like to thank you for the world. When I feel like it’s hard to get by I look at the sky and the trees and they always help me remember how blessed I am; how blessed you’ve made me. In my trials and tribulations I could always turn to you and you would make me see sense. I want to thank you for the amazing family I have; the one you have bestowed on me, and the life that you have given me.

There is not a day that goes by that I can’t see your love. I live everyday wishing that I could be closer to you, and truly remember, in every moment that you are the only maker, the only true thing that shapes the world I live in. I take comfort in the fact that when I die I will continue to live with you forever in Heaven. I am grateful for the beautiful people you have surrounded me with and the wonderful life you have given me.

If I ever need guidance I pray, and you answer in all kinds of ways, but most of all I see you in the people I love, teaching them to be the virtuous and kind people they are.

God, you teach me to have strength and compassion. I will be eternally grateful and never want for anything because I have your love. I will meet you in Heaven and I will always be grateful to you.