Dear Lord,

Words cannot express how much I am grateful to You for every thing You have done for me. I have my faults and yet, I cannot believe that You are still there for me and unconditionally loving me. Even if I fail You at times, You never fail to bless me and work miracles in my life. I hope to be able to serve You and others better.

Corrales  –  9 June 2012.


Dear God,

I know you must not hear this enough- but thank you for everything. Today, as I watched my daughter playing with her friend in the yard, I noticed how her skin was cracked and dried due to the fact she has bad eczema. Her skin is so delicate compare to her friend, whom asked her “Does, your skin hurt you?”

My daughter smiled and said “Yes, and God will make it better soon.”

“How?” her friend replied.

Laughing my daughter pointed at me. “He gave me my mommy who kisses away the pain and holds me when I cry. That’s how he makes it better.”

Thank you God for letting me hear her saying that, and for giving me a special little girl.

Stephanie  –  9 June 2012.


Dear God,

I was once asked by a friend that if I will be given the heavenly chance to have a personal chat with you Lord, what would be my probable question to you. At that time I answered her that I would probably ask you what is the purpose of my life here on Earth. My friend told me that my question is so serious that you God will probably not answer me. I just smiled at her and told her that you God would not probably answer me directly but would find ways to manifest your answer in my daily life. I just would have to find out what are those clues and manifestations.

For so many years God, I nurture the thought that you are telling me something. Much to my chagrin however, up to this time I still had not figure out my real purpose in life. You see, I grew up feeling that I am useless unless I excel in everything I do. My parents made me feel that way. When I garnered accolades and awards, they shower me with praise and recognitions. However, every time I am near failure, they made me feel I am insignificant unless I strive to do better. However, I find no real exaltation whenever I get awards. I felt empty. Maybe I had missed your clues God or you might have decided to let me discover it on my own. Whatever it is, I hope that through your divine intervention, I would somehow realize the real purpose of my life God.

Ellen  –  9 June 2012.


God will always love me this is one thing I am certain of. I have always believed that God will move mountains for me, as long as I believe in his healing spirit in my life. I do not ask God to fix my problems, only to show me the way to find the answers. I also believe that God works through people, so I have to look at people as God’s messengers.

Ellen  –  9 June 2012.


Dear God,

This might come as a surprise for you to hear from me. But things have been going so well in my life, and I just want to take the time to thank you for remembering to give me the little things that I forget to ask for. Thank you for chucking the “you only get what you deserve” rule out of the window, and choosing to be magnanimous with your blessings.

Audry  –  9 June 2012.


Dear God,

How are you? I haven’t talked to you for a while now. I apologize if I do not usually talk to you whenever I’m busy. Sometimes I’m so occupied I don’t even stop for a few seconds to thank you for another day you granted me. Each day I wake up means a new beginning, a new chance to live my life.

You never leave me when I need you…

Melani  –  9 June 2012.


Dear God,

Oh Lord, my God! I could not imagine life without You. You lift me up when I’m down, You carry me well when I’m tired but how come in this life you gave; I couldn’t do anything to stop hurting You. I’m a stubborn child of God though you saved me and told me not to turn back but I enjoyed being bad.

I hope to meet you someday, I hope to see you smiling at me. Oh Lord, my God! I missed you terribly. My soul is moving away but I don’t even want you to let go of me. Please Lord don’t leave me, don’t ever give up on me.

Me  –  9 June 2012.


Lord, I do not feel at peace today. I’m worried about my finances. There are just so many things that we need to provide but there’s always not enough money to pay for everything. Lord, I am begging for your help please. You know all these needs and I may not understand the reason for what’s happening in my life right now, You are still in control. Lord I know that you have a limitless supply and this I claim that You will provide us with what is right and in the proper quantities in your time. In Jesus’ name, amen!

Arlena  –  9 June 2012.


Dear God,

I am only typing what I would normally tell You every night. You see, I’m trying to help my husband with our monthly expenses but I can’t get a job because I have to take care of Magnus. I am hoping to get jobs online. I know you have blessed us with so much but we always make bad decisions. Thank You though for never letting us down. Every time we’re in a difficult situation, something always happens to help us.

Dedee  –  9 June 2012.