Rudolf Steiner (art: © Gil Dekel).

by Gil Dekel.

Visionary, architect, and philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) provides practical advice to developing a higher sensitivity to life.

Forward to the 1969 edition, by A.C.H.

Drugs provide experiences but not perception. When using drugs the logic is nullified. Sensitivity to the spirit, with clarity of thinking and judgement are needed in order to be able to evaluate perceptions, relate them to each other, and thus know them. This book is about knowledge, not about mere clairvoyant faculties.

Rudolf Steiner:

page 24

The spiritual life is governed by certain laws in the same way that the material life is governed by laws. If you rub a glass with a cloth you will create static electricity that can attract small objects. In the same way, every human feeling develops power that attracts knowledge.


Once your spiritual eyes open up you will see in people quite remarkable aspects, different to the normal aspects we see with our normal eyes.


Feelings are for the soul what food is for the body.


Through feelings we can learn to see the beauty of the outside world.

Rudolf Steiner (art: © Gil Dekel).

Portrait of Rudolf Steiner (art: © Gil Dekel).


Knowledge which is kept as treasure hidden by an individual and is not shared, will be rejected by the world. Hence, one needs to seek knowledge which will further not just oneself but the whole human race.


Thoughts can be treated as external objects. Thoughts are in effect beings speaking to us.


Things grow, thrive and then fade and die. A man can lean to notice these stages at once.


With a spiritual awareness one can see the astral plane, where growth and decay are no longer vague impressions, but rather they form themselves into spiritual lines and figures. The blossoming flowers, the growing animals, as well as the dying tree will all conjure definite forms before our awakened soul.


Feelings and thoughts work upon each other, just as physical objects do in the physical world.


Pay attention to the sounds that people and animal are making, and do not indulge in what it reminds you, but in what the other who produced the sounds feels.


Try to listen to other people whilst your inner-self is absolutely silent. Try to quiet all inner agreements and disagreements.


You can train yourself by listening to people that are ‘below’ your own level of knowledge. If you still hold feelings of superiority over those that are ‘less smart’ than you, then you still hold resistance and do not master the true nature of life. As an exercise it is useful to listen to children, and check your reactions to them.

Listen without judgement or criticism. Pure listening will allow you to merge yourself with the soul of the speaker. Then you will hear the true essence of the speaker coming through their words.


First, learn the meaning of Eternity; only then continue to learn about your own past lives experiences.


When you are spoken to, pay attention to the speaker’s opinions and feelings; and only then consider your thoughts on the matter. This is delicate tact.


The important thing is not that your opinion is different from another’s, but that the other person will discover by themselves what is right, with your contribution towards their discovery process.


A lily can never grow into a thistle.


Higher Knowledge cannot be attained by satisfying the curiosity alone, but it requires training.


Developing yourself will benefit the whole humanity. Beliefs and thoughts affect humanity as actions do.


Life exists in the waking life, the dreaming sleep, as well as in the dreamless sleep…


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22 March 2011.