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Tools, ideas, and support for your wellbeing, creativity and self-‎knowledge.

Poetic Mind website started as a showcase of interviews carried-out as part of Gil’s PhD ‎research, and has grown into a resource for healing, arts, guided meditations, ‎academic skills, and business skills. Find out more, click here.

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Natalie DEKEL

MPhil (Leeds Becket University), Reiki Master/Teacher, Yoga Teacher, and Visionary Artist.


Doctor in Art, Design & Media, Reiki Master/teacher, and Visionary Artist.

The Spirit Guides

These are the sources that inspire Natalie and Gil


You have a star inside your heart. This star can lead your path. Learn to look around you, and see the magnificent sources of inspiration.

Happening Now:

‘The Prince of Hampshire’

‘The Prince of Hampshire’

By Gil Dekel. As part of my PhD research in 2006 I have developed a character The ‘Prince of Hampshire’. The character personified elements of quantum physics, inspiration, and creativity, and allowed me to share ideas about the power of words, through performance and...

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Message to Loved One

It feels as if only a thin veil separates us from them. If you could send a message to loved one who passed away, what would you say?Write and share your message to loved one here: If you have lost a loved one, who passed away, you must be...

A Meditation for Releasing the Past and for Welcoming the New

By Gil and Yael-Louise Dekel. You’ve been holding on to your worries for so long that you cannot remember what it feels like to be free, to not to have worries. Or maybe you are under a false illusion that you are fine, that you are happy while deep inside...

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