dear god,
you know a lot of pressure has been on me… I recently lost my bff since we separated schools…and i feel like i have no one…My friends right now just mock me about my height and knowledge…But it’s ok since we’re very close…However, my parents just want be to become something in the future…But idk what career to pick…Anyway, i really want an iphone since my friends all have it and I dont take my phone to school…Anyway please give advice god.


vai  –  10 September 2021 at 9:26 am.


Dear God Open my prayers amen

Matthew  –  2 September 2021 at 7:10 am.


You already know God, I don’t need to explain to much but I just want my anxiety to be fixed or something and I hate that just cuz we grow up as Christian the stigma of having anxiety SHOULDNT exist. I just want to function in my job for esthetician or any other job without getting anxiety and please God have my other understand the idea of anxiety. I hate that idealogy of Christian is we can’t have anxiety cuz God is the cure of everything and prayer but if that were true how come people don’t get cured of sickness and diseases ? It’s the same thing with anxiety and I just need help. Like if I have a sickness why do I need to go to a doctor if I have God? It’s the same thing with anxiety I should have the right to get help from a therapist and have my mom understand what I’m going through instead of disregarding my anxiety all around the time which makes it worse

Chanel  –  31 May 2021 at 7:29 am.


Well, here we are. I didn’t pray to you this morning and I’ve stopped praying joust when I said I’d pray even more… that’s not gonna happen this week, I’m gonna pray every day even if it’s like this… if I just blow this website up with letters to God then I will… for no other reason than to feel your presence with me while I go about my day… I can handle anything when I feel you with me… you’re my strength and I need you now more than ever… I’m avoiding life more than I ever thought I would:.. I sleep all day and consume caffeine at night… I’m going broke because I take so much time off of work… I’m depressed and avoidant… I just want to be allowed to be myself, Rich, the man I’ve always been… be my support and help me be me and be with me… let me feel your presence… I don’t want to be closed off… I need you I’m my heart and in my chest and in my mind… I can’t do it on my own, I was made to need you and I’m willing to rely on you now if you could just stay present with me

Rich  –  25 April 2021 at 7:40 am.


Please heal my son Raphael 20, in all ways, make him healthy and feel good and get a good sleep at night, from tonight onwards

Paul  –  11 March 2021 at 10:04 am.


Dear God,

Yes, I believe in you and your miracles. But those miracles and believeness I have seen only for others and not me. Yes, I have mistaken in a relationship. My Trust was broken, my love was untruthful and dishonest. I believed in him and he left me just for sake of false words. I suffered…Not him. Still suffering…!!

Well now when I am trying to move on and trying hard to start a new journey…Can you give me another chance to believe in you???

Can you give me the man again whom my family wants me to marry and I too ofcourse?? Can I get a second chance to win his heart..can you make his heart to accept me?? It was mere misunderstanding and I did not behave well when they came for a meeting!!

Well I have always accepted that it was my mistake everytime. But I never saw you beside me. Never saw your miracles for me?? Never saw you gave me any full filled wish???

Why??? What was my mistake?? My mistake was just that I believed, I trusted, I did all my work with full honesty??

This is the reason now I believe that you always work for the bad people. You give your blessings to all those bad people. You show your miracles to those bad people.

All I am asking to give me a second chance to believe in you and your miracle to give what atleast my family wish. Yes, I like Praveen and liked him from the very first time I saw him. Can you bring him to me?? Is it possible??

Are you Really there for Me???

Ana  –  25 February 2021 at 2:10 pm.


Dear god,

Please make all my wishes come true such as the defeat of covid-19 coronavirus pandemic so normality and freedom will come back to us. We all want the universe and environment to be better again. The NHS will be happy if you send your powers down to Earth and we all want the vaccinations to work perfectly and safely so everywhere will be open again. None of the countries of the world will be causing massive diseases, lockdowns or selling dead live animals ever again. What I would like to wish for the most is once the tv news has heard about the defeating powers we performed, they’ll probably spread the happiness news that everybody will be happy because all businesses are back open as the lockdowns and restrictions had been lifted up. The government will make you a solom promise never to tell every single lie again.

Thank you.

Terry Smith  –  21 February 2021 at 11:35 pm.


I don’t know what I’m doing. One of the best person I’ve ever met is suffering in the hospital fighting for his life because of this COVID-19 bs. Honestly, I can’t focus on my school work because he’s dying and they want to pull the plug. Please help him for my sake, his sake and the sake of everything good. He is good, please. I want to cry and scream and just please help him, please.

Your Child  –  13 January 2021 at 7:06 pm.


Dear god ,
Please hold my hand n tell me that you are with me and I will be fine .
Some thing inside me hurts a lot , lot of pain .
I don’t understand Wat it is but it is very painful .
My heart is filled , I know you know everything because you can read my heart n mind .
Please hold me close to you as I feel too weak .
I need you .

Kapila  –  5 December 2020 at 8:16 pm.


Dear God,
If soulmates are really a thing then please can you lead me to mine.
I have been led astray and am struggling to go on…
please help me… I am falling and don’t want to keep going
but if there is someone out there waiting for me. Please don’t let them wait any longer.
I need someone…
so please god… if you are not too busy blessing others, please could you give me the gift of finding someone to help me through this. to continue with life.
someone I can trust and love as much as they love me.
please god send me a man who can help.
as I am I need of help but nobody can help me but you now…
I need to find that someone…
so please god… send me my soulmate.
In your name I pray… please

A Saddened Girl  –  8 November 2020 at 7:23 pm.


Dear God,

Please help our nation. The election is coming, and though we have done a lot of bad and deserve a bad president, I ask that you will bless us with a good one. We sing, “God Bless America;” and you have, but now, we need “God Save America.” We live in a free country, created on a foundation that serves you…please help us; help those who are blind to You to see, to repent and trust in you. We need you, God. We are a sinful nation in need of healing and turning back to you. Thank you for all you have blessed us with in life that we do not deserve. I ask that you will bless the viewer on the other side of this screen today 🙂

In Your name I pray, Amen.

Daughter of God 😀  –  31 October 2020 at 4:52 pm.


Thank you for all good life savings you have given me. Thank you for the opportunity to praise you true my music and through my being. You helped me become a survivor! The worst storms of my life you were there! Who saved me,
and loved me, and gave me just the right words to tell you how much I love you! Please God make me strong fortuitous, able, steadfast a constant Love for You! I also pray for every one who is in pain and hurt. We are your little children and you are the best dad ever!

Kathleen  –  4 October 2020 at 2:23 pm.