Deepak Chopra (© Gil Dekel )by Dr. Gil Dekel.

A short overview of lessons learned from Chopra’s DVD film (directed by Ron Frank, 2006; published by Anchor Bay Entertainment, UK, 2008):

Are we here by accident, or perhaps there is a divine creator?

Today we are living in an age of doubts where scepticism rejects a God – a God that we cannot see with our eyes, the invisible God. Yet God is not data, and technology cannot help us in revealing him.

We are not in the body – the body is in us. We are not in the mind – the mind is in us.

In India death is seen as a creative process, a part of the rebirth cycle.

Know God by becoming a God yourself.

There are limit-horizons for events; the limits of photons appearing as data in space. The brain has its own limit – the limit of photons to organize themselves as thoughts. We must cross over this limit if we want to find God.

On the atomic level all objects are made of 99.999% space. The electrons operate as vibrations that blink in and out of existence million times each second. The whole Universe is quantum flashes, too fast for us to perceive. The brain cannot perceive the quantum flashes and so it perceives the Universe as a continuum. Yet, there is no movement in the Universe, rather particles blink in and out. Particle A comes in, then blinks off. Then particle B blinks in, appearing to the left or right of particle A, and so it seems to us as if there was a single particle moving from A to B. Yet, there was a mirage of coming in and out, in separate locations. We are created over and over all the time. Genesis is now.

Quantun Soup by Gil Dekel, 2011, illustrating Deepak Chopra's How To Know God

‘Quantum soup’ – artwork by © Gil Dekel, 2011

The soul is the junction point between the virtual-self and the physical-self. The soul is the mechanism that organises the intelligence that keeps us intact.

The brain is like a mobile phone – connecting and shifting thoughts. Yet where are memories located? Where is the ‘mind’ in this web?

For the brain, a memory of a birthday party is the same as having the birthday party. The experience of bringing up a memory is no different to the experience of actually living and having an event.

Deepak Chopra (© Gil Dekel )

Portrait of Deepak Chopra (© Gil Dekel )

Where in the brain can we find ‘knowing’, ‘creativity’, ‘inspiration’, ‘insight’, ‘imagination’? The brain cannot create these.

The mind simply orders the quantum soup.

Who we are – a gift from God. Who we become – our gift to God.

There are infinite choices to make, and we choose which ones to manifest. You can become the author of your own existence, because God is our instinct to know ourselves.

Rumi said:

When I die I shall soar with the Angels. And when I die to the Angels, what I shall become you can not imagine.

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20 Jan 2011. Images updated 23 Dec 2011. This work © Gil Dekel.