‘The Band of Brothers’ in an interview with Gil Dekel.

Gil Dekel: This interview is taking place through an automatic-speech experiment, where spiritual intelligent forms (‘beings’) are channelled through a medium. So, can I start by asking you: what is your name?

BB: We do not give names, because it is unnecessary where we are coming from… We do not wish to individualize ourselves. Please just call us The Band of Brothers.

And where do you come from?

We come from the world of the spirit.

Where is that…?

It is in an etheric world that surrounds your planet, which is in a much faster vibration than your physical world. In that vibration there are many different dimensions. We come from one of those dimensions and our purpose is to progress through those different dimensions as we are able to access the greater light of the spirit world. And our job, our service to our fellow man on the planet, helps us in our spiritual progress.

So you are helping us because that helps you?

That is correct. But there are other available ways for our spiritual development, and yet we have chosen – and I use the word carefully – we have chosen to develop by helping man kind. We have not been told to do so… We have total choice in what way we serve, and it is our choice to come close to the earth plane and help man kind.

Do you know why there is pain in our life on our planet?

Indeed, pain… Pain is part of the physical process that alerts the physical person when they are in danger or when something is wrong. The physical person has a wonderful, an amazing nervous system. And this nervous system is controlled through the brain; pain is a product of the nervous system, sending messages to the brain.

Yet, the brain is capable – I’m being given the words – the brain is capable of allowing the pain to subside! You have that power! So yes, pain is necessary for the survival of the physical body, but if you wish, you can control the pain.

If pain is necessary for survival how come it also destroys the cells and the survival of the body? Pain kills.

Indeed. But you know, it is always important to remember that your life here is only temporary. You will at some stage always return Home to the spirit world and the pain that you experienced during that life time can be of great growth spiritually.

People are under pain, and we do not encourage it. But all of you will be aware, at one point, that pain that happens in the physical body is very soon forgotten. Do you understand that?

Yes, I understand. But understanding is one thing; and experiencing is another thing – and that difference is our problem, on planet earth.

Of course. But your lifetime here on this planet is all about experience. That is why you are here; you are here to experience every single type of feeling that you can imagine. That is part of why you are here. And so you return Home more spiritual, more aware individual, soul, spirit, whatever you wish to call it.

Well, at this moment as we speak, my wife’s mother is in great pain; she is dying in hospital of cancer.

We regret that the spirituality of the earth plane is not more advanced than it is. And the soul, incarnating in this physical body, is not aware on the physical plane, that she is able to control the pain. This is something not taught. Yet the brain has amazing qualities. And as far as this particular person is concerned, we are aware that the medical profession can alleviate pain if necessary.

We do not see why this physical body needs to be in such pain. It is perfectly possible and acceptable for the medical profession to alleviate that pain and indeed, help the process of passing.

This is an ethical issue which we will not go into at the moment because I wanted to ask you: you have said that the mind is capable of controlling the pain?

That is correct.

And release pain?

That is correct.

While still the process of dying continues?

That is correct.

How does one do it?

You must understand how hypnosis works. Hypnosis allows the subject to access the subconscious. Now, if you access the subconscious then you are allowing the hypnotizer to put thoughts into the subconscious mind that affect the physical brain and the physical person. Now, it is perfectly possible and reasonable, and indeed it should happen, that the person concerned self-hypnotizes themselves.

And by doing that through a thought process, you are able to accomplish miracles… I’m being told that this is not the right word… There is no such thing as a miracle. Everything that is done is done under natural and spiritual law. You are accessing that law when you hypnotize yourself, when your own thoughts, through your subconscious, are able to alleviate pain and many other things, may I say. You are able to access life-changes through thought power.

May I ask about the practicality of this theory? For example, how does the mother of my wife, who is now in great pain and in the process of dying, how does she do self-hypnosis?

I have to tell you that this may be too late in this particular instance. All we can suggest is that she is given some knowledge and asked to do this. We can hope that she is able to access that knowledge and at least help somewhat in that process.

But we would ask all those who live on the planet to learn more so that when the time comes they are accomplished at the process of being able to control pain and also to control and make life better for themselves, become more spiritual, become aware of who they are. All this can be done through the power of thought.

When you come to the world of the Spirit you will be aware that thought is pure energy and you will access information both from those still incarnated on earth and also those who are around you in the Spirit world; you will access their thoughts and almost see them. It is simply energy.

What is energy?

The whole universe is made up of energy. It is a power, a universal power. It cannot be destroyed. It arrived at the start of all universes, coming from the centre, from the God power, whatever you like to call it. You access it in so many ways during your life. From the very moment you arrive on the planet you are accessing energy; you are using it every day of your life. It is just there. And in some ways we, at our level, cannot describe it any more than that.

What is the speed of time, the speed that time moves? How this was decided upon?

You do ask some difficult questions but that is not a problem… We can only answer in the best way we can. You are aware that time does not exist in those other dimensions in which we live. Time only exists within the physical dimension. It is in many ways a product of the human senses. If you were to allow time to fade down in your world today and live simply through the way the sun rises and sets, it would not become as important to you as it is.

Who set the speed of time?

I do not know, my brother. Time is a product of the physical universe. It is the way your solar system is formed. The time you have relates to how the earth goes round the sun and all those planets. If the earth was in a different orbit then your time would indeed be different. But that is the way the solar system was formed those many millions of years ago.

And, today there are about 6 billion people living on planet earth. Is this estimation correct?…

Well, we haven’t counted… But I can tell you your planet is a very popular destination.

Is it? Planet earth is popular for the souls to come to?

Yes, because the learning processes here are very great. While the earth is not highly developed spiritually, that is exactly one of the reasons that so many souls wish to incarnate here.

How come?

Imagine for a moment that the earth is in perfect harmony…


Everybody is in harmony with each other.


You would then be living in Utopia, with different forms of learning processes taking place. On earth, you bump into people whom you do not like; you have to learn to accept so many different things – that is all part of experience. And that is why you come here.

Why should a soul prefer bumping into people, living in contradiction rather than live in a Utopia?

Indeed. But that is the case. You must understand why you people incarnate in the first place. If it was Utopia here there would be no needs. If you were in Utopia, you might as well stay in Utopia. There is nothing to be gained. But there is much to be gained through lifetimes on earth planet. Sometimes much is gained and sometimes little. But over a period of many lifetimes you can gain so many more experiences here than you can in the world of the Spirits. And that is learning.

So, in that respect, earth planet is Utopia, a much better one than the Utopia of the spiritual word…

Oh, you find words, my brother! But of course you do understand the Utopia you imagine here is only a Utopia in terms of the possibilities of growth.

Is there any growth in such experiences as World Wars?

For us, at our level, we see this as a total catastrophe. It is a part of human nature, not realizing that they are indeed spiritual and also living now on this planet.

Those people who did and organized such massacres were living in a very physical form. Not animal, for animals would not do that. Their consciousness is great but they use it completely the wrong way and I can tell you that those people who perpetrated such terrible, terrible things, the karmic law takes effect. They will have to process all the things that they did before they are able to regain that spirituality that they can become.

Why wars are initiated?

Human frailties is the quick answer. Our job here and now is to come into the consciousness of those here and try and help them become more spiritual.

How do you actually try to help the human race evolve?

We are able to access consciousness. We indeed are just consciousness ourselves. You know, if you understand the power of the thought process you will know that we can access through the subconscious those on the earth plane. Whilst today I am able to use this brother’s [the medium] consciousness and impose mine upon his, under his full agreement, in normal circumstances we can’t of course do that. So our job is to put ideas and visual forms into the minds of those people on the earth plane.

Sometimes they’re accepted but many times, my brother, people are not aware of what we are doing. But it doesn’t stop us trying. Your world is changing… many Souls are incarnating now for special reasons. And I would suggest, my brother, that you are part of this process for you have that knowledge, that spiritual understanding, that consciousness that you can access.

And that is happening all over your planet. Of course, we would suggest that perhaps another 100 of your years need to go until this is more evident. You have to be consciousness aware of your freedom. You have complete freedom of thought. You have freedom of will. That is the new age. That is why we are so excited about coming at this time.

And in due course when it is your turn to come Home you will have the opportunity, if you wish, to continue the process. And it is our job, our duty, our wish, to help in any way we can.

How do you then implement ideas in the minds of people?

Thought is pure energy and it is something created. Your scientists are now aware that through your thought you affect physical matter. So, your thought can also access the higher dimensions, those faster vibrations. For if thought can indeed access matter it can surely access consciousness. And that is how we are able to do it. We come close to the earth plane and we attempt to put thoughts of spiritual nature, ideas of how to better live lives.

And scientists from our side of life are able to access the minds of your scientists and give them ideas of how to progress in the medical fields and the science fields for peaceful purposes. That is how we do it – simply by the power of the energy that you know as your thoughts.

How many of you are there? How many of yourself, brothers, are there?

Oh, if only we knew!… But please understand that we live and move and have our being within a certain vibration. And whilst we can access vibrations that are lower than ours we are unable to access those higher vibrations where the light is too strong for us. For brief moments we can be there and we are aware of beings of light so bright that we can’t even look at them. We can only just sense that they are there. And so your question cannot be answered in full. I hope that helps.

It sounds to me as if there are brothers who are trying to elevate you.

Of course, my brother. That is absolutely correct. And at every level, every frequency, every vibration there is learning going on. I am aware as a consciousness that if I need information, if I need awareness, if I have a question, then I can send my thoughts to those in the higher vibrations and they indeed will try and help me in the same way I try and help those on your earth plane.

How do the ‘higher light’ brothers try to help you?

In exactly the same way that I am trying to help the earth plane children.

Talking of children…

Yes, my brother?

Do children see angels? Do they communicate with so-called angels or spirits? What’s children’s message to their parents?

All children who are born into the earth plane, for several of your years they are very aware of where they have come from. Their psychic faculties are so open that they can access the finer vibrations of the Spirit world.

And as they grow… you know, your civilization closes them down slowly. As their lives become more complex, as they interact with those people who have no spiritual understanding, their psychic and mediumistic faculties slowly close down. And of course at some stage they become unaware of who they are.

Why does this process of closing up happen? why would the soul still agree to this process?

My brother, it would be ideal if the closing down process never happened, for you are Spirit. So why on earth should you not be able to access those finer vibrations? You can. You do, but it is human nature upon your earth plane that stops this happening. And part of the process of going into a new age is to allow the children to grow up more aware of who they are, more aware of their ability to communicate on so many different levels. And with your help, my brother, this little soul who has incarnated into your family, who has agreed before the incarnation that this was the place to be, this is where this soul can learn. Your abilities will enable her to live and move within many different dimensions. And we applaud that. We applaud it greatly.

Do children choose their parents?

Of course.

Why did my child choose me as her father?

You have been involved with this soul over millennia. Her choice to come back was so strong, to regain that relationship and the learning, which you have been involved with over so many lives – here and in the next dimension. You are inextricably linked together for all eternity.

Why did we devise this ‘scheme’ by which human beings are formed into male and female?

What a good question. Of course the process is to continue the human race. And nature has performed those miracles that allow human beings to procreate and allow other souls to incarnate. You may say that other animals can do it in a different way but that is not necessary for the human race.

I would suggest that those born to the different sexes are able to access and learn different lessons. And it is of course the choice of that soul whether they come back as a male or a female. For it is in their understanding at a soul level which they need for that incarnation.

From a physical point of view, where does my body start and where does my body end?

Your physical body is, of course, in physical form but it also accesses the Spirit world. And your thoughts and actions have a huge effect at the sub-atomic level which may have either a good or detrimental effect on the physical form. You have to understand that you are not the person you see in the mirror.


Of course not.

So the handsome guy I see in the mirror is an illusion?…

[laughing…] You see in the mirror the visage of your outer self… That is not you; you are the personality, the consciousness, the mind – that is the real person, not what people see from the outside.

What’s the difference between the outside, the visage, so to speak, and the real person which is who I truly am?

It is all a matter of vibrations.

Vibrations? you mean movements of energy?


But movement is something that can happen only in time, and we are saying that time is only an illusion.

That is an interesting thought… movement can only happen in time…

So, it’s an illusion?

Time is indeed an illusion but it is an illusion that you need. You cannot survive on this planet without an understanding of time. It is built into your systems.

…but my system is formed of energy which vibrates, and vibration is time-bound; and time is only an illusion within my system – so I don’t understand, how do I form anything?

Indeed. There are many questions that the human mind is unable to fathom fully. And may I suggest to you, my brother, that you are probably not ready to understand some of these more abstract philosophies and feelings that you have. It is more important for you to keep your feet firmly on the earth. To live and move within the body and your consciousness that controls it. That is where you need to be; that is where the learning exists.

And you, my brother, are you learning something yourself from our encounter today?

I am always learning. Every time I am permitted to come into the consciousness of this brother [the medium]. We all learn, and that includes all the Spirits who are present here this morning with us. It is not just you and me here in this room today.

What do you, Brothers, learn from the encounters with people?

The first thing we are learning is how to control our consciousness so that it affects the brother [the medium]. This is never a perfect process. For I have to come into the consciousness of this brother as best I can at the level that I am permitted to do so. I am learning each time how best to do that, and I thank you for that.

And what do you learn from our specific encounter today; from this interview?

I learned that you and others on the plane of this earth are starting to seek. You are starting to make wonderful questions about who you are. You are not living completely as a physical form, but starting to access yourself in other dimensions. And whilst you must keep your feet firmly on the ground, coming into contact with such beings that you are – this gives us such hope for the future.

But this has been going on for thousands of years, the human race asking the same questions for thousands of years. In a way, there is nothing new in my specific questions to you today.

Indeed. But in other civilizations, you know, many of those questions were answered.

Really? Do you mean that other civilizations on earth plane had the answers to these questions?


Who are they? Are they those people lived 2,000 – 3,000 years ago, which we call the ancient Greeks?

They answered some questions but we would go back many civilizations before. And for some considerable time those civilizations lived in a spiritual world, half here and half in the next.

So how come we’ve lost this knowledge?

Indeed you have. It is part of human nature. Many of those who walk your plane don’t know that they are Spirit living in a physical plane, and we wish to teach them any way we can. Either through talking like we do this morning or by trying to access their subconscious to make them more aware of who they are.

You have lost that knowledge over millennia, my brother. As you became a human being at the very beginning those human beings lived partly on the earth and partly in the next dimension. And slowly human beings have allowed the more basic instincts to control their thought power until they have become a more physical being. You know, with time and effort you can raise the vibrations of your physical body, and you can even become almost a Spirit person. There are those on your plane who have developed this to a certain extent, and they are indeed enlightened Souls who have spent a lifetime in meditation allowing themselves to become a lighter, more vibrant physical being. You can all do that.

How can we do that with all the daily haste that we experience in life; quite far from meditative relaxed life style.

My brother, that is your choice. You have chosen that life. You may take different choices.

If I chose it with my free will then it is perfect… why do you then need to try to elevate my choices?

I am always just trying to give you ideas, to encourage you upon the pathway you have chosen. It is very important for you to be living this particular lifetime with that particular appearance. Learn as much as you can, as children do.

OK, back to children… how do children think?

Children are accessing the Spirit world and the finer vibrations in many ways, more than the physical shape in which they live. For their brain is not formed.

Doesn’t that mean it’s perfect?

Of course not. Nothing is ever perfect. It is just the way the human being has been formed.

Human beings are formed with two eyes, two ears, two hands… Why two?

Anything else would make it too difficult for human beings to live. It could be said that nature might have changed to three arms or four arms if that was the best way.

And why is the practice of two hands and not three hands, is the best thing for human beings?

Because, I would suggest, three hands would make it more difficult for the human being to control those three hands correctly.

Hold on… surely if you had three hands you could have a higher brain development that is able to control three hands.

You have that brain development already.

Why did we choose that brain development, that still controls only two, not three hands?

If the human being had been able to use the full brain that they have this could have happened. But you know, you are using perhaps a quarter of the power of your brain.

That’s not too bad… so, what goes with the rest 75% of my brain?

It is of course fully alive but it has not been used as much as it might have been. You know how the brain works. It is the synapses of the brain that grows through the power of thought. And that is why some people are more academic than others, more intelligent than others. Their brain is being used to a greater extent than others.

So, in our full capacity we are all equally intelligent aren’t we? If we would use our full capacity…


We’re all intelligent in the same ‘way’, but we simply use it on lesser levels?

I would say that this is partially true. But the human brain has never been extended to its full potential.

Why not?

The human condition has not permitted it. I am being told that maybe in the future when human beings are permitted to think more for themselves they will learn to use and gain greater use of that wonderful organ. For indeed the brain is, my brother, simply an organ of the body. And it is an organ that is used by the mind and the subconscious and conscious minds of its inhabitant.

Our society teaches in schools that humans constantly evolve. For example, today we have a better technology than the Ancient Romans had.

You do have a better technology.

Is that really so?

Well, I am aware that the human mind has enabled you to go out of this earth’s atmosphere. I’m not suggesting that this is a good thing. But simply that this shows human technology has indeed advanced.

But has this advance had any bettering of the human condition?

Ah, that is a different question, my brother. To some extent it may have done. But we understand that it has allowed the human being to become more focused on what is happening on the earth rather than be more aware of who they are as an entity. And other civilizations, my brother, were more aware of who they were and indeed lived a more spiritual life than many are living now on this planet.

Knowledge is constantly accumulated, but you bring with you access to the universe, and through that access you are able to gain greater knowledge than you may ever find in books. But the process of reading books may indeed help you to access even more information from the universe. It is like giving you a new window of opportunity and knowledge that you may not have realized was there.

You mean that the actual act of reading books enables something?

The actual act of reading, which of course goes through the eyes and is interpreted, is then accessed by the mind and once the mind is aware of ideas, it is then able to follow those ideas within the universe. And if those thoughts of that individual go out to the universe seeking knowledge, then that knowledge will indeed come. For you all are the children of the universe, and each one of you has all the knowledge of every single person. You have the knowledge of every single Soul that has ever lived and has ever been aware.

Do you believe in God?

You may call the creative power that is within the universe whatever you wish. Every individual is part of it – and the whole of it you would call God. It is a power of love. For indeed love and the creative process are part and parcel of the same thing. God has been a misused word over many centuries. This creative power, this universal energy, is available and can be used for whatever purpose it is required.

How do I use this creative power to bring prosperity and happiness?

All you need to do is to have those thoughts. Send them daily with energy and emotion into the universe. And the universe will provide.

Who gives me my thoughts and ideas?

Every person who has ever lived. You have access to that body of knowledge.

How do I become able to process this knowledge, which is vaster than anything the brain can contain?

Slowly, my brother. Slowly. Allow each piece of information that comes to you to soak down through your whole mind system. Allow it to permeate before you access the next piece. Otherwise you can become overloaded.

Many people say they are already overloaded with thoughts.

Of course. We understand. But it is much better that you are accessing than you are not accessing it. This is why we are here, giving you as much information and ideas as we can. We are here to teach, and to help you teach others.

I wish to publish this interview.

We know. We are always happy to make this message available to more people. We love you very much.

17 November 2009.
© Gil Dekel and The Band of Brothers.
Interview conducted through a channelling session, Southampton, UK, Friday 6 November 2009.