Emmanuel Dagher Interview with Natalie Dekel, MPhil (part 1 of 2)‎

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Natalie Dekel: can you please describe yourself briefly; where you are coming from in terms of what ‎you do?‎

Emmanuel Dagher: The way I see it, defining myself is less about what I do and more about who I am ‎choosing to be. Often, people have a need to give everyone and everything title and name, neatly ‎categorizing everything into boxes. Different people call me by different titles: spiritual guide, ‎humanitarian, personal transformation specialist, sound alchemist, healer, teacher… Each person ‎defines me the way they have benefited from my service to them. ‎

Personally I think who I am is not about the title; for me it’s about how I’m showing up. Am I showing ‎up from a place of love and compassion or am I showing up from a place of separation and fear?‎

Since I was a really young child going through all of the experiences that have happened to me, I made ‎a decision early on that I will focus on love and I am here to be in a space of compassion.‎

Compassion and love are not necessarily always rainbows and butterflies but they can be firm, they ‎can be solid – but the key thing here is that they are solid and unwavering. So for me, what I do is not ‎necessarily who I am…or I should say, it’s not about doing; it’s more about who I am being. I’m ‎choosing to be love and compassion and if that’s going to give me the title of healer, teacher, miracle ‎worker, whatever… then great. As long as all that I do and say is about me being all of that which is love ‎then that’s enough for me.‎

Emmanuel Dagher - by Natalie Dekel

Emmanuel Dagher – by Natalie Dekel

Natalie: What are the core beliefs that guide you in being what you are now?‎

Emmanuel: The key core belief is anything that promotes love. For example, kindness; doing unto ‎others as you would want them to do for you; gratitude, showing appreciation; being that unwavering ‎presence of love, of compassion, of joy, of not letting circumstances decide all those things for me but ‎me deciding that I am those things outside of my circumstances. So I say all those are my driving ‎forces.‎

If I had to use one thing, it would be just choosing Love; just choosing to embody love as often as I can ‎‎– and it’s not always the easiest thing because of course the mind likes to create stories and ‎experiences that would have us really going into that survival mind.‎

However, just being gentle with ourselves while going through that process and then coming back to ‎love, is really what it’s all about at the end of the day.‎

Can you please explain how the system of healing that you are using actually works?‎

The first part of working with any form of energy, whether you are working with sound healing or life ‎coaching or energy healing, the first ingredient is all about embodying compassion. When I say ‎‎‘compassion’ I’m not talking about sympathy and feeling sorry for someone. A lot of people who are ‎into holistic fields and the holistic arts tend to be very empathic, very sensitive to energy; so what ‎happens then is that when we are in difficult or emotional situation we don’t have the tools to look ‎beyond the story and see the true essence of the person, we’re not ready to be a healer.‎

When we are feeling sorry for someone or something – I don’t know about you, but I know that in my ‎experience, I used to be the friend that everyone would unload their issues, their problems on. ‎People call it ‘venting.’ So every time I would show up, they would see me as almost like…the way that ‎I felt was like a garbage disposal or a dumpster where everyone just dumps what they want; I usually ‎ended up feeling horrible and bad about them experiencing what they’re feeling and they feel better ‎because they’ve unloaded. They have someone they’ve literally unloaded on.‎

When I recognized that pattern of myself allowing the situation to be that way, that’s when I said ‎enough is enough. ‎

So first I had to understand what compassion was and really befriend it and study it and internalize it ‎and then integrate it into my reality.‎

Compassion has nothing to do with feeling sorry for someone because when we are sympathizing, we ‎are lowering our vibration to match that which surrounds us. It could be a person, place or experience. ‎When we are in compassion, we can hear the story, we can be loving, but we are not engaging or ‎buying into the illusion of fear, separation, victim consciousness.‎

So the first key ingredient to being a true healing presence not only in your life but in the life of others ‎is to make a conscious decision to be the compassionate presence; to truly look beyond the story, the ‎illusion.‎

Doing the work that I do, I receive hundreds of messages every single day from people telling me their ‎story and sharing the entire struggle and the pain. If I wasn’t coming from a place of compassion and ‎choosing to be in compassion, that would drain me. I don’t even know if I could be in this type of work ‎because people are still very much in that survival mentality and to get them out of it is to be that ‎compassionate presence. You don’t even have to tell them to get out of it; you don’t have to do ‎anything. All you have to do is just hold that space.‎

That’s step one, to really embody the quality of being that compassionate presence in their life.‎

'I Love You' (photo by Gil Dekel)

‘I Love You’ (photo by Gil Dekel)

The actual modality that I use is called core energy therapy, which allows us to use applied quantum ‎physics to connect with what we can call the zero point field, the infinite base of possibility, the source ‎energy, creator, God, whatever you want to call it. It’s just that pure, neutral, no good or bad, no right ‎or wrong; there just is.‎

There are many different ways to get into that space – there’s meditation, healing, prayer, and many ‎others. The way that I do it is a combination that I like to call core energy therapy. From this space we ‎are able to release the patterns and blocks that we have outgrown and then align with more ‎expansive ways of living and experiencing in our lives. ‎

It can all be done on a conscious and subconscious level because everything is energy and everything is ‎a projection of the mind; so the question that will then arise is -are we choosing to operate from the ‎higher mind, from the connected part of the mind or are we choosing to operate from the survival part ‎of the mind?‎

This modality allows us to transcend the survival part and to get into the true aspect of the higher mind ‎which works harmoniously together with our spirit where the intuition communicates through us. ‎From that point of neutrality we’re able to release and let go of all that we no longer need and bring in ‎the new energies that we’re ready to step into.‎

I’m also very cognitive of the power of two or more gathered together so when two or more have that ‎intention, then miracles are going to happen; the healings are going to happen – the effect of our ‎intention and its materialization then are magnified. So not only we are working with the core energy ‎but we’re also working with two or more gathered with the intention that miracles, healings, ‎transformation and insight expansion will occur when two or more agree on that.‎

That’s the threefold part of my healing processes. First, making sure which space am I operating from- ‎is it from true compassion or am I going to feel sorry for someone? Sometimes what you hear the ‎person is going to say, you may not be prepared for if you haven’t gotten into that space of ‎compassion so that’s step one. Step two is the core energy therapy and step three is the two or more ‎gathered.‎

How do you manage to connect to people when you work with them?‎

The question should be: how can I not connect with them? Because I believe that because we are all ‎energy, we are all already connected and when we are choosing to be in that space of Love, then we ‎connect with each other even more. So getting into that space of compassion and love instantly ‎connects you to whoever you are choosing to align with and be around and support, and hopefully ‎witness miracles and transformation with.‎

How do I manage to connect with people when I work with them? By choosing to be and embody love ‎and compassion. That immediately creates that unity field consciousness instead of the separation ‎which the mind likes to create just to make itself feel unique and individualized. The truth is- there’s ‎no such thing as separation.‎

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3 Feb 2015.
‎ Exclusive publishing rights © Natalie and Gil Dekel. Illustration of Emmanuel © Natalie Dekel.‎ Interview conducted via emails and voice-recording correspondences 27 Dec 2014 – 28 Jan 2015.‎ Emmanuel ‎ is based in Los Angeles, California, USA. Natalie is based in Southampton, UK. Emmanuel’s ‎website: EmmanuelDagher.com