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Most men are captured in the thinking-mind, and most women are captured in the pain-body. In both cases it is a grip of the mind.


The present is more powerful than the past.

The past (and what other people did to you in the past) cannot control your true-self. When you know the present, you realize that you are responsible for your inner space now, nobody else does. You then see that the past cannot prevail against the power of Now.


Women can be conscious of their body.


Men can be conscious, and learn not to mistake his wife for her pain-body. A woman can be conscious and not mistake her husband for his thinking-identity.

Thus, there will be no illusions, no pain, no mistakes, and no conflicts in such relationship. Nothing that is not you. Only love.

Enlightenment people sees the world as ripples on a surface of vast deep ocean.


When you are Being, you focus beyond the form. Male and female are then seen as one.


One needs to be easy with themselves, and then they can be easy with others. Yet, one does not need to be in relationship with oneself, rather just be him/herself. Relationships with yourself mean splitting into two: ‘I’ and ‘Myself’, subject and object. This is a mind-created-duality. This duality allows one to judge him/herself or feel sorry, proud or love for oneself. This split is cured in enlightened state when you are One. There is no ‘self’ to protect, defend or feed.

Listening To The Sun - Photo by © Gil Dekel,

(‘Listening To The Sun’ – Photo by © Gil Dekel.)


For many people failure, loss or illness turns out to be their greatest teacher, as it teaches them to let go of the false self-image. Things that happen are not good nor bad. They are just what they are. When you accept life as it is, there is no more good or bad. There is only a higher-good, which includes the ‘bad’. Only the mind have a concept of good and bad.

We do not need to pretend the bad to be good, but we can just let things in life be as they are. This ‘allowing to be’ can take you beyond the mind’s resistance patterns that create the positive-negative.

Allow the present to be by forgiving it. Then you will not accumulate resentment that will need to be forgiven for, at a later time. Death may bring sadness, yet you can remain at peace. When relinquishing resistance, you will find peace and stillness underneath sadness. This inner-peace has no opposite. When we are accepting, we are free of the mind-resistance, thus we connect with the Being.


Then an intelligence, greater than the mind, flows into our actions.

When accepting, even pain transmutes into inner-peace. Forgiveness is a realization that there is no past. When we forgive, a transformation begins within us, and also without. Silence comes in you and around you. You will then heal without doing anything, only by being you.


The unobserved-mind perceives itself as a separate fragment in a hostile universe. Other egos seem to the unconscious to surround it and to threat it.

Chakra Art (#1) - by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎

‘…Intelligence, greater than the mind, flows into our actions’. (Chakra Art #1 – by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎)


Most people love their life’s dramas. It gives them an identity.


Low energies are needed to create high energies. There is a cycle in life, a cycle of regeneration. But when we resist this cycle by not accepting the low energies, our intelligence then takes over and creates illness. Such illness forces us to stop, and as we stop we then allow the regeneration process to continue. Without admitting, or accepting the low energy, we allow the regeneration once we stop. Illness acts as a form of low energy.

Change is natural to all things.


If we are connected to the timeless life within, it shines through us so the external form of our body (that is aging in time) becomes transparent to the light shining from within.

Happiness and unhappiness are one. Only the illusion of time separates them.


We can be happy and acceptance of things, but we do not need to seek identity through things and conditions.

Our modern advertising industry and consumer society teaches us to seek identity through things. This can only bring a temporary satisfaction. It may give you pleasure but not joy. Nothing outside can give you joy; only Being can. Being is the peace presence of God, and is our natural state. We need not attain it, as it is already in us.

All things pass away, thus, we need not resist the present.

Being unhappy is a belief of the mind that unhappiness can give you what you want. This is why people create unhappiness. Unhappiness is human made. There is no unhappy flower, a stressed tree, or depressed dolphin.


If negativity is arising within you it is a sign telling you: ‘Wake up. Get out of your mind. Be present now’.


When you are Being, you see beyond the other person’s body or behaviour. You see their true Being.


This is the knowing that we all die, thus we are all equal. And knowing that our essence never dies. Sadness and joy merge into an inner peace.


Modern physics shows that when looking differently on phenomena, we change the behaviour of the phenomena.


Help people in the outer world, and awaken their inner world. You cannot fight the darkness, nor can you fight unconsciousness. If you try then the opposite will grow stronger. You will then identify yourself with one polarity, and create an ‘enemy’.

Instead, raise the awareness by disseminating information, and by a passive resistance. No hate, and no negativity. Love your enemies, thus have no enemies.

Do not work on the level of effect because you will lose yourself. Stay alert and present. Focus on the teaching of enlightenment, and gift the world with peace.

Chakra Art (#15) - by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎

‘All things pass away, thus, we need not resist the present’. (Chakra Art #15 – by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎)


When accepting life, we can take an action of no judgment, and so change what we do not want in life. Such positive actions are better than negative actions.


When we surrender and are present in the Now, we see with clearly what needs to be done. Our actions are then focused.


Communication with people begins when we stop resisting, and stop arguing or proving them wrong.


In resistance we do not find strength. Resistance cuts us off from Being. Being is the only place of power, and power is our purity and innocence.


When in pain that cannot be overlooked, do not think of the pain. Do not think of the person or the situation that seems to have caused your pain. Do not let the mind use the pain to create a victim identity. Feeling sorry and telling it, will keep you stuck in pain. Move into the pain. Put attention to what you feel and do not label it. Be alert to your feeling, and so the light will enter. Attention is Now. No resistance, no time. Without time there is no suffering, no negativity.


Suffering is resistance. Acceptance and presence may bring God. Some people are forced into the Now after having great suffering.


However, many people do not need more suffering to realize enlightenment. They are sufficiently evolved.

To make a choice one needs to be conscious.


One can be intelligence but not conscious. Knowledge and mental development needs to be balance with consciousness. Consciousness is knowing that your Being is not the mind-made identity. Most human thing that they are their mind-made identity.


Nobody chooses pain. They are not present in the Now and live in past and future. Conditioned mind runs their lives.

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