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Barbara Marx Hubbard (© Gil Dekel)

Barbara Marx Hubbard interviewed by Dr. Gil Dekel.

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Gil Dekel: I think you once said that we all volunteered to come to planet earth…

Barbara Marx Hubbard: The question I asked was: do you remember having volunteered?

Gil: Wonderful question.

Barbara: Some people reply with a ‘yes’. They do remember.

Okay; do you remember, Barbara?

I do.

How was it?

I had a vision of it, of the Elysian fields, you know, with the Greek philosophers. And I was sitting on a ledge with a group of people. We were all ready to jump off together and come in for a shared purpose. One of the things I was told to do was ask people 5 questions to try to help us connect, so here are the questions:

1. do you remember having volunteered?

2. If so, what is your contract? Why did you come here?

3. what do you do best that really only you can do that well?

4. what do you most need to do it better?

5. who do you most need to meet in order to complete your destiny?

'The Shine of The Vapour Skin' (© Gil Dekel)

‘The Shine of The Vapour Skin’ (© Gil Dekel)

If you ask these questions to a group of people, what happens, you start to match needs and resources. And also, it has a mystical quality to it that we’re not just making this up superficially but that we have had a sense of destiny in coming here. I don’t know, do you feel that?

Absolutely. But you are lucky, because you had a clear vision of being in Greece. But for me it was complex.

So, do you remember?

Yes. I ‘remember’ this: just before ‘coming down’, God showed me planet earth and I told God: “You want me to go down to this dark place?” From Heavens, planet earth looks very dark. He told me, “Don’t worry, I will send you to a place where the sun is so bright, it will almost blind you, and you feel that there is abundant of light on earth.” and true to his words, he sent me to be born in Israel, where the sun is so bright – I could not look without blinking. That is why I moved to England…

Oh, really? Are you practicing Jewish or are you religious? What’s your own feeling there?

I’m not religious, I just believe in God…

Yeah, me too. I think that we’re transcending; religions were a phase of human evolution, to help hold a mystical sense of reality and nurture it. Now people like yourself and me don’t necessarily identify with a specific religion. We identify with God and with the direction of creation and ourselves in the story as co-creators. That’s the emerging mystical thing, I would say: the rising tide of humanity.

And within that new story can we find the garden of co-creation?

Yes! The garden of co-creation indeed. It’s the new garden and you know, this vision of the tree of life in the story of Genesis was that after Eve ate from the tree of knowledge, evidently she was heading for the tree of life because the Lord God said, “If they get to that, they’ll be like us; they’ll be like the gods.”

And the story of the expulsion from the garden in the old fashioned Genesis story is that we were aiming for the power of gods. Well, the fact is, we now have power that we used to attribute to God. We are at the tree of life.

So the new Adam and the new Eve would be the mature Adam as the incarnating spirit and the source, and the Eve would be incarnating that and joining together as co-creators to the tree of life, using the power of the gods to restore the earth, free the people, explore the universe. This is the moment.

The Universal Kiss - by Gil Dekel.

‘The Universal Kiss’ (© Gil Dekel)

But how are we allowed to have the powers of God (which we already have), if we don’t have the power to keep the earth healthy?…

Well, we won’t be. We will be destroyed. So it won’t last. If we don’t grow up and learn to harmonize with nature and with each other and use our power constructively and ethically, we will not survive as a species.

Nature is always selecting and making extinct that which does not work for its higher potential. So we could be selected again.

Nature is a fantastic system. It’s a miracle.

It reminds me a bit the mythological story of Atlantis: they had powers, only to destroy themselves.

Yes, that is one of the stories, and many people think that is what we’ll be doing because the power structure doesn’t change easily. And as the climate change global warming and all the related catastrophes grow… I just read a book called ‘The Great Disruption’ by Paul Gilding. Basically, he says this form of growth is not sustainable. So the power structure is based on this form of growth and billions of people have gained from it, including the Chinese and one billion people were brought out of poverty by economic growth. It’s very challenging. I was just in China at a global forum on ecological civilization. And there Irvin Laslow made the point that he thought the species had 5 years to make an internal conscious decision towards ecological civilization, or be a failed species. And that really stuck in my mind. Okay, 5 years. What if it’s possible to manifest a shift in 5 years? It has to be on the level of connection and consciousness; people by the hundreds and millions and billions of people have to connect.

What’s the purpose of fear in this process of evolution? Because fear inhibits our connection to one another.

Fear has several uses. On the one hand, it’s an emotion that helps you not keep your hand on a burning stove, so that you step out of the fire. It’s very useful for survival. However, if it gains hold of your consciousness and you’re always operating out of fear then your dominance and control goes out of control… And then we have these huge military budgets, especially in the United States – huge! We still have 1,200 nuclear bombs pointed at Russia and Russia at us, and we’re not enemies.

That’s the male ethic gone berserk. It’s actually insane, and nature will be taking action here.

Our job is to connect the people who are yearning to love the earth, free the people and co-create. So you know, I feel the force of evolution is on our side.

As long as the world is governed by men, we will make it to the moon. But once the world is governed by women, every single child in the planet will have a fresh glass of milk in the morning…

Yes. And when we join the co-creative masculine and the co-creative feminine, every child will have a glass of milk and will also go to the moon.

That’s nice. Well, it was lovely chatting with you.

Thank you so much, I enjoyed it.

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11 Oct 2013.
Exclusive publishing rights © Gil Dekel.
Interview conducted via Skype call, on 14 Aug 2013. Barbara is based in California, USA. Gil is based in The UK. Barbara’s website: www.evolve.org.