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by Gil Dekel.

Could we find spiritual messengers today? Can prophets live amongst us, or are they saved to biblical times alone?… Neale Donald Walsch seems to answer these questions, with his internationally acclaimed ‘Conversations with God’ (CwG) books series and the practical messages that they bring into modern days. Neale has touched the hearts of millions across the globe with insights that are both inspiring and applicable in daily life. It seems that modern-day spirituality and prophecy are possible.

Like many other books, the ‘Conversations With God’ Book 1 has a promise printed on its front cover – the promise of a ‘life changing’ experience. It takes only to follow comments from readers on Neale’s Facebook account to realize the magnitude of his positive influence on people’s way of thinking. I have been following his work for many years, being introduced to his books by my Reiki Teacher. In my case, not long into reading his first book that I had a spiritual experience myself, which I see as an encounter with a God… Reading the text in book 1 in which God announces He knows the readers that hold and read the book, I suddenly felt a powerful connection with a mysterious energy around me. It was as if the words, printed black on white, held a physical sensation, touching my skin and reaching my heart. I felt the joy and Glory of God, that even an atheist like myself must marvel. The room itself became infused with light sensation, and it was as if time stopped and I could touch each and every single atom that made up the space in the room.

But CwG messages are not intended for mere personal experience, rather they convey truths about the whole human race – our place on this planet, how we can heal ourselves and live a better life, and what are the creative energies we can use to better reality. The books’ greatest gift is to explain why we came to think the way we do as a culture. Once we understand our cultural ‘game’ and the rules we decided to play by, we can then learn to un-rule any aspect of the game which does not serve us any more.

The messages are not just philosophical but very practical and applicable, for example, the groundbreaking idea of total transparency in our commerce. Neale suggests that retailers should label their products not just with the products’ price but also with the price it costs the shop itself. If an apple, for instance, has a tag price of 25pence, Neale suggests it should also be labeled with the price it cost the store, for example, 15pence. In such way, customers will be able to see the shop’s margin. Such idea may seem unthinkable, and will surely see resistance from some. However, if we think carefully we may agree that most people are happy with retail shops making a profit, as long as they are treated fairly and honestly as customers when they make a purchase. Neale’s idea of honesty and transparency may instill trust in society, which in turn can help us progress from commercial society into a commercially spiritual society (CSS).

Neale Donald Walsch - © Gil Dekel

Neale Donald Walsch – © Gil Dekel

In an interview I held with Neale [read here] he also explained the practicality of changing negative emotions into positive ones, which in turn holds the power of bringing positive outcomes into our life.

I was wondering how it feels being a man who inspires millions of people. Neale told me that he does not feel he have inspired million, rather that God has done so through the words God ‘dictated’ to him. If this is so, then God should be very pleased since His co-creation with Neale, which now span over two decades, has turned into a series of New York Times Bestseller books, and translated into scores of languages.

The lesson we can learn from Neale’s own life is also interesting. Neale is an ordinary man, with many challenges through his life (including a few divorces). His life story and the path to success he followed, tell us that we are all extraordinary souls and can achieve success. Neale has began his journey in the most ordinary way imaginable, in a low point in his life when he was asking God why his life not working the way he wanted it. In the interview Neale told me God’s reply to his question: ‘life is not about you,’ God said ‘but about you helping other people to wake up to their powers.’ When you set yourself as an individual that helps others, you then learn to see the powers you hold within yourself.

This message is not new, rather is as old as the ages. Yet it is still relevant today; the message that we are all one. But are we indeed all one? Are all people one entity?… It seems hard to believe, and yet for eons we are told that same message over and over again. As you do to another, we are told, so you do to yourself; we are all one. Neale suggests that all spiritual messengers have said so, regardless their religions, system of beliefs or non-belief at all. That message seems to transcend times and cultures.

Neale consider his mother to be his first spiritual teacher which helped him transcend the traditional views of organized religion, and instead develop a deep connection to the mystery of an all-embracing God. In his own embrace of God, Neale brought God closer to men and women across all cultures and nations, through his not-for-profit educational organizations Conversations with God (CwG) Foundation, the ReCreation Foundation, Humanity’s Team and The School of the New Spirituality. These organizations promote peace, love, clarity, and civil rights for the soul, by shifting spiritual paradigms around the globe.

In a modern society which believes its own cultural game of negativity, budget cuts and fear, it is good to find a spiritual teacher who does not just preach but actually acts.

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1 August 2011. Image updates 26 Dec 2011.
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