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The basic message of all sacred scriptures is the same. The difference is how ‎we interpret the message. Different interpretations are not a problem. The ‎problem is making each other wrong for the different opinions, and then killing ‎each other over this.‎


There are many holy writings, but we act as if there is only one, the one we ‎personally believe in. Humans have caused the most sufferings over ideas ‎about God than over any other idea we have. We turned the source of joy into ‎a source of pain.‎


People will give up everything – love, health, peace, harmony – just to be right.‎


Some of our old beliefs about God and Life are not working any more. We need ‎to change them.‎


All behaviours are created as a result of beliefs system.‎


Reason exists only in thought. Thought is based on belief. So, to convince a ‎person to act in a certain way, you should offer them a certain belief system ‎that supports that action.‎

Many people try to bring about change by telling other people what to Do, ‎instead of offering what to Believe in. Problems are solved on the level of ‎Beliefs, not on the level of Behaviours. If you change a belief then the ‎behaviour will change by itself.‎


We often teach children beliefs as “facts”. It would be better to present beliefs ‎as beliefs, not as “facts”.‎


Some people do not believe in God, but all people have some beliefs about life. ‎God and Life are the same thing. Life is God, physicalized.‎


God needs nothing from us.‎

Neale Donald Walsch portrait (‎©‎ Gil Dekel)

Neale Donald Walsch (‎art ©‎ Gil Dekel)


Thus, God does not require us to start a war, a crisis, violence, killings – in order ‎to meet a God’s requirement. Killing and violence are never the will of God, as ‎God needs nothing.‎


Violence cannot be prevented by politics or economic means alone. Politics ‎and economic means can affect conditions, but not change them. To change ‎conditions we must change our beliefs.‎


We can believe what we want; we can follow any route our soul leads us to. ‎Yet, we need not seek to impose our views on others, since we all have free ‎will, and God would not give people Free Will just so other people will take it ‎away from them.‎


What do we choose next, to be overwhelmed by hate and fear, or to be ‎overwhelmed by magnificent ideas that can solve hate and fear?‎


Humility Theology – acknowledging that our religion does not have all the ‎answers. The aim is to continue ask questions.‎


We experience that which we believe in. If something happens that we do not ‎believe is possible, but it does happens – we will simply deny it.‎


Even if we look at something, we may not see it, if we do not understand it. ‎What we do not understand, we deny.‎


The First Revelation – God has never stopped communicating directly with ‎people. God communicates with people and through people, at this moment ‎right now.‎


God is talking to everyone all the time.‎

Author Neale Donald Walsch (‎©‎ Gil Dekel)‎

Author Neale Donald Walsch (‎©‎ Gil Dekel)‎


Listen to those people who declare themselves to be special and also equal to ‎you. Those who say that they are no-better than you are. On the other hand, if ‎some people declare themselves better than you, holier or saviour – then they ‎separate themselves from others. Yet, if a man or a woman declares ‎themselves to be messengers of God and that you are a messenger as well, ‎then listen to them. Listen to those who see us all as saviours, and holy. These ‎people will not ask you to follow them, but to follow God who lives within you.‎

The world is a contextual field that helps us experience our inner Divinity. We ‎can find the inner through the outer, but we should not confuse the outer ‎world to be our inner world.‎

A true Master will never ask you to worship them, or a place or a way. All these ‎are of the outer world. Thus, “if you see The Buddha walking down the street, ‎run away from him”. In other words: if it is obvious that someone is a Buddha ‎from the way people are treating him, and from the way that he allows them to ‎worship him – then he is not true Buddha. A Buddha will never allow people to ‎think of him more special than them.‎


The Second Revelation – Every human being is as special as every other ‎human being ever lived, lives now, or ever will live.‎


Third Revelation – No path to God is more direct than any other path. No ‎religion is the “one true religion”. No people are the “chosen people” and no ‎prophet is the “greatest prophet”.‎


There is no punishment in God’s kingdom, yet there are consequences. After ‎we die, we can have a life-review, which means that we can experience our ‎life again but this time, we experience it through the feelings of the people who ‎were involved. We experience all points of views, and in such way we learn ‎more about ourselves.‎


Thus we evolve. There is no punishment after death. There is only evolution.‎


The first function of all organizations is to perpetuate themselves. When an ‎organization fulfils the purpose for which it was set-up, it becomes obsolete; no ‎longer necessary. This is why some organizations will never complete the task ‎they were set-up to achieve, because they seek to continue and exist even if ‎this means that they do not achieve what they are meant to do. ‎


It is a mistake to think that we need to do something in order to get back to God.‎


God has no ego that requires us to bow down to Her. What kind of God would ‎need something at all?‎

We are made in the likeness of God. But it seems that we are making God to be ‎in the image and likeness of us…‎


During any argument, always ask: “What hurts you so much that you feel you ‎have to hurt me to heal it?” Then listen to the answer. Do not dismiss it just ‎because you do not agree with it. When someone is fighting you, they do so in ‎order to get your attention, to get you listen to them and help them with what is ‎hurting them.‎


No attackers see themselves as attackers, but as defenders. We do not have to ‎agree with others, yet, a healer is able to understand how the other comes to ‎feel that way. “I can understand how you could feel that way”. This is a ‎powerful sentence. And with such a statement you actually saying to the other: ‎‎”You are not alone”.‎


You say to the other person that they are not the only one to come to that ‎conclusion, given their beliefs, thoughts and experiences. Facing a problem is ‎not difficult; what is difficult is the fear that nobody else understands you. If ‎nobody understands you then finding the solution can seem very difficult. Not ‎being understood leads to depression. On the other hand, the feeling that ‎someone understands you opens a door to discussion. All attacks are seen by ‎the attackers as acts of defence.‎


There are no “attackers”, only “defenders”.‎


A new spirituality is needed. Not to replace the old one, but to refresh it, expand ‎it. Not to subvert the old, but to support the best of the old.‎

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The New Revelations published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, UK, 2003.‎

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