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When you become rich set a portion of your wealth and treat it as if it does not ‎matter – spend, buy, donate money, since it does not matter to do all this. If you ‎hold on to something, you do not experience having it. Only by giving we ‎experience “having” it. Only then we can know that we have. When we hold it, ‎we lose it.‎


You cannot impose something upon a friend. A true friend will simply love to ‎do what you ask of them. Use your friendships.‎


‎1.‎ Know God

‎2.‎ Trust God

‎3.‎ Love God

‎4.‎ Embrace God

‎5.‎ Use God

‎6.‎ Help God

‎7.‎ Thank God.‎


See God as a friend, not as a father. How would you relate to a friend of yours?‎

We are able to see God, and to know him, to understand him, to grasp her ‎completely.‎


We certainly can know God, and can choose Her as our friend.‎

Neale Donald Walsch - ‎©‎ Gil Dekel

Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch – ‎©‎ Gil Dekel.


Thinking of God, is having a thought. Thoughts contain previous ideas about ‎God, and God is not found in our previous ideas, but in our present moment ‎experience.‎

Our mind holds the past. Our mind analyses and remembers.‎

Mind -remembers.‎

Body -feels.‎

Soul – knows God.‎

Our soul talks through our body. The body provides the experience of here-‎and-now.‎


In order to hear our soul, we should listen to our body.‎

Our soul knows the past, present and future. It knows Who I Am, and Who I ‎seek To Be. It knows God intimately. To know God we need to know our soul. ‎To have friendship with God, we need to become friends with our soul.‎


Big ego and ‘showing-off’ are behaviours created because people dislike ‎something about themselves. So, people feel they need others to like them so ‎to compensate.‎


Ego is who we think we are. It is not who we truly are. Confusion is ok – it is the ‎first step towards wisdom…‎

The Light That Heals - by Gil Dekel

‘The Light That Heals’ – by Gil Dekel.


In the Absolute World we are All. There is no aspect in which we are not. ‎Absolute is All of us, there is nothing is in-between; there are no degrees of ‎‎’absoluteness’. Degrees can exist only in the relative. Thus, in the absolute ‎world we know all things, however we cannot experience them. In the relative ‎world we can experience.‎


We are Not our past, and not our yesterdays.‎


Some people may see others as “bad person” yet they would not want the ‘bad’ ‎to change, because they want to continue being the “right” ones. This allows ‎them to justify how they are treating others.‎

‎ ‎

When other people see you as “good” they may want you to stay like that, so ‎they can continue to “depend” on you. This allows them to justify how they ‎expect you to treat them.‎


Remember the gifts of your past, but decide not to repeat certain behaviours or ‎experiences. Let go of the past, but remember its gifts. You are not your past, ‎merely your past is a gift given to you. You are Who You Are right now.‎


Every decision we make is not about what to do, but about Who We Are.‎


All events and experiences are opportunities to decide Who We Are.‎


We kill each other faster than before with our weapons of mass destruction.‎


We are no less cruel today than how we were in the past.‎


We can learn to trust God by realizing that we do not need to trust God…‎


We have all that we need already, and therefore we do not need anything else. ‎All we need is already here. We do not even need to ask for it.‎

The Breathing of God - by Gil Dekel

‘The Breathing of God’ – by Gil Dekel.


The three level of awareness – hope, belief and knowing:‎

Hoping – Wishing. Not being certain.‎

Believing – Thinking that we are certain, unless something of the contrary ‎appears.‎

Knowing – Being clear that a thing is true, even when something of the ‎contrary

‎ appears in our earthy reality.‎


When we are in a state of Knowing, we then judge not by appearances, ‎because we Know what is so. ‎

We can have intentions, but not expectations or requirements. Then we are not ‎addicted to a particular result and can accept any result. This is the way to ‎peace and Mastery.‎


The idea is: not to have everything we want, but to want everything we already ‎have…‎


When things look wrong, they are a sign that there is something huge for you ‎to remember here.‎


Be grateful for all events. What you are grateful for can then serve you. What ‎you ,resist persists. All of life experiences are a gift for your soul to Be Who ‎You Are..‎


Addiction – requiring result in order to be happy.‎

Preference – desiring certain result.‎

Acceptance – not having a preference at all. This is Mastery. We can have ‎intent, but we do not need to prefer it. With acceptance we tell the universe that ‎alternative outcomes are possible. ‎


As we live it, we tend to call one thing on the physical level, and another thing ‎on the soul level. Thus, see the perfection of any outcomes that happens in ‎your life, since it is what your soul intended.‎


Masters knows that at some level they chose the outcome that they experience.‎


So they have no doubt that at some level they are responsible for the result that ‎appears in their life. They never judge, since they put it there. They do not ‎condemn for they chose it. If they do not like it anymore then they can choose ‎to change it. What you condemn, remains. We are all at the perfect place and ‎time.‎


We need nothing more for our evolution than exactly what we have here and ‎now.‎

We do not need anything else, thus, we do not need to trust God, as we have it ‎all already. Now that we do not need to trust God, we actually can start trusting ‎truly… because now we do not need a particular result from God; rather we ‎know that any result is at our best.‎

When we do not need a particular result, we then accept any result as the best ‎for us. When you face a challenge, you can assume that things will go right. ‎When encountering a problem, you automatically understand that it has ‎already been solved, since we create all these outcomes. As the outcomes are ‎the best for us, we do not need anything else. We do not need, since we have ‎the best – then we can truly trust God that gives and will give the best for us.‎

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‘Friendship with God’ by Neale Donald Walsch, published by Hodder & ‎Stoughton, London, UK, 1999.‎

7 Dec 2014.
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