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We are life-evolving, in a constant change. Everything changes, including you. ‎We are the changer and the changed. When you wake up in the morning, ask, ‎‎”What is going to change today?” Do not ask, “Will there be a change today?”, ‎since there is a change all the time…‎


Even by combing our hair we change. The act of combing is to change our hair ‎from one form to another. Each moment we make decisions and changes. ‎Some of our decisions are to change things back the way they were. So we ‎create the illusion of keeping things the way they are. We simply re-create ‎ourselves anew, back to the way we were before.‎


Spirituality means that all things are part of life. People may argue about ‎religions, but all people agree that Life does exist, and that all things are part of ‎life. We all agree that there is a first cause, which created the universe. What ‎caused the universe to be created? Life did. Life is the first cause.‎


All governments were created for the same basic reasons: for Life, Liberty and ‎Pursuit of Happiness. Governments differ from each other on the form, but not ‎on the purpose, which is to guarantee life. This is the same purpose in all ‎governments.‎


People want God to find solutions, but God’s solution is that We Do Something ‎to Solve Things.‎


It is beautiful when a child sings, even if half the notes she sings are sung off-‎key.‎

Likewise, we sing the song of life many times off-key. Yet, God calls all our ‎song beautiful, like we call all our children’s song beautiful. There are no “sour ‎notes” when we sing. There is only Us, God’s Children, singing our heart out. ‎God sees our beauty in whatever way we “sing”.‎


The Soul holds beauty even when the mind denies it. Therefore, in life always ‎seek with your soul. Listen with your soul. We do not need to make someone ‎wrong. We can simply change the present reality into a new one, without ‎making the other person wrong. We need not anger nor hate, as the two are ‎not effective.‎

Memories o fthe Hidden Sun - by Gil Dekel

'Memories of the Hidden Sun' - by Gil Dekel.


The purpose of life is to decide and Be Who I Am. Thus, it is we that decide and ‎tell what is right and wrong. This is not God’s job. It is not God’s job to tell us ‎what is better or worse, what to do and what not to do. We have actually tried ‎this system, and it did not work. We have announced over and over again what ‎we think God’s will is, but that did not help us. ‎

We say that God is against killings, but we kill. We still lie and cheat. We did ‎not change our behaviour, no matter what we claim that God prefers. We act as ‎we wish, and it is us who decide what is good and bad.‎

Telling half a true is a lie, because we do not reveal the whole data. We do not ‎let others know all that there is to know on a subject, for them to make choices ‎based on all the data.‎


There is enough. All we need is to share it.‎


It only seems that there is not enough, but there is. And it seems there is not ‎enough because those who have share only small part of it.‎


Masters carry the message of God not in order to “do” messaging or to ‎‎”change”, but in order to Be Master that lives God’s words. Masters carry the ‎message as Masters, not ‘with-them’ but ‘as-them’. They are the message. This ‎is spirituality in action. Masters live the message.‎

So, Masters carry a message that can change people hearts, yet Masters live-‎the-message themselves. Their Mastership is Living the message, and not ‎Telling the message.‎


Live to benefit others. This will bring intention into your life. Intention is the ‎doing of something deliberately, as you will intent to do things that benefit ‎others.‎


The one that benefit others cannot be in dis-harmony with them, thus when ‎you benefit others you will be living harmoniously.‎





The real Master knows that he has no greater knowledge thant the student, ‎only greater memory.‎


To be aware we first need to remember Who We Are. God helps us to ‎remember. And also we are here to help each other remember. That is our ‎mission in life.‎

Sometimes God - by Gil Dekel

'Sometimes God' - by Gil Dekel.


Awareness is stopping, looking, listening, feeling, and experiencing fully what ‎is happening now. Watch yourself. Then watch yourself watching yourself. ‎Then watch yourself watching-yourself watching-yourself.‎

Finally, you will see that there is no one watching you watch-yourself. You ‎have become the Unobserved Observer, in full Awareness.‎

Honesty is saying to yourself and to others what it is which you are aware of.‎


Then we can take responsibility for any outcome we produce.‎


Differences and opposite things allow for comparison, thus allow the knowing ‎of Who You Are. Yet, division makes this knowing impossible. We can honour ‎diversity, not honour divisions.‎

Oneness is not sameness. Oneness is not about being the same, and there is ‎no disappearance of individuality. Oneness still keeps the individuality. At the ‎moment our societies tend to kill everything which is different, in order to stay ‎‎‘individual’.‎


But when we live Oneness we cherish differences, since they allow us to be ‎defined. Then we will stop killing each other. Our sense of survival will be ‎strengthened, not by killing the different person, but by being One of many ‎individuals.‎

There is only One of us. We cannot fail to survive. We will stop killing each ‎other when we realize that there is no other; We are All One.‎


Love is patient and kind, not jealous and arrogant. Love does not insist on its ‎own way. It is not irritable, it does not rejoice at the wrong.‎


A change in our doing is not enough. We tried that but our species is still ‎acting pretty much the same way it was acting thousands years ago. We need ‎to concentrate on Being, less on “doing”.‎


Invent the future, rather than repeating the past.‎

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‘Friendship with God’ by Neale Donald Walsch, published by Hodder & ‎Stoughton, London, UK, 1999.‎

7 Dec 2014.
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