Your role as a spiritual helper. By Neale Donald Walsch.

Water of life - Gil Dekel. River flow.

“Water of life” – By Gil Dekel.

The tenth step in becoming a spiritual helper is to:


This is your final step. This step allows you to stay on the path you have chosen, to go exactly where you say you wish to go, and, in a very large sense, to take much of your world with you.

A Spiritual Helper is one hears only a single word from the Universe. A Spiritual Helper is one who knows that there is only one word in God’s vocabulary. That word is yes. Did you hear that? Did you understand the implication of that? Please don’t be offended by these questions. Every day I have to act as if I never heard that before.

Every day I seek to bring myself to a new understanding of what all of that means. Sometimes I can hear something and “not hear it,” know what I mean? And sometimes I have to say the same thing over and over again to myself to stop it from going in one ear and out the other. I’ve heard some things so often it’s like I’ve never heard them at all. I have to really focus to bring myself to such tidbits as if they were brand new.

So sometimes I sound like I’m repeating myself, but that’s not always bad. ‘Cause it gives me a chance to hear the same thing over again, and hear it “brand new.” So let me ask you again, did you hear that? What I SAID was…there is only one word in God’s vocabulary. That word is yes.

The implication of that is enormous. Because if you see this and embrace this and accept this wholly, nor merely intellectually, you will find yourself at the center of an experience of your own creation—and from that place be able to assist others to find their way to the center of theirs. And that is what you came here to do.

Your choice on Earth

It is now time to address the only question that really matters: What am I doing here? Who am I and why am I on the earth? This is the singular inquiry of the human mind. It is all that any of us really want to know. Your final step in becoming a Spiritual Helper is a short one. It is the answering of this question. But remember this: No matter how you answer this question, God will always say yes.

Some people believe they are here for no reason at all; that life is just a case of random selection and chaos in action and that their chief assignment is simply surviving. If this is our idea, life will show up that way, because God only says yes.

Some people think that life is about getting the guy or getting the girl, getting the job or getting married, getting the apartment and getting the kids, getting the promotion and getting the house, getting the retirement fund and getting the grandkids, getting the gray hair and getting the illness, getting “right with God” if they can, and getting the hell out. If this is their idea, life will show up that way, because God only says yes.

Some people have the idea that they have come here for a larger purpose, that their life is not about themselves, but about everyone whose life they touch, and that, while they will do many of the same things that other people will do, they will undertake the “doingness” of their life in such a way as to change the prevailing notion of who and what we are, and so, change the world. If this is their idea, life will show up that way, because God only says yes.

What is your choice here on earth? It is whatever you say it is. Life has no pre-assigned purpose. Life is a process, and that process is called evolution. How we evolve is up to us. The universe has no preconceived notion about this. Nor does it have a preference. It is all up to us.

If you truly wish to become a Spiritual Helper, make, with your life, a statement of Who and What you are by making a statement to everyone else of Who and What they are—and never take no for an answer. Remember that if you hear “no” as an answer, it is a figment of your imagination. It could not possibly be the real answer, because God only says yes.

Think of God as the big copying machine in the sky. Whatever you put in, God duplicates. Your thoughts are the original documents, and the events of you life are the reproductions of them. It is as simple as that.

Some practical ways to take Step Ten

Taking this tenth step in becoming a spiritual helper is as simple as A-B-C.

A. Decide who and what you are. Be clear that you are the only one making this decision.

B. Decide who and what everyone else is. Understand that people will show up in your life, ultimately, exactly as you see them—no matter how they showed up at first.

C. Refuse to believe any evidence to the contrary. Work inside of the Law of Opposites, do not let that law control you.

Now let’s take a look at how you can do this.

How you experience who you are is a choice, not an assignment. You have not been given a task or presented with a mission. But—and this is important to understand—Who You Are is not a choice. You are Who You Are, and you have no choice but to be that. You DO have a choice with regard to how you experience that. The living of our life is the expression of that choice.

Yet the wonder of life is that you have an unlimited number of lives in which to give expression to your choice about how you wish to experience Who You Are —and that you may change your choice at any time. That, too, is an important statement. That, too, should be posted all over your personal world, so that you can encounter it over and over again.

The wonder of life is that you have an
unlimited number of lives in which to give
expression to your choice about how you
wish to experience
Who You Are
and that you may
change your choice at any time.

Who You Are, of course, is God. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. You are the only one making this decision about Who You Are. Make that clear to yourself. No one else has the right or the authority to make this decision for you. Please don’t let anyone do that. And do not voluntarily transfer the power and the authority to decide Who you Are to someone else. Not to any other person, not to any organization, and not to any exterior source whatsoever.


Water of life - Gil Dekel. River flow.

“Water of life” – By Gil Dekel.


Indeed, do not transfer that authority to me, either. If you do not experience yourself as That Which Is Divine, do not simply take my word for it. Always go with your own interior experience—of this, and of everything. It is my experience that you and I are a part of That Which Is Divine. I believe You are Divinity Itself, in physical form. This I know from my Conversations with God. I am aware that this is an idea that is difficult for many people to accept. It might be made easier if we substitute the word Life for the word God. For a wonderful exploration of this notion, please refer to What God Wants.

More practical suggestions

The key here is to see everyone else as an expression of Divinity in physical form. Indeed, everyone and everything else. Often it is easier for people to see the world around them, and the people in it, as part of the Divine than to see themselves in that light. Yet once we begin to see everything that our eyes take in as Divinity Expressed, we soon cannot escape the image in the mirror, and we have to take in that Part of the Divine, too!

A very effective first step in this is cultivating the ability to see yourself in everything you look at. Spend 20 minutes each day walking down the street and, as you observe everything you look at, silently announce to yourself:

“I am that.”

This is an extraordinarily powerful exercise, and can bring you an incredible inner experience. Do it  every day for a year and it will change your life! But be sure to say it to, and about, everything you see—and everyone.

The street person with his bottle of Four Roses as well as the well-dressed business person on the way to work; the mud and dirt flowing down the curbside as well as the flowers and the trees lining the streets. Experience yourself as One With Everything.

Then, experience Everything as One With God. You have now “made the connection.” Now you understand. Remember that people will eventually become in your life exactly what you think they are; they will show up exactly as you see them, no matter how they first appeared.

Even the villains of your life will become saints if you simply change your point of view about them. You can perform this miracle of transfiguration regardless of what they have done to you. You can see people as you wish to see them, no matter how they wish to be seen. In so doing, you can change the world.

This miracle of transfiguration is exactly the miracle that Jesus performed as he moved through his life. It is said that he merely looked at a person and that person began to see herself as Jesus saw her. This is, in fact, the story of Mary Magdalene. She was, of course, a prostitute. But Jesus saw her differently, He saw her as an angel, a spotless soul of beauty and wonder. And she became that, right before his eyes.

This part of the Jesus story is lived out in the stories and myths of countless ages since. One of the most famous is the tale of Don Quixote, who saw a simple barmaid (and another prostitute) in his own eyes as a beautiful and pure maiden, whom he insisted on naming Dulcinea.

The touching and magical story of Don Quixote and his ability to live in the world as he saw it stands as one of the greatest stories of all time, and reminds us of the power of our vision to create our reality.

Some final practical ideas

Of course, the moment you decide anything about anyone or anything at all (including yourself), everything unlike it will come into the space. This is the Law of Opposites playing its effect. Do not believe anything you see through this veil. Judge not by appearances.

The Law of Opposites is at the heart of all physical reality. It is based on the principle that, in the absence of That Which Is Not, That Which IS, is not. Simply, in the absence of cold, warm is not. In the absence of bad, good is not. In the absence is down, up is not. Our astronauts and cosmonauts found this out soon enough as they ventured into outer space and discovered that, without standard points of reference, all prior information and experience was invalidated. What was “up” was now “down”—or, worse yet, neither “up” nor “down,” but, rather, simply “over there.”

More about the Law of Opposites and how to negotiate life by using it as a tool, rather than having it be an obstacle, will be found in the Conversations with God material, notably in Book 1 and much of the original Trilogy.

Learning how to deal with that which is opposite to what you have chosen to experience is the highest art of the Spiritual Helper. Looking into the face of every evidence to the contrary and refusing to take no for an answer is the strength and the power of every master. It was George Bernard Shaw who left us a remarkable statement, paraphrased here: “Some people see things as they are and ask, why? I dream of things that never were and ask,  why not?”

The last word on Step Ten

A Spiritual Helper sees things as they could be. She dreams of things that never were. And he says, why not?

A Spiritual Helper never takes no for an answer, because a Spiritual Helper knows that there is only one word in God’s vocabulary, and  that word is yes. Therefore, if a Spiritual Helper hears no, he knows that this reply must be coming from within his own imagination. The master knows that she’s making it all up. He can experience the no or the yes of things. Like Don Quixote looking at the ragged barmaid and seeing the beautiful Dulcinea, he can see things as he wishes them to be, and by the power of his vision, transform them

* End of chapter 10 *

Copyright © 2005 Neale Donald Walsch. Published here by Gil Dekel with Neale’s permission. 1 January 2017.

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