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Gil and Natalie DekelHow to ‘know’ yourself better?…

How to ‘grow’ your emotional intelligence?…

On this site we offer you artistic and academic tools in developing your creativity, wellbeing, academic skills, and business skills.

FREE tools, ideas, and support for your wellbeing, creativity, intellectual skills & self-‎knowledge

Poetic Mind website started as a showcase of interviews carried-out as part of Gil’s PhD ‎research, and has grown into a resource for healing, arts, guided meditations, ‎academic skills, and business skills. Find out more, click here…

Guided videos. See more here…

How to see


How to know


How to heal


There is an Inner Library inside your heart:

Go find it now… with this simple powerful mp3 meditation. You will find such a vast inner source, one that Google search engine cannot even dream to compete with… Click here.

Intuitive guidance and reading, with Reiki Master, Natalie ‎Dekel (MPhil).‎

What clients are saying:

“Natalie, let me express my honest thanks to you for the outstanding reading. Truly amazing job !!!!” Click here…

Find some healing verses here.

The task of a ‘healer’ is to see into the experiences we undergo every moment, and attach words to them, so that we can all grow. Read some inspiration here…

Streaming Knowledge – a method for research and organising your ideas.

Transcript and templates here.

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