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Natalie DEKEL

MPhil (Leeds Becket University), Reiki Master/Teacher, Yoga Teacher, and Visionary Artist.


Doctor in Art, Design & Media, Reiki Master/teacher, and Visionary Artist.

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These are the sources that inspire Natalie and Gil


You have a star inside your heart. This star can lead your path. Learn to look around you, and see the magnificent sources of inspiration.

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Art activities for children

Art activities for children

Simple, cheap and easy arts you can do with the kids. I have tried all the activities here; some worked well, others could be improved (I noted in the post what could be improved, so that you know when you try out). All posts below are embedded from my Facebook page....

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Is mathematics a form of ‘religion’?

Is mathematics a form of ‘religion’?

By Paul Hartal.I believe that the esoteric revelations in Pascal's triangle are embedded in the holographic structure of the transcendental cosmos, because the whole is present in every part. Thus, the hidden message emanates from the omnipresent fabric of...

Feminism: not just for females.

Feminism: not just for females.

TEDx presentation by Yael-Louise Dekel, 13-years-old student at Cantell School. Feedback, comments? Please submit below... Today, I’ll be talking about feminism, a simple yet complex topic. Simple in ideals, yet complex...

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Tools, ideas, and support for your wellbeing, creativity and self-‎knowledge.

Poetic Mind website started as a showcase of interviews carried-out as part of Gil’s PhD ‎research, and has grown into a resource for healing, arts, guided meditations, ‎academic skills, and business skills. Find out more, click here.