Grounding - Encaustic Wax Art by Natalie Dekel

‘Grounding’ (art by Natalie Dekel)

Reiki Master, Natalie Dekel

Natalie Dekel (MPhil)

We are all part of the universe, so when you ask the universe for help, that help is provided. However, living in a physical world there is time-gap between your desire or need and its manifestation. Luckily, in between, there are signs, visions and guidance that are given to us. They come anywhere from the twirls of colours in the cream of your coffee, to clouds formations, and to the colours you are wearing. My Readings can also provide guidance, as I receive visions and messages specifically for you.

When I write your Reading I consult Tarot, angels, animal guides or healing cards. By linking to your energy via the details you submitted, I will provide you with messages that are appropriate to you at this moment in life.

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Natalie Dekel (MPhil),
Reiki Master, visionary artist, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) practitioner.

How can my Reading help you?

I focus on practical, down-to-earth advice, even if it is ‘spiritual’ in nature. My clients often reflect that as they go along in life, they become disillusioned, confused or even tired of daily events that batter and shake their confidence or test their abilities. This is where my intuitive reading can help you, by providing you with direction to reinforce your power to transform your life. I am here to help you on your journey.

I believe that no one can predict your future, simply because you have not ‘decided’ it yet. Every single thought, action and feeling you have at every single moment of your life, shape the direction that your life will take, and influence your future events. No one should ‘tell’ you your future. I am able to feel your energy and where you ‘are’ at this moment. I can see the most immediate image of what you need to do next to improve your direction in life; and I can offer advice that can help you see things clearer, and make decisions coming from the bigger picture of your life.

When I do a reading, I meditate some time on linking with your energy, and the guides. I ask the guides for clear advice and direction. If loved ones in spirit world connect, I will pass on to you their messages. Once you received your reading, you can email back to ask me questions or clarifications.

With love and light,

Natalie Dekel (MPhil),
Reiki Master, visionary artist, and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) practitioner.


About Natalie:

Natalie Dekel, MPhil, is a visionary artist, Reiki master/teacher, and IET (Integrated Energy ‎Therapy) practitioner. She offers past-life portraits paintings and spiritual readings ‎‎(counselling/channelled guidance). Currently Natalie studies to be Yoga Teacher. With an MPhil in Art, Design & Media from Leeds Becket University (2007), her ‎work reflect a constant process of learning and evolving, where emotions, intuition, and logic, ‎help bring people in tune with their subconscious patterns of thoughts. “There are remarkable ‎tools through which people can develop a creative personality,” says Natalie “and I love ‎examining these incredible ways to help transfer innate emotions into healing and art.” ‎

Natalie helps clients uncover patterns from the present or the past that affect their behaviours. ‎Clients learn to develop an insight into their latent personality, boost their self-esteem, and ‎facilitate the natural process of healing.‎

What clients are saying:

‘Thank you, Natalie, for all your visionary gifts; it has been wonderful to make the journeys with you.’


‘Thank you so much for the reading – it is really very appropriate to where I am now’


‘Natalie, your work is a blessing’


‘You provide such a wonderful experience and it is very helpful during stressful times’


‘Thank you for your wisdom.’