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Finding God is finding that we are all One. When we stop hiding, we can then learn that we are One. The fastest way to stop hiding is telling the truth to everyone, at all times.


Our will is God’s will, because God loves us.


Masters keep choosing the same thing over and over again, until it is manifested in reality.


Wanting a thing pushes it away, because thoughts are creative, and the thought of ‘wanting’ something is a statement to the universe, which the universe produces – thus, the universe produces the experience of ‘wanting’.


Re-action is a decision to act now based on a previous action. We re-act by searching our memory for similar experiences, and we then act the way we did before. This is the work of the mind, not of the soul.


Our feelings are never wrong. (Artwork: 'The Petals Kissing of the Past' by © Gil Dekel)

Life should not be governed by judgement, but by asking and deciding Who I Am Now, at this moment.

The soul can have us search its memory to decide on an experience. To do so we need to be out of our mind. When we spend time thinking what is best for us, we waste our time… We better be out of our mind and let the soul create, without disturbing its work with reviews, analysis, or criticism of past encounters.


The soul creates, the mind reacts.


Our feelings are never wrong. They are our truth. The celebration of Who We Are is mindless. The best guide is the Truth, which the soul speaks out through feelings. So we need to get back to our senses – to return to how we feel; not to how we think. Thoughts are made-up creation of the mind. Feelings are our Truth.


We cannot choose for other people. Some people will decide they want to feel bad about our own truth. That’s their choice. Yet, we should make sure we send our messages properly – loving, compassionate, sensitively, courageously and complete messages. This leaves no room for ‘half-truths’. We also need to express negative feelings if we have some.


But we do not have to share negative feelings with the person whom it was felt, because negative feelings are what we created in our mind. Once expressed, we realise that we do not believe the negative thoughts any more. These are counterfeit feelings, which are constructed by the mind. These are not feelings but thoughts.

We act after seeing other people act. When having our tooth pulled out we tend to jump, even if it may not hurt.


We jump because we saw others do this… We need to be here and now, to stop making things up.

Reactive vs. CReative: when we ‘C’ things – we create, rather than react.

Every moment is a Now-moment, which is designed to create. It was not designed to react or do what we thought we did in the past, or what others did.


Love is the most natural act.


We are all One. (Artwork: 'The Turn of the Century' by © Gil Dekel)


Moses and Jesus asked God for help, and God granted them help. We can all ask God, but we do not believe that. So we do not ask.


We are all One. All humans. When we live by the ego, we think individually, and then we separate.


Sometimes we pray and call God forth, but only in rare occasions when it suits us; only when we feel inspired to. We can spend most of our time living in the illusion of separation. We still live the created drama of life – we live our cars, repairs, bills and expectations from relationships.


We may feel we are on the path, yet we do not walk it…


Life is in us. We just need to connect with it. Just ask.


The soul creates, the mind reacts. Do not try to ‘figure what’s best-to-do’, rather go with what you feel. Your feelings are your truth. Thoughts are not feelings, but an idea of how you should feel. Be out of your mind, in order to go back to your senses.

The only time that exists is the Present moment; whereas past, yesterday, future, tomorrow – are all mere imagination, construction of the mind. Time is not continuum. It is an element of relativity that exists vertically, not horizontally.


Time is not ‘left to right’; it is not a ‘time-line’, rather it is an ‘up and down’. Each element of time is like a paper-leaf, with all leaves stacked one on top of the other. Each is an individual, yet all are at once.

There is only one moment – the Now moment. Right now everything is happening. No beginning, no end. Thus, we can consciously move within it to any other ‘time’ or ‘space’. We do so in our dreams.


All is created at once – Now. No soul is older than the other.

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13 August 2014.
© Gil Dekel. Conversations with God, Book 2, by Neale Donald Walsch is published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, UK: 1999. CwG Website.