Free Reiki 1 Manual PDF for you to use in your class

Gil and Natalie Dekel

Gil and Natalie

Attached our Reiki 1 Manual. You are free to download it, print it, and use the printed manual in your Reiki classes, as long as you: do not change anything in this document, do not add or remove pages, do not publish or sell it, and do not upload to the internet. Questions? contact us.

Click this image/link to download and save the PDF:

Free Reiki 1 Manual PDFFree Reiki 1 Manual PDF, by Gil and Natalie Dekel, Reiki Masters. Free Reiki One Manual.

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© Natalie and Gil Dekel. Last update Jan 2015.

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  1. Hi! Your Reiki Manual is straight forward, easy to read, with no unnecessary add-ons. Reiki is simple and so should be the teaching of it. Thank you for your excellent manual.

  2. praddeep kumar sharma

    very usefull for reiki followers

  3. thanks for sharing

  4. Thank you. Its a very well written manual.

  5. I think your manual is very well written, informative and complete. Thank you for sharing it!

  6. I just wanted to let you guys know that i went through the Reiki manual 1 provided at your website. The entire book is beautifully written and I loved reading every bit of it. I am also a master healer for over 6 years now and this book is remarkable.

    Thanks for sharing the same.
    Stay Blessed. Happy Healing.

  7. Kathleen

    I have downloaded your Reiki 1 manual to use in my class. Thank you I really love it.

  8. Margalida

    Thank you for this marvellous reiki manual
    God bless you!!

  9. Donna Lesley

    a wonderful simple manual.

  10. thanks for the assistance

  11. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for Reiki first degree manual, I am a master in Reiki and always wanted to teach but i have Dyslexia which sadly has let me down in manual writing this has helped me big time. Do you do reiki two manual I would even paye for it. thanks :-)

    • Hi Sandra. We hope Reiki helps you with managing Dyslexia. Yes, we do sell PDF of our Reiki 2 manual, which you can purchase for your Reiki class.

  12. regina boyle

    thank you this manual has given me a better understanding of reiki


  13. Marlene L.

    Thank you for your help, this manual is really good for a beginner like me.x

  14. Caroleann R.

    Thank you very much for this site; so many sites are cons, but your is real, free and easy… thank you for the manual.

  15. Robert H.

    thank you for the use of this manual. it is excellent.

  16. Hello,

    I want to thank you for your thorough Reiki one manual. I especially enjoyed that you included the 2 stories of Mikao Usui’s story. Many blessings to you always……. Namaste

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