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In the ‘peace room’, just like the war room, we would map breakthrough and innovations that are working on this planet. The peace room will monitor every trouble spot on the earth and will link it with working solutions. People in need will be able to connect with those who have the answers. The idea is to focus on what is working rather than on what is not working. These co-creations and co-collaborations will also create global peace.

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In such collective coherence, information will flow freely; not just from within the social body of the individuals, but also within the so-called greater intelligence in which the social body is embedded. That way a ‘coherent earth’ will be sufficiently bright to be noticed from space by any so-called intelligent forms that might be watching us.

Concept of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s 'Peace Room’ (by Gil Dekel)

Concept of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s ‘Peace Room’ (illustration and concept © Gil Dekel.)

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We have all ‘volunteered’ to come to planet earth to facilitate the birth of a universal humanity. Our first job is to find each other through attraction and resonance. Each of us holds a part of the Plan.

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In 1983 Barbara ran for vice presidency, for the purpose of triggering humanitarian actions.

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Barbara’s overall message is to tell the tale of the human evolution. She explains that humanity needs now to connect what is working well. To do so, Barbara encourages people to form small groups to co-create. When we connect hearts to hearts, and innovation with innovation, we find that we are being born. We need to develop a meta-innovation system that will bring out motivation to empower, connects and communicate any other innovations which we know of, in a peaceful way.

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Barbara believes that ‘Our founding fathers gave us a dream that is not the dream of a nation but the combined aspiration of the people of the world.’

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Barbara believes that through science, democracy and the clergy we learn to extend our life span and live longer, and with that we gain the ability to transform ourselves to co-creative beings on a universal scale.

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There is a transformation in humanity from Homo sapiens into Homo universal.

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Barbara suggests that ‘When we say yes to our dormant potential and act upon it, we then unlock codes within our DNA. Soon there will be a time where all the critical mass of people will hear from within their own voice and language the inner words of God.’

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Once we open up to peace, wisdom, clarity and love we transcend the normal human experience. Sometimes there is a glimpse or a vision of the future-self, which is beyond most people’s imagining.

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On the 7th day God rested and saw that it was good. On the 8th day, humanity awoke and realized that they were responsible for their parts in the creation of the future.

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From the Garden of Eden we are now entering the garden of co-creation. It is the kindergarten, the nursery for Godlings.

The Birth of the Flower Star - by © Gil Dekel, 2011.

‘The Birth of the Flower Star’. Digital artwork by © Gil Dekel, 2011.

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Barbara was born Jewish agnostic. She became a wife, mother, and then a futurist moving towards the discovery of the new story of humanity. So, never doubt your own higher guidance. Test it, nurture it, have faith in it. Nothing in your present life is wasted or lost. It is all within us for us to listen to, and to receive guidance. We are here to become something more than we ever dreamt we could be. This is the heart of the new story that we now have to tell humanity.

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Since we now live longer, Barbara sees the feminine energy being liberated. It is the age of the woman and of the birth of the new co-creative man. Men are no longer seen as the ‘predators’, the protectors and the sole earners in the house. Men are now being liberated by the help and guidance of the power of women. They can give their own unique gifts to the world, and can render those gifts producing far more powerful outcomes than before. Therefore, we are now living in a time of co-creative couples.

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Humanity can initiate ‘space meetings’, inviting civic leaders and space program researchers to figure out how to create a citizen-based global cooperative space program. This program will shift the genius of the military industry complex from war to peace.

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In 1966 Barbara asked herself what is humanity’s story. She then lapsed into a dream-like state where her mind’s eye almost penetrated the earth, and she felt lifting up into the blackness of space. What she saw was earth as a living organism struggling to coordinate itself as one body. Barbara felt she became one cell in that body. She felt the agony of the whole earth from children starving, soldiers dying, mothers crying, to polluted water and depleted soil. It all happened in her, to her.

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Then this flash of light moved forward into outer space where she saw humanity collectively being attracted to the light, forgetting pain for a moment. Miracles would then start to occur. The blind will see, the lame will walk, the deaf will hear. People joined together, embracing, singing and loving one another. There were no divisions in race, colours, nations or class. Hearts opened and thoughts were connected, and humanity experienced the intelligence of all as one living body.

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Barbara felt herself then tumbling through an evolutionary spiral experience. With each advance she experienced a new turn of the spiral. It started with the creation of the universe, the earth, the single cell life, the multi-cellular life, human life and now human-beings on the spiral moving forward.

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Barbara grew up in a Jewish house but her father Louis was agnostic so she was not raised within a traditional religion. She had to find life’s purpose by herself.

Abraham Maslow studied people who were well, rather than people who were ill. Maslow came to this conclusion: those people who are well are those who choose the work that they found self-rewarding and interesting. They pick the jobs that they love to do.

Satin Stars - by © Gil Dekel, 2011.

‘Satin Stars’. Digital artwork by © Gil Dekel, 2011.

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Abraham Maslow gave two factors about self-actualized people:
1. they find someone else that they admire and wish to emulate
2. they have peak or mystical experiences which transcends the self-conscious, i.e. they operate through inner values rather than being pushed by necessities.

Barbara believes that our motivation for greater purpose is not neurotic but rather essential to our health and wellbeing.

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The American architect and author Buckminster Fuller said, ‘Spaceship Earth came without an operating manual.’

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Abraham Maslow told Barbara that all through his life he was rejected by others for his research of what was working well in the human personality. Maslow mentioned the Eupsychian network, as he called it, a list of names he compiled of people attracted to what is emerging in life.

Barbara sent letters to these people and others, asking each one what they think going to be the future of humanity, and what each of these leaders felt was the next step for the human good.

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Through her father’s connections, Barbara was invited in 1952 to the White House. Barbara asked President Eisenhower, ‘What is the meaning of our new power that is good?’ The president replied he did not know, and with that Barbara thought to herself that we should start by finding the answers to such questions.

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Barbara was 15 when the Unites States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. She realized that even if we work hard humanity can still destroy itself. Barbara wondered what is the meaning of all this new scientific and technological power that can be of good use. There must be some good meaning, some good purpose, or else what’s the purpose of whole life?

At the age of 12, Barbara’s mother died, and with her mother’s death Barbara decided that there must be something beyond death. She felt abandoned but also a real hunger for meaning.

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On 22 December 1929 Barbara was born. In those days people spent less money on outside entertainment, and more money on in-house entertainment, buying toys to their children. So the Great Depression of the time did not affect Barbara’s father Louis Marx Toy Company.

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