Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)

By Dr. Gil Dekel.

The 4 steps to re-create yourself, are:

1 – Know yourself as the creator of your life.

2 – Finish your unfinished business.

3 – Decide what is true for you now.

4 – Decide what is true for you in the future.

Here is an explanation of the 4 steps with a summary of main insights from Neale’s book (the numbers are the pages numbers in the printed book):


Any movement crates change. Even a small change in position is a change in one’s core essence, since position creates perspective. Life keeps moving and changing. People keep moving and changing – and as they do, so they change their context and perspectives. Thus, we change our Self.


Perspective creates reality.

Things are not what they seem. There can be a few different perspectives on the ‘same’ thing. For example, a tourist visiting Mexico may not wish for a rainy day on their visit – but a local may be happy with some rain, since rain keeps the dust down.


Things are always in motion, thus perspectives always change.


Pain is a state where we do not see the change of life, and we are not moving with the change. We are stuck.


Once you change your own life, you affect other people, and thus you will be noticed. Changing the course of your own life will be noticed by others. It will bring change in others.


Everything is made of particles of matter, which constantly move. Nothing is static.

Some things we do not see, as we do not see all matter. Some things we do not see because they move too fast for our eyes to capture. Speed makes things visible or non-visible to our eyes. Masters can see things that move very fast, thus for them all is visible. So, they perform apparent miracles whereas in fact they simply see more.


The human body is made of 99.9% space. The remaining 0.1% matter is in constant move. The 0.1% particles are always moving. Masters can observe these moving particles, and they can move with them. Thus, they can walk through walls, as they can see the matter of the wall, and place their own body’s 0.1% matter where the wall’s matter is an empty space. They do not move through walls, but simply pass them.

That is why in conversations we say, “What’s the matter?”…


A thought is an object moving fast.

An insight is the ability to see fast moving things, where we can observe the 99.9% space, and the 0.1% moving-matter of the body.

The tool to turn an insight into reality is belief. Belief is a way to activate insights.


Belief is the first step in learning to use our powers.


A Master is not someone with the most students, but the one that creates the most Masters…

A God is not one with the most servants, but the one that serves the most, i.e. makes God of all of us.

Life is motion. All moves. God is All. God is What Moves. All-move is change.


God is change. We are part of God, and so we are Change.


All people create at all times. The question is – are they aware of this?

Creation is the act of calling forth a thing which already exists. It is mere change of a state of mind from Not being aware of something, to Being aware of something.


Re-create yourself as someone that is knowing that you do so already…


Some people cannot find comfort in the way things are, so they find comfort in the belief that it is not their fault. Thus, they do not take responsibility. They end up believing that they have no powers over their lives.


'I Love You' (photo by Gil Dekel)

‘I Love You’ (photo by Gil Dekel)



Step 1 – Know yourself as the creator.


The mission of the soul is evolution.


Step 2 – Finish your unfinished business.

Forgive all people, and realize that no-one ever hurt you. It is simply your own pain which was projected unto other people.


You cannot experience Who You Are as long as you are experiencing other people as who they are Not. So, do not blame others for your pain, do not lie about them, and thus about yourself.


No creation is evil. No creator is bad.


We create definitions of things. Our own thoughts give meanings to people/events, and then we place ourselves in those events – thus, we define Who We Are. And so, we decide what is good, bad, painful, and not-painful. We decide which event hurts us, and which does not. Many people decide that the dentist’s treatment does not hurt them. This is mind over matter.


Nothing matters. Nothing has any meaning at all. Life is meaningless. We give it meanings. We put meanings into life. Likewise, individual experiences have no meanings at all, apart of those meanings that we give them.

Sometimes we give meanings which are not connected to what we experience, but to what we have been told to experience, or what we have been told our experience and truth should be. We were told that God is masculine, a He, and we do not question that.

Inside we know that God is not jealous or vengeful, but many people look past their inner experiences, and instead they look at the outside teachings of others. We let the experience and teachings of other people surpass our own. We then call the teachings of others our own, thus we do not experience any purity of life. We experience a life contaminated.


Some people kill themselves. We can learn from this that the human pain can be very deep. Thus, we can decide not to make judgements on others as it might cause them pain.

We can learn that our parents’ opinions, which we may dislike, can actually teach us that we are not our patents; rather I am Me. This can help us give our parents their space to be themselves. We can develop an unconditional love to our parents. So, my father may say things in front of my friend which I do not like to hear. But, this may result in me learning to give him his space, and having unconditional love for him.

The results of events and experiences are affected by our thoughts about them, rather than by the experience itself.

Nothing matters. What matters is our idea about it, our thought about it.


Some ideas are based on our actual experience, and other ideas are based on our cultural or other people’s perception that we accepted as our own.

Walt Kelly’s Pogo:
“We have met the enemy… and they are us.”

To become true to yourself and be free, you need to tell the whole Truth about everything to everyone. This requires courage and fearless, yet not rudeness or insensitivity.

Once you tell the Truth you will learn to finish-your-un-finished-business. You will learn to let go of other people’s belief, which you think are yours. You will let go of society’s way of looking at things, which you think is your way. You will learn to live your experiences, your truth; not others people’s truth.

Make a list of major negative events in your life. Put a name of a person associated with each event, no matter if that person is still alive, or they are now dead.

Under each name write down, “what I am afraid to tell you…” and complete this sentence honestly.

Once this is done give your paper to that person. If you feel you cannot give it to them, ask yourself, “why do I feel so? What am I afraid of? What outcome may arrive that scares me?”

Do you benefit from living with a lie? What would happen if you become free?

If the other person is dead, then imagine them sitting in a chair, and hand them the paper. Express your emotions and thoughts. Say them out loud. Finish your un-finished business.



Once you do it, you will be free and wonder why you did not do it before…

Step 3 – Decide what is true for you now.

This is a decision you need to take, not a discovery. We don’t find it, we create it.


Once we finish our un-finished business we then have a new space open to be filled with new creation, new ideas, new concepts about life.

We release the ‘I am unlucky, I am a victim’. We get rid of these concepts, and we then go into ‘I am wonderful, powerful, I cause myself to be; my life is given to me as perfect creation of who I choose to be now.’


The world is full of sleep-walkers.


Conscious choices create new consciousness. New consciousness creates new experience.


Step 4 – Decide what will be true for you in the future.

Choose ahead of time the moods, reactions, responses and experiences you are going to have in your tomorrows.


We all decide ahead anyway. Yet, we do not apply it.

What would happen if we apply this skill into every moment? We will then welcome all events, since we create them. We will experience each event as joy.


And doing so, we will look happily at events, not avoiding them. Thus, events that we formerly called bad, will disappear.

What you resists persists, what you look at disappears.

  • Choosing experiences
  • Welcoming all events with joy, since we know we chose them.
  • Having a joyful experience in each event.
  • Dissolving events which we previously called bad events, since our joy at them will allow us to look deep into them, not to avoid or resist them, and now to let them go.


© Dr. Gil Dekel. 9 June 2016. Last update 30 Nov 2018.

The book ‘ReCreating Your Self’ was published by Millennium Legacies Inc., Ashland (Oregon): USA. Publication year unknown, probably 1995. www.cwg.org