'Hidden Healing light' (photo by © Gil Dekel)Spiritual Activist Gabriel Avruj interviewed by Dr. Gil Dekel.

Gil Dekel: Why do you want to help motivate people?

Gabriel Avruj: From personal experience I know that the biggest barriers are mental. The mind is a double-edged sword if we do not train it. Our thoughts are powerful and have the ability to create reality. The outside reality is just a projection of what we think and of our emotional states. For this reason it is so important to know who we are and to develop a vision.

We can all benefit from knowing who we truly are.

Currently, with the amount of distractions around us, and the false models that the media show us, we led to believe that there are only social problems, dis-education in schools, disintegration of families, poor nutrition, etc. This makes it hard to maintain a balanced and awakened mind. We forgot how to live in harmony with the diversity which is what we are. To discover the leader inside each one of us will have to do in large part with unlearning of much of what we were.

Since the media and society do their best to ‘sell’ negativity, it is then the task of each one of us to give hope to each other, to motivate each other, to find courage, and to live with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a Greek word, which means: being full of God. Once you realize God in you, you can do anything.

It is easier to be distracted these days, compared to the past, because of modern technology. Technology has its many advantages – it enables us to communicate over distances, for example, and cure diseases that killed people in the past – yet it also makes it challenging for us to find ourselves, and to not be absorbed in what we see outside.

It is so easy to follow the mainstream demands of how we should look and what we should do, so much so that many people are unaware of who they truly are. To be your individual and real-self takes effort and perseverance…

We did not come to this world to just ‘survive’ or half-live… we came to evolve and embrace the task of raising the standard of living for all. We are here to live the best version of ourselves; of who we truly are. The shortcomings and limitations are in our own mind alone, freedom and excitement too… It is a matter of choice, conscience and attitude.

My hope is that each person discovers the enthusiastic and powerful leader that lives inside them, and develops their full potential, enabling the creation of new realities and opportunities.

How do people ‘make’ their reality?

We attract experiences that are designed to help us for the evolution of consciousness and progress in life. No matter the actual event – all events and experiences are opportunities for awakening. Our soul knows perfect what is that we need.

At the age of 14 I was injured in a terrible car accident, and I use a wheelchair since. I believe that this experience has happened to me for a reason. This experience has helped me to look for who I truly am. I believe now that I needed this experience so I could evolve and recognise my innermost talents and skills; so I could learn to handle this and see my own strength. Right after the accident I was not aware of this, so I suffered. I suffered because I wanted to be what I thought was the best – that is, being able to walk on two legs. It’s clear that this is not necessarily the best.

'Hidden Healing light' (photo by © Gil Dekel)

‘Hidden Healing light’ (photo by © Gil Dekel)

As people, we forgot who we are, so we need something to awaken us. And the experiences that life throws at us are the gates to our self-awareness. If you can see experiences in life as opportunities, you will find that they are brought to you for a reason – as a matter of exploring your reactions and finding your true-self. You will then accept life as purposeful. Life becomes a tool to make you aware.

After the car accident I was depressed and wished I was dead… I thought my life should end. I then heard a little metaphor, the metaphor of the butterfly that was a caterpillar at first. As a caterpillar it has no wings, yet gradually it grows into a butterfly; it grows into another state of being. So, it is the same creature, but with more possibilities. Instead of being quiet and closed, so-to-speak, they open the inner will, and with it the strength to fly. People are the same… Everything is a matter of flying higher…

Above the darkest clouds, the sun always shines…

We can bring into our life any meaning we wish. I chose love instead of fear, and with that, I made a difference to my life.

How can people learn to ‘fly’?

It is vital to be surrounded by good company. Anything that you allow to enter through your five senses should be pure. The mind is nourished with what you give it. So, see the good in life, listen to the good, speak good, do good and be good.

Your soul knows best what is good for you, so let your soul guide you, not your mind. You can start with a simple recognition that everything in life is interconnected – your physical and spiritual aspects are connected. As I became aware of my ‘inner truth’, that is, my spiritual powers, everything began to change in my life – inside and outside.

I started to use my mind in powerful ways. Gradually I stopped being occupied with how ‘difficult life’ was in those challenging moments of recovery, and instead I began to ‘return’ to life. I returned to life with other people and the community. I focused on developing rich social work; and I have done so through spiritual quest.

Everything changed for me. Outside (physically) – and Inside (spiritually) – I lost interest in the negative aspects of life; and instead, I gained interest in the power and beauty of life. I have started to ‘walk’ a path of happiness. Sai Baba helped me to begin this path of serving humanity by living accordingly to his teaching:
1. Love,
2. Truth,
3. Peace,
4. Non-violence,
5. Correct action.

Then I kept walking many paths. All the Teachers said the same: “Love is the answer”, “Do to others what you would do to yourself”, “Love all, serve all”, “We are One”…

The important question is: who are you with? From where do you respond to what is happening?

Some people believe that we do not ‘have’ a soul, rather we are a soul.

Yes. We are spirits having physical experience; not physical beings that occasionally having spiritual moments… When we realise this truth, we suddenly wake up… I would suggest such awakening to anyone simply by asking oneself: what if everything is perfect? What if everything is as it has to be right now?

The human mind seems to go in circles, with constant thoughts, yet it does not always find solutions to situations it ‘thinks’ about.

By gradually quieting our thoughts, the virtues of our hearts gain strength. To work on this, one can use tools such as meditation, deep and conscious breathing, and service to others.

All In all, there are just two types of thoughts: Love and Fear. When you connect a real-life experience you’re having, with thoughts-of-fear, you have a reality of fear. With the same experience, if you connect it with thoughts-of-love, you experience a completely different reality – one which is full of love. The experience out there could be the same, but it is your attitude to that experience that makes you feel happy or sad. It doesn’t matter what the physical event is; what matters is the attitude towards it.

We want to train the mind to align our thoughts with the wishes of the soul and expand ourselves, instead of judging the facts and let them dominate us. The mind is a tool that should help the physical so that the soul can shine.

Life is what IS, not what our mind ‘thinks’ it to be.

Many conflicts and dilemmas cannot be solved at the level of the intellect, including strategies arising from our mind. Regardless whether the result is seen as “good” or “bad” to the mind, it generally leaves us with a feeling of dissatisfaction. The mind then drives us, like addicts, to the next goal without giving us the time to enjoy our present achievement. However, when we follow “the voice of the heart”, regardless of the supposed “success” or “failure”, a feeling of wholeness rests inside of us.

A true Master becomes aware of who s/he is and takes a step forward. He empowers himself with his own virtues. He always listens, and knows to ignore the voices trying to persuade him not to move forward. He knows that the mind is an excellent tool that serves the soul. The opportunity to be a model for others carries great responsibility but it is the greatest service we can provide.

Why do we need the physical life, if we can live happily through the soul?

Conceptually, we are God, yet we have forgotten this, and have come to this physical planet to remember who we are. All experiences that are happening here in this world are possibilities for awakening.

The challenges we face are opportunities to express our Divinity for the benefit of all beings. Acting in the world knowing that we are more than physical is a way of growing and become examples of hope to others. Anyway, it’s a matter of choice. Unconsciously, we chose to come to this world.

Do you think that apart of human beings, there are other conscious entities in the universe?

Yes, of course. I do believe that they exist. Personally, I can’t see them with my eyes. I don’t see angels, yet I see beauty in a lot of people; I see love in people. I know many angels in that way, not ‘physical’ angels, but people that embrace the energy of love.

I am sure that in other dimensions of reality there are other energies that you can call ‘angels’ or other forms. Everything is energy in movement and that energy is Life.

Do you remember any of your past-lives?

I believe in past and future lives and I think that all are present in different dimensions right now. What we experienced in the ‘past’ or in the ‘future’ are just choices made by the Soul for some purpose. Everything is happening now.

Our past choices result in what we are experiencing at this moment (karma), and if we become aware of the meaning of our choices and we choose to live from our truth (dharma), we become free.

15 May 2013.
Exclusive Publishing Rights © Gil Dekel. Interview © Gabriel Avruj and Gil Dekel. Interview conducted via phone calls 27 March 2013 and 11 April 2013, and email correspondence 29 March 2013 – 13 May 2013. Thanks to Natalie Dekel, MPhil, for her editorial suggestions. Gabriel is based in Argentina. Gil is based in The UK. Gabriel’s website: gabrielavruj.com.ar