Steve Minchin, co-founder of The Global Conversation, interviewed by Dr. Gil Dekel.

Gil Dekel: Do you feel spirituality can operate with business?

Steve Minchin: The message coming from the ‘Conversations with God’ books (by Neale Donald Walsch) is that our Politics is our Spirituality demonstrated, because we act according to our beliefs. So I guess our way of doing Business is likewise our Spirituality demonstrated.

I observe that we are not yet very spiritual in our business methodology. At our current level of collective consciousness it is difficult to adopt, totally and completely, a spiritual philosophy in all forms of business, in a competitive environment.

We are in what I describe as the ‘twilight zone’, which is a stage in our development where we know that what we are doing is not working, but we do not know how we can change what we are doing…

However we can introduce more openness, more transparency, more fairness, more equality and more tolerance into our dealings with employees, customers, business partners and the world at large. This is the way forward. We can be the example we are seeking.

What is money?

Money is a passing thing. We can’t take it with us so it is best to put it to good use…

The Law of Attraction is a universal Law. What we think about we attract. If we think about lack of money continuously we simply attract exactly that – lack of money. The universe does not judge whether it is good or bad for us. It just brings forth what we focus on. So if we focus on how wonderful it would be to have lots of money and visualise all the things we could do with the money, and feel how good that would be, then that is what we will attract.

Thoughts, as ‘Conversations with God’ (CwG) books say, are vibrations and life is a vibration. When you realise this you can create deliberately.

CwG also says that your creation of money for yourself does not deprive others of that money for abundance is available for all. Consciousness expands in proportion to the desire. There is no limit to the manifestation of our collective desires.

There is enough.

So why people still find it hard to pay bills?

Because too many people are focusing on their lack of money rather than on their desire for more money. It is not a question of governments, business leaders or any other institution creating more jobs or printing more money. It’s about each one of us focusing on what we want, not on what we don’t want.

When the desire is strong it creates an emotion, which is energy, and when the belief is there also, then that becomes a powerful creative energy.

That’s the whole point of the CwG messages. We are creators. We are not at the whim of life. We create our own reality whether we know this or not. And a deliberate creation is far better than creation by default. The only ‘problem’ is that when you accept your creative powers, there is no-one else to blame for what is going on in your life… You have to take the charge over your life…

Now, all creation is co-creation. Nothing is created individually by one individuated being alone. In addition to those immediately around us, the Collective Consciousness of humanity also plays a role in our personal creative process. That is why ‘The Global Conversation’ initiative is so important. It is a new place where people can join to raise and change the Collective Consciousness.

The current Collective Consciousness of the planet creates collaboratively the global experience of ‘Have’s’ and ‘Have Not’s’, and the situation in which 5% of the world’s people hold or control 95% of the world’s wealth and resources. So I think we need to raise individual and Collective Consciousness to produce more sustaining results. The website for The Global Conversation invites people to raise consciousness through conversations.

Is conversation enough to raise consciousness?

A conversation is the gentlest way to bring about change. Our collective thoughts create our collective world. If we are not happy with the state of our world then we need to change our thoughts about it. This is not a simple matter when you consider how ingrained our beliefs are. These are the result of generations of beliefs being passed on from one generation to the next by parents, teachers, religions and governments.

A conversation is a very powerful tool. It is a vibration, whether spoken or written. When enough people join in the conversation this is capable of changing the collective consciousness of the planet. When only 3 to 4% of the population envision the same thing, it will become our ‘reality’. Neale Donald Walsch’s conversations with God are ‘just’ conversations but they changed the perceptions, or beliefs, of millions of people on this planet.

Have you even had a conversation with God yourself?

Yes. We all have a conversation with God. We simply do not realise it. God speaks to us through synchronicity, co-incidence, a song on the radio, a chance meeting with someone we have been thinking about, a cheque in the post we didn’t expect, a sudden burst of inspiration, a beautiful smile from a stranger. This is God talking to us in a myriad of ways.

How did you come to meet and work with NDW?

Having read Neale’s books for 12 years I flew to Oregon for a deep study group and then a Homecoming workshop at Neale’s house for 5 days. We discussed an idea for a movement to create paradise on earth in one generation. This later became the Global Conversations Movement.

We launched the website several months ago and nearly a quarter of a million people have already visited the site. There is an active forum for exchanging views and ideas which is redefining what Neale describes as our new cultural story.

Why the ‘old’ cultural story did not work?

Because there are things we don’t understand about God and about life, the understanding of which would change everything.

We all want the same things: peace, harmony, good health, financial security etc. but this is clearly not demonstrated in our present cultural story. So unless we change what we believe we understand, we will just recreate our world exactly as it is.

As Neale’s latest book ‘The Storm Before the Calm’ says, we are in a state of overhaul of Humanity. Worrying about the future is not the answer. When we realise we are all creators we will start to create the future we all want.

And we can change life itself, from within life?

Yes. The purpose of the physical world is to provide us with a contextual field. Where we come from is a perfect world. However, in the perfect world there is nothing but perfection and nothing but light; and where there is nothing but light, you can’t experience the darkness. So we created an environment where darkness was possible. We created a place where we perceive ourselves ‘not who we really are’, and that illusion creates the impression that we are separate from God, Source, All that is.

We cause ourselves to forget who ‘we really are’ when we are born, so that we feel that this experience on planet earth is real. Otherwise the game would be up. We would be the magician trying to convince himself/herself that his/her tricks were not tricks at all. It is not possible.

When we start to remember why we are here, we start to see the illusion for what it is. It is a means of discovering or remembering how magnificent we are. We use the illusion to realise, literally, that we are a part of God and that is why our Soul/Spirit/Inner being comes here – to achieve the impossible. To experience what it knows, for experience can only be created when the opposite of what you wish to experience enters the arena.

Yet, this illusion seems real – it became reality in a way.

Yes, the illusion has become so strong that we find it hard to shake ourselves out of it. However, there is a way to overcome the illusion. We first need to understand the role of ego in this illusion.

The ego is the part of us that makes all of this possible. The ego’s role is simply to differentiate us from the whole, so that we might be able to experience ourselves individually as well as collectively, not instead of collectively. Without the ego, we would not be able to experience the beautiful individuated Part of Divinity that we are now expressing, even as a rose and a tulip are breathtakingly individuated parts of the Garden.

So the ego is not a bad thing. Indeed, it is vital and necessary to the process the One Self experiencing Itself in all of its aspects. Now… ego run amok… that is another thing. Ego that is out of control is, indeed, telling us that we are separate (and even better than others), and that we must protect ourselves from others.

I think that people are now waking up, and once you are awaken you want to awaken others to see the wonderful gift of life. We were never meant to suffer. We have merely strayed from the truth of the matter.

That is the point of Neale’s CwG books and his work ever since, including his Outreach programs. To awaken people to see who they really are – sparks of the Divine.

Some of us are ready for this and some are not. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. And not before.

What is the difference between thought and emotion?

Thought is energy, and emotion is energy put into motion (E-motion). Or, more simply, thought is our idea about something, and emotion is what we do about it. Hence, a person is described as ‘getting all emotional’ because of how they are acting, not because of how they are thinking.

Our Soul, in my understanding, does not communicate with us through emotions, but rather, through feelings.

Feelings are the language of the Soul. Emotions are the product of the Mind. Emotions are energy impulses producing behavioural expressions based on ideas held as truth in the Mind. Feelings are energy impulses that bypass the Mind and come from a place deeper within, that I call the Soul. These generally produce an entirely different kind of behavioural expression.

So, emotions are outcomes of ideas in the mind; and feelings are outcomes of the soul?

Yes. Hence, we may act emotionally – in a relationship for instance – in a way that belies our true feelings. We know deeply that we love the other person and that this particular behaviour is not very loving, but we express the behaviour anyway, because we have listened to our Emotions, which are the language of the Mind, rather than our Feelings, which are the language of the Soul.

People who act from their deepest feelings in certain situations are often described as being ‘out of their mind.’ They forgive the unforgiveable. They embrace the unembraceable. They see the unseeable. They comprehend the incomprehensible. They love the unlovable.

People who are ‘simply behaving emotionally’ rarely do this.

There are times when Feelings and Emotions become one. This is when the Mind has found its way to the Soul, and the two have become as One. This can happen for an instant, and it can happen for a lifetime. When Feelings and Emotions become one – that is, when the Mind’s thought and the Souls knowing are the same – what occurs is inevitably an Expression of Divinity.

Such expression benefits us and other people. For example, the experience of love. You see, we are Love. God, love and life are all interchangeable. Love wishes to be expressed, and that is only possible in our relationships with others. When you become love, you want others to experience what you are experiencing.

13 July 2012.

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