Have you even seen or felt an angel near you? Was it at home, or maybe during a holiday? You are invited to mark the location on Google map, and add your stories and images that reflect your special moments. Write your story in the ‘comments’ section below, and we will add your Angel to the map.

The ‘Angel Project’ was initiated by Gil for the purpose of mapping ‘locations’ of angelic experiences on planet Earth. This could demonstrate that for some people angelic peak-experiences are not myth, but a living reality, which may support research methods such as grounded theory and Phenomenology. Please Read the House Rules below.

Project initiated by Dr. Gil Dekel.  > About.  > Contact.

Map of encounters with Angels:

House Rules: Write about your encounter. Add your name (initials are fine), date of the encounter and location. Do not upload anything abusive, rude or unlawful. We need your permission to publish what you add, so when you add content you give us full exclusive international license to publish it in all formats. ‘Angel’ is defined as a higher being, higher intelligent form, peak-experience, or a spirit guide, that made a massive impression on you, far beyond the ‘normal’ impression.

To add your own placemark on this map, write your story and place, in the ‘comments’ section below (and we will add it to the map).

14 May 2011. Updated 31 July 2016.
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