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The essence of our soul is the essence of God.‎


Wisdom is knowledge applied.‎


‎1.‎ Know God.‎

‎2.‎ Trust God.‎

‎3.‎ Love God.‎


Love solves any condition and any problem.‎


Love can heal any person. Our soul is Love. When we love others, we give ‎them back their soul.‎


If we are here to supposedly “serve” God, then how come the world is in a way ‎where most people do not serve God today… What this would say about God? ‎That he failed?… In truth, we are here to use God’s help. God does not need us ‎to serve Him.‎


To change a bad thought or a bad dream – think of good things. Think of the ‎beauty of the world. ‎


We use God’s help, by using the tools God gave us.‎

The tools are:‎

‎1. The ability to create

‎2. The ability to know the truth

‎3. Love.‎

We create by thought, word and deed. We have inner wisdom to know the ‎truth, even in times when things may not appear as true. We have love to ‎accept others without conditions.‎

Accepting others allows them to be themselves, as they are, to be Who They ‎Are, thus this allow you to be Who You Are. There is a divine force – made of ‎Creative Energy, Gentle Wisdom and Pure Love.‎


The world waits for your creative decisions.‎


‎1.‎ Know God

‎2.‎ Trust God

‎3.‎ Love God

‎4.‎ Embrace God

‎5.‎ Use God

‎6.‎ Help God.‎


We do not have words to describe most of the Ultimate World’s reality. ‎

The Singing Oak Tree Leaves - By Gil Dekel

'The Singing Oak Tree Leaves' - By Gil Dekel.


Harmony – Feeling the vibrations of the moment, and accepting them.‎


Our soul knows that we learn from our life experiences. Any experience can ‎bring us insight that we may use even thirty years later. Yet, our soul knew that, ‎thirty years ago.‎


Use God as you would ask to use a friend’s help. Help God in a conscious ‎way.‎

We did not Know God, because we were taught of a different God.‎

Then, we could not Trust God that we did not know.‎

We could not Love God that which we did not trust.‎

We could not Embrace that which we did not love.‎

We could not Use that which we did not hold.‎

We could not Help God, for we could not be helpful to which we have no use.‎

And, we did not Thank God, for we cannot be thankful to that which cannot be ‎helped.‎


Thinking is the slowest method of creating. We perform all our body’s functions ‎without thinking about it. We create in our Being, which is the place above ‎thought, above superconscious, conscious and subconscious. Being is above ‎all these. And we call this high place supraconscious.‎


Our thoughts about God do not create God, but create our experience of God.‎

Crisp - by Gil Dekel

'Crisp' - by Gil Dekel.


When we think, we do not create The All, since The All already exists. When ‎we think we create an experience of The All; the experience that we choose ‎now.‎

All of it is already there. We do not place it by thinking about it, rather we place ‎our experience of part of it, the part which we think of.‎

Our true Being precedes everything. When we think, we reach to our true ‎Being, and we focus on a part of our Total Self that we now wish to experience.‎


If you are sad, then think positively, and you will “think your way” into being ‎happy.‎

This is simply a move from one part of your Self to another part. Since we Are ‎All of it – we are the happiness and the sadness. Yet, there is a shortcut. We ‎can move to any state of Being that we wish, and we can call forth any part of ‎our True Being, instantly, by simply knowing that we can do so, and then ‎declare so. What we know of our True Being is what will be so. By declaring it, ‎we make it.‎


Declaration is a creative act. It is the fastest method of creation. All experiences ‎are right here and now. A true declaration of Who I Am is made without ‎thinking about it. If you think, you will delay it. Thinking takes time, yet Being ‎takes no time.‎

Thinking may also deny experiences, because thinking about what you ‎choose to be, often may convince you that you are not that experience (and ‎therefore you ‘want’ it).‎

Masters are out of their mind. They do not consciously think about what they ‎are Being. They simply are it. The moment you think it, you cannot be it. ‎Likewise, we can be in love. We cannot be thinking love, as this means that we ‎do not love. Love is only Being it.‎


We create with: Thought, Word and Deed. These are the tools of creation. Yet, ‎there is another way to experience life. This is by Being. By Being we do not ‎create, but we become aware to what already is occurring. We become aware ‎to what is, was, and will be. ‎

One way is to create, another way is to be what has been created already.‎


When we are in love, we do not think it. We are it. The same is with gratitude. ‎You feel grateful, you are being grateful, before you even think about it. It is a ‎state of Being. We need not think it, like we need not think our state of ‎lovefulness.‎


Thanking God, being grateful for God, is a state of declaring that I know I ‎already have it. Thus, by declaring so, I put it there in my life.‎

I do not ask God, but thank God. I thank God for what I know is already there. ‎Thus, I declare it there, and I put it there. Since, really, All is already there… ‎


When we Know, we then become totally joyful, loving, accepting, blessing, and ‎grateful.‎

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‘Friendship with God’ by Neale Donald Walsch, published by Hodder & ‎Stoughton, London, UK, 1999.‎

7 Dec 2014.
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