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by Gil Dekel, PhD.
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A summary of main insights from CwG Book 1, with page numbers:

Pages 66-67

Hold on to values that serve you. Look which values bring the highest you. Examine them. Tell the world. If you can tell the world who you are without hesitating, then you are happy with yourself. Then you have created yourself and reached perfection.

If we are not perfect we can ask God for help. Some people hesitate when God talks to them, since they do not consider themselves worthy enough to be spoken by God. How God then can speak to us, if we do not imagine ourselves worthy for it?

God speaks directly to the author of the book, Neale Donald Walsch, and to all those who read it.


God’s promise is to always give us what we ask for. Our promise is to ask. We are three-fold-being: Body, Mind and spirit. The Physical, the Non-Physical and the Meta-Physical. God is also three-in-one:  Past, Present, Future. Here, There, and In-between.

Colourenergy 3 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 3 (artwork by Gil Dekel)


We know that there is a ‘space between’ but we find it hard to describe it. When we define it, it becomes ‘here’ and ‘there’. Still, the space between do exist and also hold the ‘here’ and ‘there’. Just as the eternal now holds the ‘before’ and ‘after’.

There are three energies. Thought, Word and Action. Together the three produce result, experiences.

Our soul (subconscious, id, spirit, past) is the total sum of our feelings. Our awareness of some of these is our memory. Re-membering is to re-assemble the parts of Who We Are. This process begins with the thought – an idea, a concept, a visualization. All that we see was once someone else’s idea. Nothing exists now that did not first exist as pure thought. All that now exists started as pure thought.

Next in the process is the word. Word is a thought expressed. Words are creative, they are more creative that thoughts, as they are a different level of vibration.

Next is action. Actions are words moving.

Actions – Words – Thoughts – Ideas.

The beginning is God. The end is action.

Colourenergy 9 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 9 (artwork by Gil Dekel)


God’s promise to us is that we are equal to Him. No less. We are responsible for creating.


We are God, and need to live as such. As God we can create heaven. But fellow men will fear such changes in their life style that we may bring, and so they will stand against us. When accepting our holy truth we will be accused, deserted, hated by fellow men.

So why then go for this? Because we are no longer concerned with the acceptance or approval of the world; and because we seek a better world.


Seek no longer, but call it forth now.

Go to your highest thoughts about yourself. Imagine that you live that thought; imagine what would you do then. What would you think, say and how will you respond to others.

Now, start to consciously change your thoughts, words and actions so that they meet your grandest vision. This requires a conscious choice making. This challenge teaches us that we spend half of our lives unconscious, unaware. Here now a call to stop the unconscious living style.


When you have a thought that does not align with your vision, change the thought. Imagine your highest thought, and then move into it.


Thoughts rule how we experience ourselves. Thoughts like ‘I am broke, I don’t have money’ dictate how long we stay broke. It is our feeling of sorry for ourselves, the sitting around and not trying to find a way, which keep us in a situation.

No condition is good or bad. It is just It. So we should stop making value judgements. All conditions are temporary, and the way they will change depend on us.

Colourenergy 13 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 13 (artwork by Gil Dekel)


Our medical profession keep people alive, rather than keeping people comfortable so that they can die with dignity, if they choose to. To a doctor death can be seen as a failure. To the relative of ill person death is disaster. Only to the soul of the ill  person, death can be a relief, if it chooses so.

Our soul governs our mind and body. We think we are our body and our mind… At the point of death (re-birth) we find out Who We truly Are.

Sometimes our body and mind are not listening to the soul. When the soul decides to leave, the mind (ego) and the body may resist, as death is the end of mind and body.


If the soul knows that there is no further way it can evolve through this body, then it will leave. The soul is careless for the mind and body’s achievements. It knows that death is tragedy, yet when not evolving any more the tragedy is for the soul to remain in the body.

Seek what your soul wants. Stop judging yourself when wanting to die or wanting to live a truly life, life of laugh, cry, win, lost, joy, love. We always judge ourselves for wanting these. Especially we judge ourselves with regards to love. To deny joy is not a Godly act at all.


Learn your soul’s desires and go with the soul. The soul is the highest form of love. It is after the feeling, not the knowledge. It already has the knowledge. Knowledge is conceptual, feeling is experiential.

Perfect love is the highest feeling. It is the unity with All That Is. Just as white is the total sum of all colours, so love is the total sum of all feeling (hate, anger, lust, joy, jealousy, honour…) Perfect love is to experience every human feeling.

Colourenergy 16 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 16 (artwork by Gil Dekel)


The soul can be up only if it has been down. It can be on the left if it has been on the right. To choose grandeur there must be non-grand option, thus the soul will never condemn that which is not grand, but will bless it – seeing in it a part of itself which must exist for another part of itself to manifest. Our soul wants the grandeur, the best, and without condemning what we do not choose.


When accepting the bad, can we heal it. We cannot choose to be good if there is nothing else to choose from.


It is ok to want to be better, yet we are not bad at first. We are born God and Love.


All people’s attacks on other people are calls for help. When people attack they actually calling for help.


We create by thoughts, word and deed. We can only create something that we fully believe in, and know of. This is absolute faith.


All is part of you. So bless all, do not condemn it.


Call forth the creative power, by the strongest creative statement – ‘I AM’. Say it loud. With intent and discipline we can harness our thoughts and control them. We have trained ourselves well to think negatively. We can train ourselves to think positively.


God is in our heart, not in our mind.

Colourenergy 21 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 21 (artwork by Gil Dekel)


God did not command us. Would He command Himself? Or, would He command us just to watch by how we violate His rule, how His rule is dis-obeyed?


These are the ten commitments:

  1. You shall know that you have found God. You shall love God. No longer you will worship human’s love, success, money, power, symbols.
  2. You shall not use the name of God in vain, for you cannot do it. God’s name ‘I AM’ has always results. When you find God you shall know it.
  3. You shall keep a holy day to remind you who you are. And then you will soon call every day Sabbath, and every moment holy.
  4. You shall honour your father and mother, and you will know you are the son of God.
  5. You know you have found God when you observe that you will not murder, will not wilfully kill without cause. All life is eternal, so you cannot end another’s life.
  6. You will not act dishonest or deceit.
  7. You will not steal.
  8. You will not say a thing that is not truth.
  9. You shall not covet your neighbour’s spouse, as you will know all others are your spouse.
  10. You shall not covet your neighbour’s goods, as you will know all goods can be yours and belong to the world.


These are freedoms, not restrictions. These are commitments that indicate when we have found God.


There is no such thing as Heaven. There is only a knowing that you are already there.


Knowing we are in heaven, even though not experiencing it yet – will bring it to us. This is enlightenment. The knowing opens up the door to experiencing.

Colourenergy 28 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 28 (artwork by Gil Dekel)


We need not overcome desires, but change them. We need not overcome passion, but accept them. What you resist – persists. What you look at – disappears.

Some truly passionate people seek to overcome their passions, but that attempt is a passion as well, the passion to overcome passion… Judge not your passion, simply notice it and see if it serves you.


Passion drives us forward to express who we are. It makes a concept into an experience. We should not deny our passions but deny an attachment to the result. Life without expectations is life of freedom. A renunciation is not to deny actions, but to deny a need for a particular result. We are creators, and so we create. We can enjoy creating, not enjoy the results.


Expectations separate man from God. God is happy with creating and experiencing. Man would not be happy with just creating and seeks for a reward on his creation.

When we resist a specific event (energy) we then place that energy there. As we resist, it persists. Yet, what we look at, disappear; it ceases to hold illusory form.

Colourenergy 35 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 35 (artwork by Gil Dekel)


If you truly look at something, you will see right through it. Do not think ‘I do not want this’; simply stop thinking of what you do not want. But if you cannot help thinking it, then do not resist it, rather look at it directly, accept it as your own creation, and then choose if to keep it or put it away.


What happens in life is merely what’s happening. How we feel about it is another matter. We have the tools to stop suffering but we do not use them.


We make real that which we pay attention to.


Our judgement keeps us away from joy, and our expectations make us unhappy. This causes for our diseases and sufferings.


Choose, but don’t want.

Colourenergy 10 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 10 (artwork by Gil Dekel)


We should render our children independent. Teach them how to get along without you, the parent. We are not a blessing to them so long as they need us to survive. We bless them when they realize we are not necessity to them.

God’s greatest moment is when you realize you need no God. A true master is not one with the most students, but one who creates the most masters. A true leader is not the one with the most followers, but one who creates the most leaders. A true king is not the one with the most subjects, but one who leads the most to royalty.


A true teacher is not the one with the most knowledge, but one who causes the most others to have knowledge. A true God is not One with the most servants, but One who serves the most, thereby making Gods of all others. His subject shall be no more, and all shall know God, not as the unattainable, but as the unavoidable.


It is about who we think we are.

Colourenergy 38 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 38 (artwork by Gil Dekel)


One is not a victim when loosing their job. One apparently asked for it. He asked for it as he stopped getting up in the morning in anticipation for the new day, and instead began getting up with dread; when he stopped feeling happy about his work, and started feeling resentment. When he even started fantasizing doing something else. All these actions have the power of active intention, and they create life.


We need to undo the teachings that say we are sin, and are small-minded that can do only little.


We already know love and we only need now to demonstrate it. Relationships with events, with people, with places – all allow us to experience ourselves.


Relationships are not about what we can get, but what we can put in. Relationships are meant for us to decide what I Am in this, not what the other should be, so I could capture and hold.


Relationship is not about finding someone to make us feel complete. It is about finding someone to share our completeness.

We set ideas that we think the other should fulfil, and then we get upset when they do not live our expectations.

Colourenergy 19 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

Colourenergy 19 (artwork by Gil Dekel)

We should hold the grandest idea about ourselves, Who Am I. I define who am I, not my partner. And she defines herself, not me. We are together to share our completeness.



People are in their sacred journey in life, and we need not stop them. First, relationship should be with the self. Knowing the self. Knowing that I am worthy, so that I will know that others are worthy as well.


We need to honour all our feelings in relationships, even those which seem bad. We need to experience all feelings in case that we do not know yet Who We Are. Then we may find ourselves. So we need not be afraid of feelings but ask ourselves Who We Are regarding those relationships.

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©  Gil Dekel. 11 Sep 2011.

‘Conversations With God’ Book 1, by Neale Donald Walsch, published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1997, ISBN 0 340 69325 8. A note on the images chosen for this article: I am aware that reading CwG Book 1 can be a spiritual experience, and I contemplated as to the right images to accompany this summary article. My fear was that my images will propose a specific ‘feeling’ to the text, which may not reflect the readers’ own feelings/impression (even as they read this article alone). I worked hard to create a new series of digital images, reflecting colours and movement, which I hope is abstract enough and open to accompany various emotions.