VOLUME 1   |   ISSUE 1   |   6 SEP 2023   |   ISSN 2977-1811

COVER: Instead of canvas and paint, artificial intelligence (AI) uses data and algorithms. With recent significant progress in AI, can this technology support the creative work of artists?

COVER ART: Gil Dekel and AI (also using Photoshop to collage images by Alexander Sinn and Artiom Vallat).


By Gil Dekel

While Artificial Intelligence pushes the boundaries of art, does it push the boundaries of creativity itself?


By Gil Dekel and Ekaterina Pretsch

The ancient world was filled with concepts and attempts that can be considered prototypical Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Juan Sebastián Gómez-García

Creativity can cultivate adaptability by encouraging individuals to explore diverse perspectives

By Ekaterina Pretsch

Can AI-generated poetry evoke the same emotional resonance as that created by human hands?

By Rana Fleihan

Contrasting beauty ideals in Ancient Egypt and China


By Edward H. Adelson

Illusions of lightness and brightness can help reveal the nature of the human visual system


By Larry Dossey

Human consciousness as a creative energy field extending beyond the brain and the physical body

By Leslie Carr

Generating AI images: imitation or innovation?

By Gil Dekel

Copyright issues, integrity, and the value of creative prompt in AI-generated art

By Aradhana Mathews

Crafting sound scores for short films

By Maru Pardo Saguier

Finding purpose through exploration and creativity

By Natalie Dekel

Intuitive colour selection and shape formation in encaustic wax art

By Silvia Contarelli

Can art be made without inspiration?


By Colin Wilson and Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino

Promoting heightened consciousness through focused attention and inspirational moments

Journal of Creativity and Inspiration
ISSN 2977-1811

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