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The root of humanity’s problems is in what we believe.‎


More and more people see that the old beliefs do not work anymore, and seek ‎other ways. These people are becoming a “critical mass”. Critical mass is not so ‎difficult to achieve. It is not a high number of people, but a small percentage, ‎that form sufficient mass to affect the whole. Critical mass can be achieved ‎with less than 5 percent of the population that are moving in one direction.‎


It takes one domino to make the rest of the dominoes fall. We need a tiny ‎percentage of people who will to become the First Domino. They will first have ‎to see if their own beliefs stand against the result. They will then need to ‎change some beliefs, and only then to stand up for what they believe.‎


We need to challenge our belief system. We need to have more courage to do ‎so, than any courage needed to go into a war or suffering. Our beliefs form the ‎basis of who we think we are. We must challenge ourselves, our society, our ‎world.‎


Now is the time for group-actions, for a collective work. Now is not the time to ‎follow an individual master. The whole world is now linked via technology. We ‎have easy instant tools of communication.‎


Collective-actions in our society are destroying the world, but collective-actions ‎can also save it.‎

Five Steps to save the world:‎

‎1. Acknowledge that some old beliefs about Life and God are no longer ‎working.‎

‎2. Acknowledge that there is some more understanding to learn about Life ‎and God.‎

‎3. Ask for this new understanding.‎

‎4. Explore this new understanding, and if aligned with your inner truth, ‎then accept it, and adjust old beliefs.‎

‎5. Will to live a life that demonstrates your beliefs.‎

These five steps are exciting. There is something we can do. To think that you ‎cannot do a thing means that you will never try. If you never try, you never ‎indeed do. Thus, to think that you cannot, result that you really cannot.‎

Allow your Doings to flow up from your Being. Do not try to find what to do ‎without changing what you Be. Just doing with no Being – will not do…‎

Neale Donald Walsch portrait (‎©‎ Gil Dekel)‎

Neale Donald Walsch, CwG (‎©‎ Gil Dekel)‎


We try to do things in our world for a very long time now, yet our doings did not ‎solve problems. We need to Be. Be something in response to problems. This ‎produces changes. Who you Be will change yourself, thus your Doing will ‎come from your Being. In this way you will change the world. ‎

You cannot create your Being as a reflection of your Doing. It goes the other ‎way around. You first Be something, then your Doings come from it.‎

You cannot Do peaceful, but Be peaceful.‎

You cannot do loving, but be loving.‎

You cannot do unified, but be unified.‎

First, seek to change your own Being, do not seek to change the whole world ‎at first. Change the Self. And when you change the self, your actions will ‎automatically change. You will change the world by changing yourself. Your ‎Being will produce lasting-doings.‎


Decide Who You Are, then live it.‎

Yet do not be upset if the world does not change immediately. If you are angry ‎then it means the outer world affects your inner peace. This means that you did ‎not reach inner peace, as you seek inner peace in the outer word, becoming ‎frustrated with the outer world. Instead, you want to have an inner-peace that ‎steams from your inner world, regardless of the outer world.‎

Help other people, teach and share, still do not take satisfaction from the ‎outside, but only from the inside. Let go of expectations, remove the thought ‎that your ideas should change other people. Such expectations are based on ‎the belief that your satisfaction should come from the outside world, whereas it ‎should actually come from the inside. If an outside result gives you strength to ‎go on, then lack of such results will frustrate you. Thus, you will defeat ‎yourself.‎

To come over such frustrations, try to understand why you do whatever you do: ‎you do things for self-realization, so that you can know Who You Are and ‎experience that knowing. This is called ‘evolution’, this is the joy of humanity. ‎Our joy is becoming greater and knowing ourselves as such.‎

Help other people, as helping announce Who You Are. Do not help in ‎expectations that the other will want your help. Yet indeed as you change – ‎others will be affected and will also change. The world will change. Not ‎because you sought to change it, but because you reached the notion of Not-‎having to want to change. In any case, you cannot change people simply by ‎telling them to chance. People may temporarily alter their behaviours, because ‎someone who has power over them, told them to. Yet their inner-truth will not ‎change. As soon as the power is removed, people’s behaviour returns to that ‎which is motivated by their inner-truth. Any parent of teenage will tell you that…‎

A change comes from freedom, not from compliance. Obedience is not ‎creation.‎

Thus, seek not to change the world, but to BE the change that you wish to SEE ‎in the world. Work to Be something, motivated by your inner state. Then your ‎Being will produce outward Doing that can change the world.‎


Come from peace; do not try to go to peace. You can play music, sing, meditate ‎‎- in order to come to peace, however these doings are temporary things. If you ‎come from peace, your life will be an on-going meditation. Put the source in ‎you, not outside of you. You can achieve inner peace at any moment, by ‎simply choosing it and calling it forth. At present we “react” to life, yet we can ‎‎”cre-ate” our life.‎


We tend to wait and see what the moment will bring, and then we responsd to ‎it. Yet, we can decide ahead of time how we are going to be when we will move ‎into the next moment.‎

‎ ‎

Decide to Be peaceful, no matter what the moment brings. Thus, you will feel ‎peace when the moment comes, no matter what the moment brings with it. ‎Master the moment. Decide what to Be before the moment arrives. Decide what ‎to Be, and then the outer world will lose its power over you.‎


We are human-being. What we Be is what we are. Insist on your Being no ‎matter how the outer world behaves, and slowly you will change the lives ‎around you.‎

Yet, you cannot insist on Being who you are if you do not know who you are. ‎Thus decide who you are ahead of time.‎

Neale Donald Walsch portrait (‎©‎ Gil Dekel)‎

Neale Donald Walsch (‎©‎ Gil Dekel)‎


Decide Who You Are and Be it. This is the fastest way to create the inner-self.‎


God gave us the power and the authority to claim sovereignty over our own ‎lives.‎

‎ ‎


Some people see the world and ask, “Why?”. Others dream of a better world ‎and ask, “Why Not?”‎


You never die. You are never condemned.‎

‎ ‎


‎”Self” is not “my-body” but “all our bodies and soul”. “My Self” consists of me ‎and you and all humans.‎

‎ ‎


Do not try to change behaviours, but to change beliefs, since beliefs sponsor ‎behaviours.‎


To change the world we need to do only little things – to smile, touch, laugh, ‎forgive, share, cry, hear the cry of another, love, trust, accept, live as One, and ‎dare. All of us are capable of these things. We have all performed these things ‎before.


The New Revelations:‎

‎1. God has never stopped communicating directly with people. God ‎communicates with all people, all the time.‎

‎2. We all are messengers. No one human is better that another.‎

‎3. There are many paths, religions and ways to God. No one is better than the ‎other.‎

‎4. God needs nothing from us.‎

‎5. God is not a “Super-Being” with human emotions. Thus, God is not insulted ‎or hurt. God never seeks to punish us.‎

‎6. All things are a One thing.‎

‎7. There is no ‘Right and Wrong’, but ‘What Works and What Does Not Work’.‎

‎8. We are not our body. We are limitless and without end.‎

‎9. We cannot die. We are never condemned to eternal damnation.‎

Use the moments in your life to demonstrate your truth, your love and healing. ‎We can live in peace and harmony. We do not have to keep kill each other.‎

Some people will have to decide to stand up and show the way, to declare With ‎their lives that they are the way. To be the First Domino. This is God’s invitation ‎to you. ‎


All we need now is commitment, caring, daring and sharing.‎

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The New Revelations published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, UK, 2003.‎

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