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We can close the gap between the comfort of tradition and the necessity of ‎today’s innovation. We do not need to abolish old religions and beliefs, but to ‎fulfil them.‎


People find it hard to let go of Beliefs.‎


All people and all nature and the universe – all are made from the same stuff. ‎This is our Oneness.‎


Our chemical makeup is the same.‎


Oneness is one substance that is made into different combinations and ‎concentrations.‎


There are Basic Principles for lives:‎

‎- Functionality

‎- Adaptability

‎- Sustainability.‎


We are far more advanced in our ability to destroy each other, than our ability to ‎get along with each other.‎


Our morals have emerged from our beliefs about God. We believed that God ‎needs something, and so we created morality around this. ‎


Morals – application of beliefs. We think that we stick to our beliefs, but we tend ‎to change our morals (thus change our beliefs). For example, some people ‎believe that God wants them to be honest, but then they cheat on their taxes. ‎They keep the belief but change its moral, its application. Yet, in fact, changing ‎morals is changing your beliefs, since morals are beliefs-expressed. Thus, ‎such people are hypocrites. ‎

Our moral ideas tend to shift, and we do not acknowledge it, thus we become ‎righteous. Our righteousness is killing us.‎

Neale Donald Walsch portrait (‎©‎ Gil Dekel)‎

Neale Donald Walsch, author of CwG (art ©‎ Gil Dekel)‎


We can look at actions at their functionality, and ask: Does this work or not? ‎Does death penalty do what we want it to do, or maybe is does not? Does it ‎have functionality?‎


If the purpose of death penalty is to punish and retaliate, then it achieves its ‎purpose. But if the purpose is to deter others, then it does not work, since ‎crimes do continue to occur. So we should not rely on “morality”, but on ‎functionality.‎


Morality changes. Alternative choices or actions should not be judged ‎according to so-called morality, but functionality – does this work or not… ‎


Following the pattern of thought of “Right and Wrong” brings with it the ‎thought that we need to punish people. We see “wrong” as a moral failure, ‎rather than as something that is simply functionally not-working. We do not ‎have to punish, but instead to make something work. Then we can correct, ‎change, and find a new way. ‎


Life sustains itself. And we, as expressed-life, can sustain ourselves. Yet, we ‎seek to sustain by claiming ownership. We claim ownership over our body, our ‎spouse’s body, over our children, our lands, our earth, our planet. We do not ‎realise that these actually belong of Life itself.‎


We consider resources as something belonging to individual human beings ‎and their governments. Thus, we divide the earth itself; we divide its resources ‎and kill over it. Yet, in truth, we never own a thing, rather we are all stewards ‎taking care of our bodies/earth/resources/life. Our bodies, the earth and its ‎resources are trusted in our hands – for a short period. We should not to “own” ‎it. Nothing can be possessed forever. It may be in your possession yet it is not ‎your possession.‎


God invites us to have Functionality, Adaptation and Sustainability, in our life:‎

Functionality – functional beliefs. ‎

Adaptation – core beliefs that can change as condition and awareness change. ‎Sustainability – core beliefs that serve the human agenda since they serve the ‎soul agenda.‎

Currently our ideas serve the body, the survival – to be fed, safe, pleasurable. ‎For the soul, survival is not an issue. The soul is Life itself, locally manifested. ‎Safety and pleasure are the soul’s inherent qualities, thus the soul does not ‎seek these. The soul is these.‎


S.O.U.L. – Singular Outflow of Universal Life.‎

Our soul is who we truly are. Our body and mind are tools to experience who ‎we are in the Realm of Relative.‎


We are Not our body. We are Not limited. We are limitless, without end.‎


The body is ours, but not us. The body is our tool. It can be hurt, damaged, ‎destroyed – bot we cannot get hurt, damaged or destroyed.‎


The “aura”, the light, the soul – is the core essence. It is who I am. The light, ‎aura, does not radiates from physical objects as it may seem, but radiates into ‎all objects, thus creates the objects. This light, aura, soul, envelopes physical ‎objects.‎


The soul never ends. It goes forever, thus all “souls” mix into one another, and ‎are in fact One Soul. God’s soul.‎


We are not exclusivists, elitists or separatists. We are all One. One energy of ‎intelligent Life. Intelligence which is the repository and a source for all ‎knowledge, awareness, data, information, understandings and experiences.‎


People who are robbed of Self-esteem rob others of theirs. People who do not ‎love themselves cannot love others. People who see themselves as unworthy ‎see others as unworthy.‎


We are all One. “Ours is not a better way, ours is merely another way”. People ‎can return to themselves once they are allowed to think their own highest ‎thoughts about themselves, and announce it. You can give people back to ‎themselves when you announce it for them.‎

Tell people their magnificence. When they find themselves through you, they ‎return to their own most glorious vision of who they are. They are no longer ‎lost, for you have returned them to themselves. You are the Angel for whom ‎someone is waiting today.‎


Science and spirituality study the same discipline, from different angles. Both ‎are the study of life, examined from different perspectives.‎


We are meant to act as Gods, and we do so every moment, thought we ignore ‎this. We shrink from “playing god”.‎

Neale Donald Walsch portrait (‎©‎ Gil Dekel)‎

Neale Donald Walsch (‎©‎ Gil Dekel)‎


Science evolves, but we tend to stop it with claims that science, such as ‎genetic science, is “God’s domain”. We claim that it is not proper domain for ‎medical science, thus we make of it a “moral issue” of “right” and “wrong”, ‎instead of making observation of “what works” and “what does not work”.‎





Our Sustainability is not a question. We will always survive, we cannot not-‎survive. That Which We Are is not our body, and is always surviving. It is the ‎essence of life, and life always Sustain in, as, and thorough us. So it is not a ‎question of whether we will survive, but in what form will we survive.‎


All humans’ bodies are One Body. Our body that we imagine ourselves to be, is ‎much larger than it appears. All bodies are part of One Single Body. Thus, our ‎fight for survival should not be individual but a collective one.‎


Violence is not an intrinsic part of human being. Yet the illusion that violence ‎is effective in solving problems, seems to be natural to human. Human beings ‎are not violent by nature.‎


Anger is a pressure valve, releasing negative energy. But it is not the release of ‎negative energy, rather the failure to release it that causes problems in the ‎world. It is not the expression of anger, but how it is expressed, that causes our ‎problems.‎

We can maturely release anger with no-violence. Anger in itself is not a ‎negative emotion, but a healer. Anger releases negativity, helps to get rid of ‎something we do not want.‎

Anger expressed with healing wonder, is the stuff of authenticity and truth. ‎And authenticity and truth are great healers, and are the shortest path to ‎harmony. Anger expressed through verbal or physical violence does not heal, ‎rather it inflicts injury. Injury cannot heal injury, no matter how hard it tries. ‎

Some people argue that violence on the TV and computer games does not ‎affect human behaviours. Yet, these same people pay millions to have their ‎businesses advertised, precisely because they do know how powerful images ‎are, and how they affect human behaviour. Violence has been deeply injected ‎into our culture. Violent images in the media encourage violence as an ‎acceptable mean of resolving conflicts. And what you conceive, you receive.‎


An idea is con-Ceived, it is born in a culture. Then it is pre-Ceived, that is, we ‎form a point of view about it. Finally, it is re-Ceived. That is, it is experienced ‎again, in physical form this time.‎

The idea has changed from an inner thought to an outer physical reality. There ‎were times when violence was not presented as a tool to solve problems. ‎Today, violence is exposed even to our young children. This violent message ‎has been con-Ceived, and now turns to a personal point of view.‎


It is now per-Ceived as a perception of it being an effective tool. This idea ‎comes back, returns, in a physically form. It returns as a reality. What is con-‎Ceived, is per-Ceived, and thus re-Ceived. The result is the violence that we ‎see every day.‎

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