VOLUME 2   |   ISSUE 3   |   5 JULY 2024   |   ISSN 2977-1811

COVER: The imaginative power of art to transform the mundane into magic.

COVER ART: Diego Cusano.


icon master
By Natalie Dekel and Gil Dekel

Unmasking our true selves is essential for unlocking creativity


Icon Human creativity vs AI creativity [Infographic]
By Mark Runco and Gil Dekel

Differences and similarities between human and AI creativity


‘icon Working with AI in class.

Conor Heffernan

ChatGPT enhances student learning through simulated interviews

‘creative partnership

By Gil Dekel

The hidden wisdom in everyday life


icon William Blake
By Susanne Sklar

Zoas, Emanations, and four states of being

icon light creativity

By James A. Grant-Jacob and Ben Mills

How light can influence art and perception

Colour space - icon

By Richard Futrell

Under human constraints, language evolves into an efficient yet lossy communication system

Colour space - icon

By Javier Mármol Queraltó

How our minds integrate ideas from different domains to generate new and innovative concepts through language


Colour space - icon

By Amikam Marbach

Developing insightful academic thinking through creativity

Colour space - icon

By Eleanor Anderton and Ellie Lachs

Blue conveys emotions, spirituality, and cultural heritage

contraction-and-expansion- icon

By Natalie Dekel and Gil Dekel

Harnessing life’s natural rhythm to boost creativity


Sculpted by nature- icon

By Tim Norris and Gil Dekel

Site-specific, interactive sculptures that harmonize art, nature, and communities

Diego Cusano interviewed - icon

By Diego Cusano and Gil Dekel

Art blending reality and fantasy through everyday objects

Natalie Dekel interviewed - icon

By Natalie Dekel and Gil Dekel

Ancient wisdom in modern portraits

emma interviewed - icon

By Emma Louise Harris and Gil Dekel

Ancient wisdom in modern portraits

Dudi interviewed - icon

By Dudi Ben Simon and Gil Dekel

Ancient wisdom in modern portraits

Eddie interviewed - icon

By Eddie Curtis and Gil Dekel

Linocut art inspired by nature’s colours and forms

Shira interviewed - icon

By Shira Barzilay and Gil Dekel

Authenticity and creative freedom

Stewart Beckett interviewed - icon

By Stewart Beckett and Gil Dekel

Abstracting and simplifying elements in nature

Journal of Creativity and Inspiration ISSN 2977-1811

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