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Financial intelligence is about having more options. It is about asking yourself at all times what can be done to improve things. It is not so much what happens, but what solutions you can think of, in order to turn a lemon into a million pounds… Most people are aware of one solution only: work hard, save money, and borrow money.

Money is not real.


The more real you think money is, the harder you will work for it.


Saving money is ok, but it can blind a person from thinking about other opportunities.

When the economy is bad, people will sell stuff cheaply, and other people will buy it. The buyers do not save money when the economy is bad, rather they invest money. They buy. When the economy is bad, prices of houses go down.


ROI = Return On Investment.


Invest in your financial education, more than in stocks.


You can buy real estates cheap even in big cities such as New York and Tokyo. Bargains do exist but they are usually overlooked by most people.


Great opportunities are not seen with the eyes, but with the mind. This is a game. Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. Some people never win because they are afraid of trying and of losing. Winners are not afraid of losing – only losers are afraid of losing… Failure is part of success. Avoiding failure is avoiding success.


Many restaurants cook hamburgers much healthier than McDonalds. But McDonalds is better at the business side. One makes the best hamburgers, but the other is better at selling and delivering a basic average hamburger.


The most important skills are selling and understanding the market. The ability to sell is the ability to communicate to another human being, be it a customer, employee, boss or a spouse.


In order to receive money you have to give money. Giving money is a secret held by the rich. Give and then you shall receive.


The spirit is powerful, and can do anything. Lazy minds that say “I cannot” start a war against the soul that knows it can achieve. The spirit wants to go and become rich, but lazy minds say that it is too risky or that rich people are ‘greedy’.

Instead of giving your children everything, give them the question – “How can you afford it?”

Millions are conditioned to feel bad about wanting the best things in life. However, wanting things is not bad at all. Our world progresses because we all desire a better life. New inventions are made because we desire something better.

“How can I afford to never work again?” “What would I do had I all the money I need?”

When you realize that you avoid something, ask what’s in it for you. Be a bit greedy as this can cure laziness. Too much greed is bad, yet guilt is worse than greed. Guilt robs the body of the soul. Do what you feel right, for you will be criticized anyway, whether you do something or not…


Rich people have a habit of first paying themselves, and then paying taxes. Other people pay taxes first, and then pay themselves with what is left.


Arrogance is Ego plus Ignorance. What I know makes me money. What I do not know loses me money. Some people would use arrogance to cover their ignorance. When you know you are ignorant in a subject – do not become arrogant, rather learn from an expert or from a book.


Robert lost money many times in his life. But his deep emotional reasons kept him standing. He wanted to be free at the age of 40, but it happened at the age of 47, with many learning experiences along the way. It is not easy, but with strong spirit it is not hard either. A strong reason and purpose in life.


If one has no ambition and no strong reason to get out of bed in the mornings, then there is no sense for reading this text further.

Choice is the main reason we want to live in the free world. With every pound in our hands we can choose to be rich or poor. Our spendings habits reflect who we are. Poor people have poor spending habits.


Invest first in your education, because in reality, the only real asset that exists is your mind. We can choose what to put in our brain – TV, magazines, or classes on financial planning. Most people simply buy investments rather than first invest in learning about investing.

Thieves broke one day into a rich woman’s house, and stole her TV. They left behind all her financial books…


Accessing smart people’s power, requires us to be humble enough to read and listen. Arrogant or critical people often have low self-esteem and are afraid to take risks. Arrogant people rarely read, as they think they are the centre of the universe.

Many people would argue or defend themselves when a new idea clashes with the way they think. This so-called ‘intelligence’ is arrogance becoming ignorance.

Intelligent person will welcome new ideas, for new ideas can add to the existing ones. Listening is more important than talking. So, God gave us two ears and only one mouth. Too many people think with their mouth, instead of thinking by listening and absorbing new ideas. Too many people argue instead of asking questions.


Learn from all people, from the rich and from the poor. Do not choose friends by their financial statements. The rich will talk about money, as they love the subject and love to talk about it. The poor will not talk about money, as the poor will think it is rude or not intellectual – learn from them too, learn what not to do.

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