Dear God,
Please help me through this difficult time. Please forgive me my sins. I do not deserve your forgiveness Oh Lord, but I pray that you will help someone like me. I took You for granted for so long and I am so sorry for that. I found You and then lost You again. You let me find You one more time and for that I’m grateful. Lord take this burden from me, let me be whole again. Let me walk Your path and walk it true. I am struggling with my physical and mental illnesses. I know it is Your will be done and sometimes we have to struggle to learn from our mistakes…but I can’t take much more. Please come into my heart and fill me with peace. I want to thank you, Lord, for my family. They are everything to me, especially my mother. She is the most patient, most kind, and most loving person I have even known. Thank You for letting me live in this beautiful world. I might have only 5 minutes left or 40 years, but I will try to live as close to Your light for however long you give me. Please watch over me. Please guide me. Thank You, Lord for everything that You’ve done with my life up to this moment, in this moment, and what will come. You are my Grace and my Savior. I love You. Amen.