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Barbara Marx Hubbard (© Gil Dekel)

Barbara Marx Hubbard interviewed by Dr. Gil Dekel.

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Gil Dekel: You had a spiritual experience in 1966.

Barbara Marx Hubbard: Yes, I did. I was asking the universe what story could we tell comparable to the story of the birth of Jesus? Whatever happened, that story was written down and has affected people’s lives throughout the world.

What story is ours to tell now? And with that, I became like an astronaut. I saw Earth as a living system that was struggling and was running out of energy. Then I felt empathy, spirituality, healing – and I saw all the various organs of capacity like health and education, which are symbolised in the image of the Wheel of Co-creation. Energy systems in a body connecting and coordinating; and we actually had a planetary birth experience in my expanded reality.

I felt how it feels when we connect. It was like a shared planetary mystical experience of a oneness of the impulse going through all of us, and we were attracting light. I believe the universe is filled with life but we won’t have shared experience with these life forms, until we ourselves are connected in a more mature way.

So, to connect to ‘higher beings’, we don’t need to look for them, but we first need to look for ourselves?…

Yes. We need to mature ourselves, connect ourselves. We have plenty of consciousness within us to connect with, and we need to learn to express it with others in a resonant field. We’re calling this the evolutionary movement. This is a new movement that is the movement of movements, because it’s in every field. It’s in health, media, science, technology.

How would you define this evolutionary movement?

It is a movement for experiencing the impulse pushing us to higher consciousness, to greater freedom and more synergistic cooperative order. If you get that sense of direction, it comes as a new story of creation; as the evolutionary story, which is a huge discovery. Only in the 1960s they began the study of Cosmogenesis, the study that the universe itself has been, and is now evolving.

'The Laughter of the Intelligent Moons' (© Gil Dekel)

‘The Laughter of the Intelligent Moons’ (© Gil Dekel)

Just now, from the 1960s, we are realizing that we’re facing crises, particularly in the environment, which can destroy us. And also now, from the 1960s, we get these huge new capacities in biotech, nanotech, computing.

With great power comes great responsibility…

Exactly. This is why conscious evolution, which is the world view that I’ve been discovering, is a world view for our optimal realization of spiritual, self and scientific potential.

But is that new? Have we not been in that stage in the far past?

I think a couple of things are really new. The understanding of Cosmogenesis as the way that the entire universe works and the scientific-based discovery pattern are new. None of the old Cosmologies had that from any of the past religions or thoughts.

Also new is the extent of the global crises. We’re now seeing that we could reach extinction of our own species. And then what’s also new are the capacities we have, which were used to be attributed to God in the past. All of this is 40 to 50 years in the making. And suddenly, in the last maybe 10 years, we realizing we’re at the threshold of that climate change and catastrophes. At the same time we have this threshold of consciousness connecting and breakthroughs.

For me personally, conscious evolution comes right in there. The simplest definition is evolution by choice, not chance. I don’t think we had this before.

'The Orbs of The Seventh Dream' (© Gil Dekel)

‘The Orbs of The Seventh Dream’ (© Gil Dekel)

And the synergy engine could facilitate this evolution?

It could because in a co-creative society we would look for common goals and match them with resources to fulfill the greater potential… This is the purpose of the synergy engine. A world in which everyone is creatively engaged. And I have a new Thomas Jefferson statement: “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All people are born creative… endowed by our creator with inalienable rights and responsibility to express our creativity for the good of ourselves and our whole family, community and earth.”

it’s obvious that all people are born creative than that all people are equal. We’re equal on a deeper spiritual source but equality at the social source is very rare; whereas the creativity is huge and it is showing up everywhere. And I think the internet is helping a lot, by the fact of us having wisdom of the entire world at our fingertips. I mean, anything anybody wants to know, that ever has been known before, we get in seconds. That’s extraordinary.

Why did you envision the wheel of co-creation as a wheel, a circle? Why not a sphere? A square?

I envisioned it as fitting into an eternal spiral. So a spiral is circular, but it’s always moving. And then I envisioned the impulse of evolution going through the hub of that wheel as a spiritual contact with source; but source as spirit in action. Source as impulse of creation. And then I saw that every sector of human endeavor is part of a whole. That we’re in a whole system breakdown but we’re also in a whole system breakthrough without the social architecture to be synergistic with each other. It’s very hard to synergize because we’re structured in silos.

So what the wheel does by identifying the spiritual centre there and then having all these different sectors, they’re organic functions. So let’s say you’re called to media and communication. Yes, you were in that sector but the whole point is that every other sector is connected with you because it’s a pattern of the whole, rather than separate disciplines and separate endeavors.

And if it really works, what would happen is there would be enough matching needs and resources that everyone would be further empowered to express their creative gift.

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.

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11 Oct 2013.
Exclusive publishing rights © Gil Dekel.
Interview conducted via Skype call, on 14 Aug 2013. Barbara is based in California, USA. Gil is based in The UK. Barbara’s website: www.evolve.org.