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by Gil Dekel, PhD.
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A summary of main insights from CwG Book 1, with page numbers:


At all breaking points in life there is one question to ask: what would love do now?

Love is not to retain the best of the other – but the best of your self.


The highest good for me becomes the highest good for the other, as we all are one. There is nothing apart of me.


Sometimes people need to do what opposes them – then, this will allow them to ‘become’ them. To have the idea of peace by giving up the idea of peace. You can prove Who You Are by demonstrating an aspect of Who You Are Not.

Colourenergy 20 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 20 (artwork by Gil Dekel)


This world is relative. A thing exists only in relation, to include people relationships, which is a field of experience to find and define yourself.


Relationships are not for obligation but for opportunities. Relationships to all things in life are tools in the work of the soul.


For many people love is about finding something they need in another person. This is a form of trade, where people say ‘I love you’ where they should really say ‘I trade you’.


Good relationship grows when both agree that the purpose is to elevate the self into a communion of two souls with God. This is the vow we should take when we marry.

Colourenergy 14 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 14 (artwork by Gil Dekel)


There is more to people than we can see. Fear stops people from showing us their full self. But when you see more in the people, and they notice you see more in them, then they will feel safe to shine through. Relationships, just like healing, are best when we give people permission to let go of false thoughts they have had about themselves.


Becoming Who We Are set an example to other to be Who They Are.


It takes great courage to announce yourself as a wo/man of God. People will not accept that. All God’s messengers had heartaches…


Little children never doubt that they know God. So do the messengers of God.


We can come to life again and again. We are here over and over again, since we love the drama, the pain, the ‘not knowing’, the mystery, the suspense.


We may live hundred of lives, if we choose to. In past lives we have may actually killed people.


Some wars can protect people from an immediate evil, and that can be said to be ok. However, murder as a punishment or as retribution, or as a way to settle differences among people – is something else. God created life to live. To kill in the name of God is the highest blasphemy.

Colourenergy 5 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 5 (artwork by Gil Dekel)


The more important the decisions we have to take in our life, the more we tend not to choose by our own experiences, but rather by someone else’s idea over our own. We give away our control regarding the most important question in our lives.

Religions are so popular because they give us set ideas, so that we do not need to think. It is easier to accept other’s opinion as ‘God’s Words’ about this and that.


We have more answers ready within us, if only we choose to listen.


Pain allows the experience of joy. Yet, as we gain wisdom we learn joy without the need of pain. We learn (remember) to love without pain, to let go without pain, to create and cry without pain.


We do not need to be embarrassed about the truth of ourselves. Embarrassment is a response of a person who still has ego investment in how others see him.

Some people consider money as bad, and God as good – so they never mix the two, and do not take money for any good thing.

Colourenergy 30 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 30 (artwork by Gil Dekel)


Thought – word – deed.

Some people believe that money is bad, but still they want money. Money is not bad at all, and can train anew our Sponsoring Thought about it. We can train by reversing the thought-word-deed process. We can start with Deed – doing ‘money actions’, then we Word it, and then our Thought is trained.


There is enough money in the world, and enough time, love, food, water, and compassion to share with everyone.


You know that there is plenty, but poor people do not know that. So do not think twice about giving a beggar a £10 note, just give it, do not let your thought kill the idea. There is much more money where you come from. You know it, the beggar do not know it – that is what separates you. Do not feel poor as the beggar; just give the £10 note. Do it quick before your root-thought, the negative one, gets you.

To change a root-thought you will need to act in accordance with a new idea. Do it often, so your mind will get the new idea. The idea of abundance, of lots-of-money. And that will turn into reality. In evolution we change our mind, and get rid of old thoughts of other people that dominate us.


The soul is being. The body is doing. The soul is being regardless of what the body is doing, and it doesn’t care what your body is doing for a living. The soul only cares about what you are being while you are doing. The soul seeks experiencing being God.


Experience being God, not by doing but by Being.

Colourenergy 11 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 11 (artwork by Gil Dekel)


One person can be open, caring, helpful, confident, and joyful. Another person may possess the same skills, but he tends to be closed, distant, and grumpy. These two people can experience life completely different, although they have the same level of skills and profession.

Beingness attracts beingness and produces experience. We are not here to produce with our body, but with our soul. The body is the tool of the soul. Our mind animates the body, and makes it go.


The soul looks for all options to choose from, and then it produces the conditions within which to create the experience.


In obedience there is no act of creation, thus there is no salvation. Obedience is a response, while creation is a choice. A pure choice produces salvation through the pure creation of the highest-idea one holds.

The soul indicates, not imposes.

The mind chooses from alternations.

The body acts out the choice.

Colourenergy 27 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 27 (artwork by Gil Dekel)


Masters make life, not living. Being will bring up a rich, full and rewarding life. Then, worldly goods will not matter any longer.


Wanting a thing pushes it away from us.


When I want more money, I tell the universe that in effect I do not have enough money – thus that is what I get: the state of having no money. The saying ‘I want success’ produces exactly that – it produces an experience of wanting.

‘I AM’ is a statement, a command to act. When one asks to want something, so the universe give the state of wanting, not having.


In addition to an affirmation of what we want, we need to have gratitude for having it already – ‘Thank you God for bringing me success in life’. Know that things will happen, have happened, thus thank God in advance.


We always are – body, mind and spirit. Even after death.

Colourenergy 22 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 22 (artwork by Gil Dekel)


Our body’s actions should reflect our being, not dictate it. Thus, we should do what we love, as this is what we are. The conscious person’s soul precedes a decision, before the body’s action. We cannot create a state of the soul through an action of the body. Life is not about what the body does. Yet, what the body does is a reflection of what our lives is about right now.

If you believe you are a ‘person who supports his family at all costs, even sacrificing your own happiness’, then you should love your hard work in life since it facilitates your statement of your Self as you have chosen. You should not complain how hard you work to support your family.

If you see yourself as a ‘woman who works at job she hates in order to meet responsibilities as she sees them’, then you should love your hard job, for it totality supports your self image.

We can love everything the moment we understand what we are doing and why. No one does anything they do not want to do.


Many people love their illnesses, and use some of illnesses to feel sorry for themselves and to get attention. Those health problems that we do not love, are those that went too far, farther than we thought they might go when we created them.

We compete with other people, and wonder as for strokes. In effect we worry ourselves to death. Worries and hate are destructive forces. Worry creates bio-chemical reaction which harms us. Worry comes from a mind that does not see its connection to God.

Fear is the opposite of what humans Are. Thus fear has an effect of opposition to our health. Fear is worry magnified.

Colourenergy 24 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 24 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

All illness is created first in the mind. All of life is first a thought. Thoughts are like magnets, they draw things. Thoughts may not always be obvious as in ‘I am going to contract a terrible disease’. A thought may be subtle, ‘I am not worthy of living’.


Thoughts are subtle, yet powerful. Words are less subtle, they are more dense. Actions are the most dense energy. Faith can reverse negative thinking, which took a physical form. Faith and belief in the positive force of the universe. Healers have faith, and a knowing that we are all whole, complete, and perfect in this moment now. This knowing is a powerful thought, so healers can sometimes heal from afar.

Thoughts know no distance.


We take better care of our car than of our body. Why do we go to doctors and not use their advice and remedies? We mistreat our body because apparently we have no will to live.


Our astronauts imagined themselves rocketing upwards to get to outer space, only to find when they got there, that they were looking up at the earth. So suddenly a thing was neither up nor down – it was sideways.

Colourenergy 32 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 32 (artwork by Gil Dekel)


The soul conceives, the mind creates, and the body experiences. These are three in one. Thus, if you can cause your body to experience something, like abundance, then soon you will feel it in your soul, which will conceive of itself anew – as abundant, and it will present your mind with a new thought.

We are God’s body. Our body is to our mind and soul, and in the same way we are to God’s mind and soul.

Ultimate reality is more than we think. Truth is more unlimited than we can imagine.


When we observe through a microscope we see a whole tiny universe. But this has no end, as we can divide matter again and again forever. We cannot destroy it; only the form changes.

Colourenergy 31 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 31 (artwork by Gil Dekel)


Infinity does not go in one direction. There is no end ‘going’ up and no end ‘going’ down. There is no end to smallness, and no end to bigness. This is the I AM THAT I AM. We cannot not be. We can change form, but not cease to be.


We are limited by what we know. We cannot be what we do not know. There is no limit to what we can become.

Spirit – mind – body.

Conceive – create – experience.


We are already a God. Some people simply do not know it.


CwG Book 1 – deals with personal issues.

CwG Book 2 – global issues.

CwG Book 3 – universal issues.


Open your eyes. The answers to your questions may come in an article already published, a film, a song, or a word just about to be said by loved one.

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©  Gil Dekel. 11 Sep 2011.


‘Conversations With God’ Book 1, by Neale Donald Walsch, published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1997, ISBN 0 340 69325 8. A note on the images chosen for this article: I am aware that reading CwG Book 1 can be a spiritual experience, and I contemplated as to the right images to accompany this summary article. My fear was that my images will propose a specific ‘feeling’ to the text, which may not reflect the readers’ own feelings/impression (even as they read this article alone). I worked hard to create a new series of digital images, reflecting colours and movement, which I hope is abstract enough and open to accompany various emotions.