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Join our FREE live-stream channeling of the wisdom from the spirit guides. Send us your questions in advance, and we will ask the guides and will reply on the evening. Channeling and Guided Meditations by The Channel of Art (Reiki Masters Natalie and Gil Dekel).

Next broadcast: Friday, 5 Dec 2014, 9pm GMT. Send your questions here. Link to broadcast, here.

Previous sessions:

‘Why We Are Here?’ Channeling Session (#18), Friday 21 Nov 2014, 9.00pm (GMT) – Natalie and Gil. For transcript, click here…

‘Shedding the Remains of the Past’, Guided Meditation (#17), Friday 11 Feb 2011, 9.30 (GMT) – Natalie Dekel. For transcript of this meditation, click here…

‘Arms of Love’, Guided Meditation (#16), Friday 28 Jan 2011, 9.30 (GMT) – Natalie Dekel.
For transcript click here…

‘My Private Garden’, Guided Meditation (#15), Friday 21 Jan 2011, 9.30 (GMT) – Natalie Dekel. For transcript click here.

‘The Realms of Patience’, Guided Meditation (#14), Friday 7 Jan 2011, 9.30 (GMT) – Natalie Dekel. Click here for transcript.

‘The Diamond of the Third Eye, Guided Meditation’ (#13), Friday 31 Dec 2010, 9.30 (GMT)
Click here for transcript…

‘The Moon of the Inner Heart Guided Meditation’ (#12), Friday 17 Dec 2010, 9.30 (GMT)

Transcript, click here.

‘The Garden of Being Guided Meditation’ (#11), Friday 10 Dec 2010, 9.30 (GMT)
Full transcript, click here…

‘Lemurian Healing Guided Meditation’ (#9), Friday 26 Nov 2010, 9.30 (GMT)
For transcript, click here…

‘The Inner Strenght’ Guided Meditation (#8), Friday 19 Nov 2010, 9.30 (GMT)
Full transcript, click here…

‘The White Wind and Jade Tepee’ Guided Meditation (#7), Friday 12 Nov 2010, 9.30 (GMT)
Full transcript, click here…

‘Two Hearts with Eyes Closed’ Meditation (#6), Thursday 11 Nov 2010, 11am (GMT)
For transcript, click here…

‘The Valley of Life Meditation’ (#4), Friday 29 Oct 2010, 9.30pm (GMT)
For transcript, click here

‘The Seven Falls Meditation’ (#3), Friday, 22 Oct 2010, 9.30pm (GMT)
Transcript for this meditation, click here.

‘Reconstruction of Body Energy Meditation’ (#2), Friday, 15th Oct, 9.30pm (GMT).
Click here for transcript of this meditation.


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