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Nations act out of their interests, then lie that they act for humanitarian reasons.

We are all One, and can see others’ interests as our own. A one-world government.


We need one-world communities, with each nation having a say and having an equal proportionate share of the world’s resources.


One world will not spend money on defence systems or wars, and that money will go back to the people. As for March 25th, 1994: the world’s governments spent about one trillion dollars each year for military purposes. That’s a million dollars a minute worldwide. 16,666 dollars a second.

If we share the world’s total wealth, then no one will be lacking of anything; thus no one will wish to attack another country. We can also develop a system of resolution of differences, which is not based on wars.


The USA is a union of states – al states feared at first to unite, fearing the loss of their individual greatness.


At first there was no central government in the USA, but Articles of Confederation. Gradually, the states grew into one, thus saving money on expenses.


The USA as a federation operate for 200 years now, and this model can work out on a world-federation level as well.


If we believe that happiness lies in physical things, then we will never want to give up our wealth to others.


And other will always fight to get what we hold. Inner peace fears not the outer world. Inner peace fears not the not-having, or what might be lost. Inner peace is not-needing, and it is free anger. Anger is fear announced.

When we have nothing to fear of, we have no anger. You are not angry at not getting a thing you wanted, since your wanting was just a preference, not a necessity. You have no fear of not wanting. You are not angry when others are doing what you do not want them to do, because you do not need them to do or not-do anything.


When finding a purpose, even a ‘day-job’ becomes joyful. (Artwork: 'The Soft Touch of the Wood Relic' by © Gil Dekel)


Inner peace is choosing life experiences, not being required to experience what happens.


Need nothing. Desire everything. Choose what shows up. Fear not, for God always with you. In moments of tragedy God is the light. We can consciously find God and see even in bad times the glory of the process.


We choose everything. Our parents, our country of birth, our life.


Relationships are created so to be able to relate, and compare. As we compare, we decide what I want to Be out of the other person, the other event, the other nation – that I relate to.

1. Relativity – existence in relation to something else.

2. Forgetfulness – forgetting that we are not relative, but that we are All of it.

3. Consciousness – reaching full awareness to become True and Living God.


A way to help people is to love them, and remind them Who They Are, or sometimes to just leave them alone for them to walk their own path.


You do not help someone by making them dependent on you, but by creating rapid independence.


Sharing is caring for others. It should come from our heart voluntarily, not forced by governments. When forced, it means we do not want to help. Thus, some are forced to help, and others become addicted to being helped and stop seeking for solutions in themselves.


There would not be any need for laws or rules, if we all followed love.


Our society will continue to need rules, until we will evolve to naturally do what is naturally right. Governments impose so many rules, because we see ourselves as separate from each other.


Compassion never ends, love never stops, patience never run out in God’s world.


Attacks are a wrong idea that it is the only way to get something you want. The solution to this wrong thinking is to want nothing. We can have preferences but not a need. Live simply, so that others may simply live.


Love gives all and requires nothing.


If all people would love and give all, what then would you require? We require things because others people are holding back.


Every person that comes into our lives, comes to receive a gift from us, thus they allow us to experience Who We Are.


God has sent us nothing but Angels.


Most people do not know the world’s monies transactions. If all monies in the world were visible to all people, then no lies over money could happen.


Making all payments, wages, pricing – visible, would create fair workplaces, a sense of equity in work place, and appropriate compensation plans. We can choose to do it by starting now in our own family, workplace, city, country. We can lead. And if the world would follow, would you not be pleased with where you took it?


Truth and God are found in Silence. (Artwork: 'The Surface of It' by © Gil Dekel)


Disagreements are a sign of individuality. Yet, violence resulting from disagreement is a sign of immaturity.


We do not accept that we are in heaven because we cannot receive God as long as we do not give unconditional love.


When finding a purpose, even a ‘day-job’ becomes joyful. A mother wakes up at 4am to change her baby’s nappies, and sees purpose in this, thus joy.


We prefer the body to the soul, and economic-interests rather than human interests. This is epidemic.


Hitting results in pain. If you hit someone, they will get angry and sooner or later they will hit back. So if you hit someone you hit yourself. Evolved societies observed this simple law, thus they do not hit anymore… In our society we also observe that, but we do not care. We need to be explained, as we do not see a True Law in this. A true law is self-evident. What’s good for us is self-evident.


Scientific experiments are self-evident. But not so with politics. Politicians talk, and explain. The same with religions. Religious people talk, but truth and God are found in Silence. When finding God and truth, there is no need to talk. It is self-evident. If you do talk about God, it means that you are still searching. That is ok, but do know where you stand.


We are far advanced in our technology, but not in our thinking.


Never see yourself separate from another, or from God. Never tell anything but the truth. Never accept anything less than the truth.


God’s greatest gift is sharing God’s power. God would have us all be like God.

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13 August 2014.
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