Include 4 elements in your design brief:

Goal = what to achieve.

Context = background, settings, in which the new product must operate.

Constraints = specific guidance, such as: a product should not weight more than 1 kilo.

Criteria = less specific, they are more open, such as: intuitive product for a specific lifestyle user.


Here is an example:


A kitchen utensil that will remove the skin from fruit and vegetables.


For daily use by men and women of all ages.


– Retail price no more than £7

– Time scale, in retail outlets in 10 months

– Weigh no more than 50g

– Suitable for left or right handed use


– Simple to maintain

– Simple to clean

– Simple to and quick to use, especially for those who have poor dexterity

– Easily identifiable and attractive in appearance to purchasers and users

– Robust.

28 June 2014.