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What we choose comes to us. In fact, all things exist now because we chose ‎them. What we believe of God, so we will conceive of God. God appears to us ‎in the way that we see Her.‎


TV commercials are sold at high prices, because they do influence people.‎


Images teach faster and imprint deeper than words.‎


Everything we think, say and do, are a form of prayer. And all prayers are ‎always answered.‎


Unless you acknowledge Who You Are, you cannot acknowledge others for ‎Who They Are. God inspires all of us. God gives wonderful words to many ‎people, and many people do not use or write these words. Many do not sing ‎God’s inspirations to them.‎


No one is better that the other. When thinking you are better, you start to think ‎that you are right.‎


Many religious people believe that their way is the one true way, and that other ‎people are wrong. Thus, religious people use fear rather than love. Fear is the ‎last reason God would have us come to Her.‎


Pure Love never hurts. Any form of Pure Love, to include gay love, is a bliss.‎


Love is without conditions, thus it asks nothing in return. It requires nothing in ‎order to be expressed. Love is without limitations, thus it does not limit the other ‎person. Love is without need, so it will not hold something that does not-wish ‎to be held.‎

Love is free. Freedom is God, and love is God expressed.‎

The Ocean's Gate - by Gil Dekel

'The Ocean's Gate' - by Gil Dekel.


Love is self-experience of Oneness with All. All things and all people; a sense ‎of Oneness with more than one person. ‎


‎1.‎ Know God.‎

‎2.‎ Trust God.‎

‎3.‎ Love God.‎


We confuse Love and Need. Need is an imaginary state where we think there ‎is something outside ourselves that we do not have, and must have in order to ‎be happy. We will trade for it. We will trade what we have for what we seek to ‎have. And we will call this “trade” by the name “love”.‎

We think in such a mistakably way about God as well. We think of a trade: that ‎if we love God, then God will let us into a “Heaven”.‎


God needs nothing. God does not require a thing from us. God’s love is not ‎conditional. When we realize this we can change our mind about God’s ‎‎”conditional” love, and change our mind about who we have to be. We are ‎made in the likeness of God.‎


God has no need, nor a desire for what we are supposed to do for him, such as ‎love him. We too are without needs. We have happiness within, and we can ‎find it. Then we will see that we do not need anything exterior to us, and we ‎will see that exterior things can never match our inner happiness, nor can they ‎destroy our inner state. We do not see all this because we do not seek to find ‎our happiness within. We seek outside of ourselves. We seek through others, ‎rather than allowing others to experience Who They Are through us.‎


A Master is one who sees you, re-cognize you, knows you again. Thus, you ‎recognize yourself again.‎


When you are truly in love, there is only one of you in the room. Love starts as ‎being with another and becomes experience of being One with the Self.‎


Know God as she is. Trust her. Then Love her.‎


We receive God’s love only in the way that we give God our love. The same is ‎with people. People can love us as much as they want, but we can receive ‎their love only as “much” as we give them our love. We receive it ‘our’ way.‎


Loving someone is not the same as needing someone.‎


Freedom is not something to achieve. It is a fact; it is something that we already ‎have.‎


We are all free to declare Who We Are, but not to declare who the other person ‎must be. This, love will never do.‎


The mind makes sense out of all incoming data. ‎

The Gate of the Self - by Gil Dekel

'The Gate of the Self' - by Gil Dekel.


In order to make sense we must have data. With data our mind makes ‎‎”conclusions” which is a creative force. Conclusions are creations. Thinking is ‎a creating process. Yet, Being is a state of awareness. We tend to think of ‎problems, instead of Being with a problem. Being leads to the greatest insight. ‎


When thinking of a problem, we then seek to create a solution. Yet, we can ‎simply become aware of the solution that has already been created.‎

We tend to create by thinking. Yet, Thinking is the slowest method of creation. ‎With thinking we find answers, but very slowly. Our mind must have data to ‎create. Our Being, on the other hand, needs no data at all. Data is an illusion; it ‎is what we make up, rather than what is. We can create from what is, from ‎Being, and not from the mind’s illusions.‎

We cannot become genius by thinking. We need be out of our mind. A genius ‎person does not create answers, but discovers the answers that have always ‎been there.‎


All solutions, events, experiences, and understandings – all are here and now ‎already. They are present in our awareness. Yet we cannot “think aware”. We ‎can only “Be aware”.‎

When we are confused about something, we should not-mind it. We should Be ‎aware of it. When facing a problem – pay it no mind. When you are surrounded ‎with negativity – do not mind it. When you do “mind” it – you obey it, and you are ‎controlled by it. We are Human-Being, not human-minding.‎

Be. Awareness is Being.‎


Every moment in life we are “being” of something; being of a particular feeling.‎


Our feelings tell us what we are now. We can choose to “be” a different ‎experience. The way we feel is a response to the way we are Being. We can ‎change our Being. Being is a state that we place ourselves. It is not a ‎response. Feelings are the response of our Being. Our Being is a choice. We ‎create our reality.‎


What you are Being give birth to what you are doing.‎


We live in an illusion, and when we think, we think about the illusion. ‎Thoughts create reality. So if we have created a reality that we do not want ‎anymore, we should not give it a second thought. We can stop thinking and go ‎into Being. First, we need be quiet.‎


Then focus on your thoughts, see where they go and stop them from going ‎there. Then focus on one thing only.‎


Our mind tends to focus on a few things all the time. We analyse it faster than ‎the speed of light.‎

Close your eyes.‎


Listen to your breath, so not to listen to the outside world. When you listen to ‎the in-breath, you listen to your inspiration.‎


If your mind is full with thoughts, just watch that. Step back, observe it, do not ‎think it. Step back and notice it. Do not judge it, do not get frustrated. Do not talk ‎to yourself about it.‎

Bless any thought, and let it pass. Do not dwell on it. It is a part of the journey, a ‎part of the passing parade, so let it pass.‎


Let thoughts be, and then they will pass.‎

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‘Friendship with God’ by Neale Donald Walsch, published by Hodder & ‎Stoughton, London, UK, 1999.

7 Dec 2014.
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